The Kraft Heinz Companymrs. grass’ soup with the golden egg

R Oct 12, 2019

Since I was a child my grandma would make me Mrs. grasses soup when I was sick it always made me feel better ever since then whenever I have been feeling ill or under the weather Mrs. grasses soup was my go to. It was a completely unique soup that everyone loved. I am devastated to hear that you have removed the most important part of the soup being the golden egg that that gave the flavoring and without any understandable answer other then it cost you too much money to produce it the way it's always been. I truly believe the people would've paid more to have that golden egg and the original Mrs. grasses rather than have you destroy the product completely for profit makes no sense I know there are loads of people out there that are devastated by this and no one has gotten a clear response as to why other than it costs less to produce now. You had a truly special product that needed nothing changed but you did it anyways and ruined it for everyone. I will no longer be buying your products as you clearly do not care about your customers just your bottom line.

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