Tiger Wheel & Tyredamage on car

J Oct 07, 2019

Good day, I tooked my car to tiger wheel and tyre on the 3rd of October 2019 to get one of my wheels sealed as the one wheel had a slow leak somewhere. My vehicle had no warning lights on when I did bring it in, even the sales rep drove my car in the workshop in as I am not comfortable to do it on the ramp. He also notice no warning lights is on. When my wheel was taken off suddenly the tyre sensor was broken off and in the tyre. They come and show me that they found this sensor in the tyre, I told them it was not broken off as then a warning light that show tyre sensor not detected will show. Still they apply that it was broken off before the vehicle was there with them they have not broken it. After I told them I am going to call my husband in this situation they told me ok they will go and have a look on the cameras. When they come back they say the angel of the camera could not show the incident properly but they have 2 spare sensors with them they will put one in my vehicle. When I received my vehicle it show tyre sensor not detected. I thought that i just need to drive a little and then the sensor will respond. this was not the case so I did go back to the branch the same day and ask them to fixed it as the sensor is not detected, they told me that they need to order this sensor then from Ford and will let me know that they will keep me updated, yes they did keep me updated that Saturday morning I was back at the branch to get it fixed. They did replace the sensor with the one they ordered. When i received my vehicle the warning light was still on. saying that the tyre sensor is not detected. They told me maybe I just need to drive with the car and then it will clear, I told them that is ok I will do it but if it dont clear I will bring the vehicle back on Monday morning, she sales person told me: "Sorry lady we did our part to replace the sensor, this is out of our hands" I told him I will take this up with the manager, when i walked away the sales rep shout to me: "did you not forget something, the keys" I just keep on walking as nobody just shout at me in that manner. I toked it up with the manager and the manager told me that he was the one that told the sales rep to say it is now out of their hands. I told them ok if I must go to ford for clearing the warning light and ford ask me a fee, who is liable for that fee, his answer was: " I already come to the party to replace it so I dont know"
again he said that they dont now for sure that the sensor was not broken off already before I taken my car to them. this is totally unacceptable as the part that was broken off was a clean brake on the part you can see there is no dirt on it so it was not broken off before and the warning light will have show me that also. this is totally unacceptable for them to try to blame the client for something that was done in the workshop!! then also to talk to a lady an that manner then the managers explanation was sorry this is the sales rep personality. Really if it is their personality then why does they work with clients?

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