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Customer Support Phone Numbers

800 4448 7827(European Countries) 1 0
1080 0152 0558(China) 1 0
1803 852 8955(Indonesia) 1 0
1800 181 007(Malaysia) 1 0
1800 1110 0556(Philippines) 1 0
1800 2388 2388(Thailand) 1 0
+1 800 698 4637(USA & Canada) 1 1
+44 800 895 965(United Kingdom) 2 0
+43 800 298 120(Austria) 1 0
+33 141 439 361(France) 2 0
+30 210 480 8222(Greece) 1 0
+39 800 780 040(Italy) 2 0
+420 80 022 703(Luxembourg) 1 0
+31 800 022 5158(Netherlands) 1 0
+46 20 797 039(Sweden) 1 0
+90 216 681 1966(Turkey) 1 0
+852 29 221 171(Hong Kong) 1 0
+972 35 121 750(Israel) 1 0
+81 120 036 242(Japan) 1 0
+65 800 852 3670(Singapore) 1 0
+82 15 770 510(South Korea) 1 0
+886 227 753 456(Taiwan) 1 0

The New York Times Company Complaints & Reviews

The New York Times Company — deceptive marketing practices, terrible customer support

I signed up to get Sunday delivery of the New York Times as a Christmas present for my stepfather in December of 2019. It was on an introductory rate of $1.66 every two weeks for...

News & Media  · Feb 10, 2020

The New York Times Company — sunday jan 12, 2020 paper delivery

I received my Sunday paper, but it was missing my Travel, Arts & Leisure and Book Review sections. Cathy in North Carolina took my complaint and promised me they would be...

News & Media  · Jan 13, 2020

The New York Times Company — late paper delivery again

our paper, despite multiple complaints, continues to be delivered late at least once a week. Our address is: 2110 E. Hamlin st. Seattle WA 98112. Please tell the delivery person...

News & Media  · Jan 10, 2020

The New York Times Company — ny times subscription rate increase

I subscribed at a fixed rate of $12.50 through July 2020. On 12/1 I was charged $12.63 without notification or explanation. On 12/2, I spent 53 minutes on the phone with Theresa...

News & Media  · Dec 26, 2019

The New York Times Company — printing lies

when are you people going to bend over, push as hard as you can to fart and blow your heads outta your butts? The constant virtue signalling and lies your editors have been...

News & Media  · Dec 16, 2019

The New York Times Company — lousy service from "customer care" via [protected]

I'll not be renewing my subscription to the NYT. What follows is the email exchange that took place. Please note that I never indicate that I want to cancel my subscription. I...

News & Media  · Nov 05, 2019

The New York Times Company — advertising on a paid subscription

I've had a subscription with NYT for several years through Apple App Store. All sections are littered with little annoying boxes, which for the most part I ignore. But I succumbed...

News & Media  · Oct 15, 2019

The New York Times Company — subscription charge

Starting in May of this year I started receiving two subscription charges each month. When I contacted nytimes customer service concerning this, I was told that they could only...

News & Media  · Aug 26, 2019

The New York Times Company — no delivery of paper

I pay for home delivery of the New York Times newspaper but it is rarely delivered, especially on the weekends. I have to repeatedly call about nondelivery and am told that the...

News & Media  · Aug 01, 2019

The New York Times Company — nyt password

This is at least the 3rd time I've complained that the Times won't let me use the password I set up. It won't accept it. Instead, I have to use Facebook when I read the paper at...

News & Media  · Jun 24, 2019

The New York Times Company — tucker wilson, broadcast on white farmers being killed labelled deserved!!

630088 I am utterly disgusted and ashamed of you, Tucker Wilson who is a totally arrogant uneducated human being (if you could call him that). how dare you!! broadcast that White farmer...

News & Media  · Jun 04, 2019

The New York Times Company — the exact problem is that you have clue about the world and will print anything to sell your garbage misinformation

I'm not going to waste my time with semantics, the point is the same point i'm sure most people would agree and that is you will say anything to sell your [censored] to the world and it...

News & Media  · May 15, 2019

The New York Times Company — concern about cartoon in international edition that is clearly anti-semitic.

I am a weekly subscriber to The New York Times. In my opinion, It is not enough to apologize for mistaken judgment on printing it. What must the person responsible for it...

News & Media  · Apr 28, 2019

New York Times — 6 days in a row paper not delivered

Reyna our "nyt advocate" has communicated with us several times this week — but as of today 3/23/19 The news is that Today is saturday today is the sixth day (6th) day in a row...

News & Media  · Mar 23, 2019

The New York Times Company — notice I received about my not reading on line notices so service was dropped

I count on the 8 a.m. bulletins that greet me every morning. I may not often open them for reading- but I'm alerted to what I hope to get to in my paper paper! And I felt like "...

Ann Arbor Other  · Dec 20, 2018

The New York Times Company — home delivery 7 day — downtown brooklyn

If you could/would listen to your own complaint phone number you would be alternately laughing or crying ...maybe both at the same time. When President Trump refers to the failing...

The New York Times Company — nyt online app: some articles lack a "share" link

Recently I've run into several instances of good articles that have no Share option. For example see Robert Frank's excellent "How Rising Inequality Widens the Justice Gap" on...

New York News & Media  · Sep 06, 2018

The New York Times Company — digital subscription fraud

I've called to cancel NYC Times twice and they will not cancel my subscription... they are ripping me off on a monthly basis to the tune of $36.99 (or some such) and i cannot get...

Fort Wayne News & Media  · Sep 04, 2018

The New York Times Company — palmer's raw shea body lotion

630088 I reside in New Delhi, India.This product is manufactured by E T Browne Drug Co Inc, Englewood Cliffs, NJ07632 USA.I purchased the lotion in Muscat, Oman.It is distributed there...

Cosmetics  · Aug 13, 2018

The New York Times Company — home delivery

I cancelled my subscription to the sunday home delivery ny times and am still receiving it. Rosemari mastandrea [protected] Acct. #[protected] I cancelled this subscription...

News & Media  · Jul 22, 2018

The New York Times — cannot get delivery of cancelled subscription stopped

I have been trying since December 8, 2017 to have the delivery of the New York Times to my residence stopped. They are champions of the blah, blah, blah platitudes, both on the...

Magazines & Newspapers  · Jan 23, 2018

The New York Times — home delivery /new york times paper

We live in Glastonbury CT and are subscribers for more than 40 years. Delivery issue started about 5 years ago has escalated from occasional missed delivery to consistent...

New York Times Home Delivery — Daily delivery

Five days in a row without delivery. No explanation from the nyt. Online and phone contacts are absolutely useless. Apparently the problem is rampant for many nyt subscribers. For...

The New York Times — Home delivery cancellation

It is real shame, I have been a subscriber of The Times for many, many years. I am moving out of the USA and wanted to cancel my home delivery subscription. They certainly go out...

The New York Times — New york times digital subscription

I want to cancel my digital subscription to the NY Times for a little while due to budget reasons. There is no online resource to do this, so I called their 800 number. The...

New York Times Home Delivery — home delivery is terrible

I live in Berkeley, CA. Since the NY Times subcontracted out its home delivery, the paper comes late constantly, and often it isn't delivered at all. It used to come before 6. Now...

New York Times delivery — papers not delivered, some come as late as 4:00 pm

We have a daily subscription to the NYTimes. For the past ten plus years our paper M-F has arrived by 6:30 am Sa & Su by 7:30. Since the first of January we have virtually had no...

New York TImes newspaper — never been delivered

I am a new subscriber to this newspaper and paid for Friday-Sunday delivery. The first day, my paper never arrived and when I called, it was too late for delivery. The second day...


Be aware when subscribing to the New York Times digital service: I subscribed for the digital service for my IPAD and it was suppose to be $1 for 30 days, 20 days later they bill...

The New York Times — consistent non-delivery

Isn't it amazing: that the great, venerated, heralded, exalted new york times manages to deliver saturday/sunday editions to its 7-day-a-week subscribers — but not to...

New York Times delivery — consistently missed papers

I'm a long time subscriber, never had any problems, but for the past while the delivery service has been missing my apartment far too frequently. Also other errors like...

New York Times Home Delivery — Ripped Off

I called to have my subscription ended on the date that was the end of my billed period. They chose to put a new date on it, so that I was billed automatically to my credit card...

New York Times Online — Did not issue refund

I subscribed to their online crosswords in 2007 for $39.95 for a year. They automatically renewed and charged my credit card, with out my consent, for another year in June 2008...