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I have been disabled for some years and sought to look at my diet, noticing that 'sweeteners' appeared to be in so much of what i was consuming.

I then proceeded to remove them completely from my daily intake and my health somewhat improved.
My favourites have been taken over by sweeteners and i would like to know why please?
They are Neurotoxins - in other words -...poisons.

Why do food manufacturers think they these are good for us and why do you spoil everything we like by putting this awful tasting stuff in them. I can tell it a mile off!

The fact that i can no longer eat beans has upset me because i thought they were just basic and no one could tamper with them...then i realised that Kraft taken over...enough said.

You persist in taking over good companies and to my mind, trashing them - filling them with garbage. You need to explain why you do this please?

I do enlighten my friends to the garbage within our food and they thank me for it - they will not thank me when i tell them what you've done to baked beans. You trashed Cadbury's/Heinz...what's next?

Nothing tastes the same any's tasteless and i'm done with your company...I plan to tell all of my findings, why you think poisonous sweeteners are the answer to your prayers and profits i do not know.

Z James


Sep 10, 2019
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