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Complaints & Reviews

New $13K tub leaks

Bought a $13K Thermo Spa, top of the line six month ago. It leaks. Called for service. Nothing after 4 day...

Non-existent customer service

Ordered a hut tub from and must say that was the worst online shopping experience in my life!
So, I found this website and was really impressed when I found out they had an option to customize your own hut tub!
My order was made and several weeks later I finally received the tub. Well the main problem was that I've ordered a huge tub for 5+ persons, but the one I received was small (max 4 people).
I tried to contact these guys many times with no luck. After they delivered the tub they just disappeared and there was absolutely no way to reach them. So I was stuck.
I would not recommend ThermoSpas to anyone, they are completely unreliable.

No service

4/20/2011 called thermo spa to fix my leaking hot tub.

5/9/2011 repairman came out and told me it was leaking and charged me $156.69|. Said they would send some one to repair it!.

5/18/2011 called to see when it will get fixed they said soon/.

6/7/2011 called to see when it will get fixed they said Thursday 6/9/2011;.

6/9/2011 took a day off work no call no show, .

6/10/2011 called to see when it would get fixed they said they would call and let me know..

6/16/ 2011 called to see when it would get fixed they said they would let me know|.

At this point i want you to come get your hot tub and i filed a complaint with the BBB.

Poor customer service

I had purchased a park avenue deluxe hot tub at a cost of $12, 000. When I started to fill the tub I noticed water leaking from the bottom. I took off the panels to find a leak in the pipe to the pump. This was the first time I was to use the tub. I called Thermaspa customer service dept., waited about 15 minutes before someone answered. I explained to the service rep. what the problem was and what parts were needed to fix the leak. I asked what the cost for a service call was and he told me $149.00 and $25.00 for every 15 minutes thereafter, (Rip off). He couldn't tell me what parts were needed after explaining to him what the model of the tub was:. I then asked how soon can someone come out to fix the leak and he gave me an estimated time of 2 to 4 weeks because they travel all over the country|. Mind you I'm 1 hour away from the company location in connecticut". He became very rude and that I hung up on him".

Bottom line is here's a company that charges outrages prices for there tubs that are constructed poorly with cheap material espeacially the wood frame that's made of thin plywood". You would think with the prices they charge they would use a hardwood for there frames". I would not recommand anyone to purchase a hot tub from "Thermaspa"|. You probably do better with a Jacuzzi or Hot Springs brand.

  • Ja
    Jack Feb 28, 2010

    Today is Feb. 17, 2010 and Thermospa charged my credit card on Jan. 12, 2010 for a replacement pump that they ordered for us on Jan. 8 and we still have not received it. Yesterday when my husband called to find out where the pump is their customer service rep. told my husband that it's only been a month or that maybe we should winterize our spa. In the middle of the Winter!!! Did she just get off a boat? I think I'm going to call Richard Blumenthal at the CT State Attorney's office because I don't think a business can charge your credit card until the product has shipped. This is not our first problem with their customer service dept. I would recommend buying a spa from a smaller outfit that can handle any problems that come up in a timely manner.

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Bad customer service

Seems my story is same as most:. buy a 16K tub, write a check, and then hope you can get a human on the phone if you need parts or service.. My fist problem was when we filled our new tub the first time?. (bought in '06) leaking from main light fixture?. Took dozens of calls and finally lawyer threats to get it fixed, but also took more than 2 weeks! Brand new tub, can't use it/. another leak 5 weeks later same general story, this time actually had my laywer working on the paperwork when they finally sent a sub-contractor out to look at it, then another 10 days waiting on parts:.

since then, I've done all the work on it (not much in 5 years) and the tub itself is great, but now control panel is shorted out, and in 15 days of constant calls and messages, I have yet to talk to a human to order the part/. Seems odd, I want to spend $$$, they seem not to give a rat's patootie...

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Didn't respond to a leaking cover in four months!

I purchased a tub from thermospa in 2008 and it was not what was ordered, after much to do they sent me another tub and another 3500. this made the total almost 18, 000.

the light inside was held together with electrical tape.

I notified thermos pa that my cover was leaking and under warranty in Sept.2010. I spoke and sent pictures. I was told the cover company was on vacation, they didn't have to cover the whole thing, etc. etc. I told them I would give them time to at least contact the cover company. I wanted and answer as to what they covered. I contacted thermospa on Sept. 22.2010, and it is now Jan. 30, 2011`. this is an unreliable company.

Going out of business

Thermo Spas is going out of business. I recently purchased a thermo spa and the entire spa is falling apart. The shell broke, the cheap cover broke and the entire thing leaks from everywhere. I found out that the so called "brand new spa" you are buying is made from used parts. You are not buying a new spa-like you see on the website, it is a total scam. If you do not believe me, read all of the complaints and lawsuits against them. All you have to do is google thermo spas and you will see the truth. Not what you see on the website. The spas are made with used parts from a junkyard behind the factory in Wallingford, CT, Go there if you don't believe me. All these spas were returned for defects in the shells which sounds like thermospa is standing behind their product by taking those back and replacing them but now using the junkyard for scrap parts in the new spas. You cannot buy replacement parts because their vendors have cut them off. Just try to call and order a part if you don't believe me. They will have to go out the back dumpster to find you a part. They have just laid off more than half their employees because they are going out of business and very poor management. Just read the reviews about them if you do not believe what I am writing. All of this is the truth. If you buy a spa you will learn the hard way!

  • Po
    POPPOPPOP May 24, 2011

    I agree, i have many friends that used to work for the company. They just won a settlement against the company that provides them with materials to make the shell and resin for the fiberglass. It seems like there going to pocket the money instead of investing in making it right for all there costumers. I worked for them from 1997 to 2009 and have the inside scoop. They have but only 20 to 30 employees left out of about 250. Anyways call and speak with Kyle Tournas or his dad Andy Tournas. They run the company. Thank god i left before they would have let me go!

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  • Me
    Melissa59 Jun 08, 2015

    Thermospas is now owned by Jacuzzi and is producing excellent spas and customer service

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Poor quality

We purchased our Thermospa with assurances of good service, good reliability, low cost for repairs and top quality. It came with one of the screws in a side panel driven in so fare it split the panel. While our kids were playing basketball the ball hit the rounded side of the tub and all the panels came loose. They were stapled in with very short staples.

The deluxe insulated cover began to deteriorate and change colors within 6 months and now, 3 years later is discolored and shredding. The pads in each of the corners that you lean against are crumbling and coming apart. They tell us that is because we must not be keeping the chemicals right. We check and monitor the chemicals every day. No reason for the top deterioration but it was not covered.

The main circulation pump went out and I had to buy a new one and when I got it, I found out the new pump was a 230 volt pump, whereas the old one was a 110 volt pump. When questioned they told it couldn't be a 110 volt pump and that they quit using 110 volt pumps but didn't know why. Obviously because they failed like ours did. I got the new pump and it didn't work. I called therma spa and they had to direct me to change wiring to accommodate the new 230 volt pump. No directions were given with the pump.

Within 2 months a jet pump failed. I ordered a new one and installed it but it didn't work. Called therma spa and was told it must not be a pump problem than. Took it back out and packaged it for return. When I put the new pump in I noticed the wiring was different. I gave up and scheduled a service man out at 140.00 for the first half hour. He put the new pump in and again rewired the pump and it worked fine. When I called I was just told to plug in the new pump. When I asked if I had to move any wires like on the last one I was told no.

When I asked the service manager why he would feel I would lie about the pump only having three wires and the new one having 4 and needing rewired, he told me so I could get out of a service call. I told him I was a Pastor and I wouldn't lie about the difference in the pumps or wiring. He told me that didn't mean anything to him and again said I was just trying to get out of a service call. Than he said "Oh I know why there was only three wires, it must have been only a one phase pump. It can't run for as long as you have had the spa wired wrong so someone must have changed the wiring."

I'm very disappointed in the quality, the service and the way I have been treated by therma spa. I'm amazed that I didn't even get the courtesy of a response from their customer service department after relating this story.

I have toyed with going to small claims court and disputing the charge so that Visa would withhold payment and investigate it but is it really worth my time and aggravation? I did the right thing biblically by raising it with their various people without any consideration.

The final step is to let others know of the problems they may encounter should they purchase a Thermospa hot tub and encourage them not to do it. They are much higher priced than ones we could have bought right down the street and had local service and maintenance. Finally I just need to forgive and move on and learn a lesson from placing my trust in Thermospa.

  • Gu
    guernelli Aug 11, 2011

    Very similar issues with Thermospas!!! Our circ pump failed after two years and I called and was sent a new pump. Service person said just swap it out and you should be fine. The new pump worked for about 3 minutes then failed. It took multiple calls to finally figure out they had sent a 220 V pump (our old one was 110). They have our tub information on file? Why didn't they tell em this at first? We are now our 3rd pump. Horrible local customer service and shiddy build construction for a high price tub. Simple things like cheap thin particle board for a tub bottom, minimal insulation, cracked panels, ...never again.

    COSTCO hot tub for 4995$, could have bought three for what I spent on the Thermospas.

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Bad service/fraud

Good tub, bad service. We had our tub for five years before the heating element went. I told then it was the problem. They showed up three weeks later (in April), charged me $65 and told me it was the heater, that I would have to send away for the part and they would come back to install it. This is a company that has so little cash flow that they can not afford to have basic parts in their vans. I purchased the expensive heater, the titanium heater, and three weeks later they installed it. In November the heater went again, they showed up three weeks later and told me it was the heater, etc. I said, the heater had only lasted for seven months, but they had no solution for that. The heater never came in the mail, we called and they told us they were on 'vacation' for two weeks. We cancelled the order, got our $200 service money back. I called an independent, who came three days later, had the parts in the van and installed the heating element. He told me that ThermoSpa had replaced my heating element with a cheap stainless steel element, not the titanium element they had charged me for. These guys are cheating people with bad service and cheap parts.

Not worth the money

We purchased a Thermospas for about $12, 000. We thought the brochure and the DVD made it look great and we were getting something really special. We used it for 45 minutes after it arrived and it broke. We then had to wait over a month to get it fixed.

I have pleaded with them to take it back but they have refused. It is a poorly designed, uncomfortable, low-powered, grossly-overpriced piece of junk. I estimate it to be worth about $4000. Instead of a relaxing experience in the hot tub every time I get into I feel sick, foolish for having purchased it and feel like crying over how badly I have been ripped off.

Please save yourself heartache and do not purchase from Thermospas.


I have had my Thermospa for 7 months now. After months of delay for delivery it finally came, damaged, jets not working and all the headrest pillows missing. I have had nothing but trouble from Thermospas customer care. They now want to charge me for a service call on warranty work and are not honoring their warranty. They want to charge me for defects in workmanship and shipping on anything they are willing to warranty. They today refused to let me talk to anyone above the service person and said "if I had a problem, send a complaint letter". DO NOT BUY A THERMOSPA. DO NOT BUY A THERMOSPA. DO NOT BUY A THERMOSPA. They lie thru their teeth until they get your money and then tell you to piss off with their sub standard product.

Terrible, don't buy

I was given a 2.5 year old Thermospa recently. Thermospa recommended a moving compny for me and I used then for $500. The move was uneventful and all was well. My electrician wired the span and we were great for 6 weeks. While in the tub the other night the GFI breaker tripped. By the process of elimination we found that the circulation pump is shorted out. After calling ThermoSpa we were told tha thte warranty that the original owner bought is not transferable as they originally told him and I can't purchase my own as the spa needs repairs. The biggest issue is that the jet over the pump had a leak last year and was replaced. It is this leak that corroded the pump and made it fail. No customer service and a POS $10, 000 hot tub that has needed repairs 4x in the last 2.5 years. I would never purchase anything from this company. I will get my chemicals and accessories elsewhere

Poor workmanship

I bought a Manhattan model spa from ThermoSpas in late May 2010. I can only sum up my experience with them as poor workmanship, poor customer service, and non-responsive. I would never buy a spa from them again and I hope you will all help me spread the word so that others do not get trapped paying a premium price for a bargain basement spa. Here is what has happened in the less than the two months I’ve had the spa:

Poor Workmanship:

1. LED lighting causes the breaker to trip intermittently.

2. Water line had missing clamp causing flood after 15 minutes of use.

3. Blower stopped working because main line from blower to check valve was not cemented in place.

4. Spa initially delivered with used cover.

5. Direction that came with spa lifter were completely wrong and kit was missing parts.

Poor Service:

1. Initial service call to get used cover replaced was “lost”.

2. Had hassle getting new cover .

3. Delivery service promised was not provided.

4. The first time I needed service I had to wait 1 week and the service technician never showed.

5. The second and third times I needed service I had to wait 3 weeks for the earliest appointment.

6. On the most recent service visit, the technician didn’t have any of the 3 parts needed to properly diagnose the problem with the LED. He had to order all the parts which he said will take 1-2 weeks. Once I receive the parts I will have to call to set up another appointment which will likely be another 3 weeks.

7. They do not have any “local” service technicians. The ones who have come to my house have driven 4 hours to get here.


1. I initially brought these issues up to my salesperson who said “We take this seriously and someone will get back to you in a few days”. Two months later I’m still waiting.

2. I sent an email to their customer service manager (based on her comment in the blogs I saw) a month after sending my concerns to the salesperson. I never got an acknowledgement from her and it’s been over a month since I sent the email.

3. I sent a snail mail letter to the president of the company and have not gotten any acknowledgement on this either.

  • Hu
    hun-e-b Oct 06, 2010

    I totally agree with the comment that Thermospa is poor workmanship. I have one and it is one continuous problem. I cant even sell it cause I would be too embarrassed to ask for a dime...there are a ton of bubbles in the acrylic. I would not even call Thermospa a "bargain basement spa" ...its more like the most expensive crap you could ever waste your money on!

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Poor quality product

We purchased a Chesapeake model from Thermospas in July of 2007. Now just three years later, 3 major parts have had to be replaced (circuitboard, pump and heater). I consider this unacceptable for a so called "best in class" hot tub. The company claims that they sell a product that is top of the line, and thats why they charge more than any other hot tub manufacturer. However, that is not the case. We paid over $12, 000 for our hot tub and now have had to dish out another $500 in repairs only 3 years later. I would never recommend a Thermospas hot tub to anyone. Spend your hard earned money with a local spa store that stands by its products.

Unfair and deceptive business practices

I was a naive Thermo Spa customer for the past 15 years. I am a handicap male who suffers from chronic back pain as a result of an amputation of my left arm in an automobile accident.

As a result of my job, I had closed up my spa for 4 years while I was involved in business's away from home.

Two years ago, I contacted Thermo Spa to restart my spa. I contacted the

Ct factory to send a tech to my home to get my tub up running.

That was my first mistake, The tech informed me that even though my tub had been in storage for most of it's life, my tub was no longer worth fixing based solely on it's age, not condition. He stated the life of my

tub, which was a Park Ave, was between 8 - 10 years tops. Funny, that never came up when I purchased the tub from them? Anyway, my tub had been used for less then 4 years since I bought it. He went on to further explain to me that it I was throwing my money away if I pursuit fixingthe tub.

Thankfully, I listen to my wife and insisted he at least look at the

tub. I filled the tub with water over his insistence that the tub would have leaks all over, which it did not. The tech then proceeded to inspect my tub and informed me that the tub needed a new pc board. How he arrived at this decision, I will never know, but being naieve, I assumed that he

knew what he was talking about, since he told both my wife and me, that he as Thermo Spa's best tech and that he was very familiar with my problem.

Over the next 2 years, this same tech came to our home with 5 separate pc boards, which he installed in my tub and claimed all of them were defective and that my tub was junk. The tech sole response was to junk

my tub and upgrade to a new one.

Finally, on his last visit, the tech informed me that he had the very last board from Balboa and that if this board was defective, there was nothing I could do but scrapthe tub.

The tech installed the board and informed me that it also was defective and he had gone over and above with me and that now there was nothing left to do but scrapthe tub. He left the pc board in my tub since the pc board was defective.

He contacted his boss, Reese, who explained again, that my tub was

"old and obsolete" and that as a "good" customer, my tub was worth $1500.00 as a trade in toward a new $18, 000.00 spa. He then proceeded to set up and appointment to have his salesman come to my house to sign a contract for the new tub.

Now comes the kicker.

My wife suggested that I should contact a local spa dealer to check my tub just to verify Thermo Spa, so I contacted Surfside Pool, a local

spa dealer in Fitchburg Ma.

There tech showed up within 2 days of my contacting them and within

15 minutes of viewing my tub, diagnosed that the pc board that Thermo Spa had installed was installed incorrectly. Now remember, this was installed by not only a trained and certified factory technician, but by the "best installer Thermo Spa has". Surfside's tech then proceeded to reconnect the pc board and within 30 minutes, my tub was up and working.

This was after 2 years of having Thermo Spa's

tech, working on this tub and having an empty tub in my home. Surfside's tech then looked at the board and contacted Balboa, the maker of the board, and found out that the upgrade to my controller that I had paid Thermo Spa for, was in fact, done completely wrong and would violate the warranty on my tub.

Since the pc board is such a basic install, In my opinion, there is only 2 possible explanations for this experience.

1 - that Thermo Spa hires completely inexperience help and refuses to train them...unlikely..

2 - Thermo Spa's technicians are instructed to create problems in older tubs to increase sales in new tubs... far more likely

Either way, I am seeking a legal remedy for this situation and I can only advise others to stay away from Thermo Spa...

  • Lo
    looopy Apr 11, 2015

    I'm so glad I read these complaints before ordering the DVD. This sounds like a terrible company. The Spa Depot, on the other hand, has great reviews about their customer service and pricing. Thanks for your honesty.

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I would not recommend this company

Purchased a thermospa tub in 2000. Have had a few issues the spa over the years. Bubbling shell of the spa. They fixed this, no complaint there. In the fall of 2009 called an made an appointment regarding a problem with the spa not heating. Well it will be about 2 weeks. Confirmed the day. Went into work and requested the day off, so I would be available for this appointment in 2 weeks. They are not available in the nyc area as often as they profess when you buy the spa. The day of the scheduled appointment it is getting late in the day. I call Thermospa to find out where the technician is. They tell me they are not coming today. We can schedule for later in the week. No accomodation for my day off. Wasting my time. You can be on hold waiting to speak to customer service and clean the house before they pick up. I would not recommend this company. Gone down hill in the past few years. Will shop locally from now on.

Unbelieveably horrible company

I have never dealt with a more rude or inept service department in my life!! I placed an order online and never received it. When I called to check the status, I was rudely told that I should have called to place my order instead of placing it online. Are you kidding me? What century is this?? I have requested my merchandise, to no avail, so I then requested a refund. Today is the fourth time I have requested a refund. They will "call me back" today to let me know what is going on. I can't believe a legitimate company can operate with these standards. I will never reccommend ThermoSpa to anyone!

  • Ka
    KALM11 Jun 08, 2010

    I too, am disgusted by ThermoSpas. I bought a tub, which apparently had to be delivered by a crane (of course at additional cost) as we live on a hill (amazing that moving vans manged to get up the hill and furniture heavier than the spa moved in), and has had a leak every year since the tub was purchased. Each time instead of it being covered by the service contract, we have had to pay for the visit, the parts and the chemicals to fill the tub; only to discover yet another leak. Of course, the parts to fix it had to be ordered, rendering the tub useless for a week or so at a time.
    I did not buy the tub for pleasure; I suffer from Parkinson's and it's an occasional relief from constant pain. So to not have the tub is more than a distraction, it adds to unrelenting pain. Thank you, ThermoSpa for being such a terribly run company; I suffer because you can't make a quality product.

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Hot tub nightmare

I bought a new hot tub in September 2002. If you read around, EVERYONE that bought a hot tub from Thermospa...

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