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I purchased 2 tickets to dead and company final tour for my son and his wife on oct 22 2023. I was not aware that the tickets are not transferrable, would only be available the day and start time of the event, are mobile entry only and can only be obtained thru a third party site, These tickets were purchased as a favor to him as he was not going to be available to order himself due to work issues. Three days before the show, I am informed that the tickets cannot be accessed thru the ticketmaster app, but only thru redsox. I am not going to be at the show so in order for him to have access to these tickets I have to give him my account info. What if I didn't trust someone enough to give out my info? And what if he runs into issues when he and 30,000 other people are tyring to access tickets thru a website at the same time? This is totally unacceptable and I would like a refund. The so called venue is not allowing that but are not releasing the tickets in a manner that is fair for everyone to get without hours of frustration and standing in line wondering if you will be able to get them before you get to the gate.