The UPS Storeclothing

L Aug 18, 2018

On Friday, August 17, I went to the UPS store located on Squire Road in Revere, MA. The person behind the counter was very rude. I inquired about shipping back a package that I had. It was already prepaid. Just needed to be tapped and shipped.
Was told that I was to pay $1 for the use of the tape. Was also told by the employee when I questioned the charge, that he "doesn't work for free, and that he does not make any money off of a prepaid package. I mentioned to him that he does get paid an hourly wage. I was told that if "I am to make him work that I going to have to pay him". I would never go back to that store nor would I ever recommend anyone to use that store. I would recommend this employee to go to a customer service class or try to get a job that he does not have to have any contact with people.

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