Tires Plusdon't ever take your car here!!


About 2 or three years ago my car alternator went out, and the nearest place to me was tires plus. I took my car there and they told me what the problem was, and I told them to fix it. A friend picked me up, and throughout the day, I kept getting calls to see if they could replace my winshield wipers for x amount of dollars, and that I needed a new battery because my other one was drained from not being recharged due to the alernator problem. I told them just fix whatever problems came with the alternator.

I come back and my bill is 750 dollars, I don't see my old battery, which was only six months old, and they don't give it back to me. Now it is three years later, and I have the same alternator problem. I don't think that is long enough for that 750 dollar service and part to last. Don't EVER take your car here!!!


  • J
      Aug 11, 2010

    Tires Plus-Tampa, FL: Do yourself and your bank account a favor. Do not go to Tires Plus! I recently brought my vehicle to Tires Plus on E. Fowler Ave. in Tampa, FL. I needed a new alternator. I just recently purchased a brand new battery less than a week before (this did not need replacement); however, Tires Plus manager (Jason) said they wouldn't give me a warranty on the alternator unless I purchased a new battery as well. After being quoted around $300 from various other mechanics for a new alternator, I ended up paying over $800 for a new alternator/battery. They rip you off and try to justify it by saying their parts are only the best. Please don't do it.

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  • T
      Aug 11, 2010

    Thanks for alerting us. We’d like the opportunity to make things right! Kindly call [protected] so we can work things out. Thank you! --Tires Plus

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  • N
      Jan 09, 2011

    just remember they only installed & diagnois the problem not make the part. this could of happened at any auto shop.

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  • 9
      Feb 22, 2013

    Some alternators have lifetime warranties. The company that Tires Plus got the alternator from (remember, they don't stock this type of part) may warranty it out if you have the receipt, although Tires Plus is free from doing anything to help you because the warranty which is written on paper is clearly expired by now, even if the part should have lasted longer. Tires Plus did not make the part. (Note, an average reman alternator has a life span of about 3 years).

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