Ticketmaster review: Never received my tickets.

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I was provided a transfer link by Customer Support. I was told they would send my tickets and activate them in 40 minutes. 2 hours into my event I called back because I hadn't got my tickets. I was transferred to the senior supervisor. I was told the exact same thing, and he hung up on me.

So, three hours into my event I hadn't got my tickets. I called back and asked for a refund. I was again told they would activate my tickets. Again, I asked for a supervisor and was given the same supervisor and was told I would get a refund but only to my ticket master wallet and I would need to go to a store and buy a TM card. I stated I didn't want this, and I was hung up on again.

I called back again and was told they would refund both events that are not showing in my account, but they see I have been charged for and was again hung up on.

So, I never got my tickets for either event and got an email stating that they have a no refund policy since I was sent a link to the event.

Desired outcome: I would like a refund for the 4 tickets I haven't received.

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