The Kraft Heinz Companykraft cream cheese spread coupons rejected/samuel in customer service rude, uncaring, poor attitude and disrespectful.

B Feb 16, 2018

1) I was unable to use two Kraft Cream Cheese Spread coupons with expiration dates of 2/20/2018 because when the Walmart cashier scanned the bar code, it came up as expired. Store management told me to contact Kraft. I was unable to buy the products (4 containers) because without being able to reduce the price by the $1 saving for each container, I could not afford to purchase your product. This is a problem compounded by the fact that I am a disabled veteran and my ability to make trips to the market are severely limited. Money is an issue because my sole source of income is Social Security.

2) I called your Customer Service phone number [protected]) and spoke to a person identified to me only as Samuel--he refused to provide me with any additional means of identification. He was not only unprofessional, e.g., he was joking with a colleague as he picked up my call, he made it very clear he had no interest in helping me, and wanted to be rid of me as quickly as possible. He was rude, curt, disrespectful and had a very poor attitude. He said since I didn't download the coupons directly from the Kraft website he could not be of any assistance to me. When I said this was not a satisfactory response, he breathed heavily and as if exasperated, repeated he could not be any service. When I said this was not what customer service is about, especially for a respected name such as Kraft, he sighed again and told me he had other calls to take! How this person can be in customer service and placed in this responsible position is beyond my comprehension. He said there was no supervisor available for me to talk to, and that I would be placed in a queue for a call back.

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