The UPS Storeservice


Time and Time again this store has proven not to care about customer service. I have had a rush delivery of an item that I would be using for my business to be delivered on Saturday 10/28/17. I have a box I lease from this location. I arrive to pick up my order item and make sure to look online to confirm my package has arrived. I enter store to find out that the clerk has decided not to help and first states the package is not at the store. I show him on my phone that the package is at the store. He then decides to say he will not help and I would have to wait till Monday to receive my package. I explained how important it is for me to have this and I paid extra to have this package for my business. He says he will not help or look for my package. I look up the reviews of this store and find out how many people have complained about poor customer service. How do you not help your loyal customer who rent a box and rely on your services to keep there business going? How does a business that represents your brand get away with such bad services? I would like to hear what you say about this and how you keep letting this local franchise represent UPS. This store is located UPS store in Sedona, 2370 AZ-89A #11, Sedona, AZ 86336

Thank you for your time

Henry Vargas

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