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Complaints & Reviews

XHeli Takes Advantage of Elderly Lady's Diminished Capacity

My elderly mother who is suffering from suspected early onset of Alzheimers wanted to purchase a toy helicopter for her great grandson for his birthday. She stressed to the XHeli sales rep that her great grandson was 5 years old and purchased the remote controlled helicopter that they recommended. When my mother received the delivery, the toy was clearly marked for ages 14 and above. When I brought the matter to XHeli's attention, they refused to credit my mother for the exorbitant shipping charges ($14 for a small $18 toy) or to pay for return shipping charges. So my mother was looking at spending approximately $25 in total shipping charges to return an $18 toy that never should have been ordered in the first place. Instead of just telling my mother that they don't carry toys for 5 year olds, the sales rep took advantage of an elderly woman's diminished capacity to sell her a product that clearly wasn't appropriate and and then management refused to rectify the situation. PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!


Bought a Helicopter from this webstie and received a defective item.tried to contact the C/S.the phone line was never get thru.the only way to contact a person thu email.and they only agree to exchange one time only but not cover the returning shipping fee.later on. found out I was not the only person who was ripping off by this website.Xheli.com.they always send out the defective or damage item to customers, and ask you to pay for the shipping fee to send back the item for an exchange.However, it takes at least 15 days or even a month to do so.after the customer feel frustrated and ask for refund.they charge 15% open box fee to it.thats how they make money.

Poor customer service, clearly not concerned about service or repeat customers

I purchased a Syma 9086 RC helicopter from Xheli.com First time out fo the box the unit didn't work; contacted support and waited 3 days to hear back. Chatted online with a tech rep and was told that because the unit was 1 day out of warrranty there was nothing they could do. Even though I showed them that I had contacted them before the warranty was up but didn't get a reply. Poor customer service; clearly not concerned about service or repeat customers. I will go to Bananna Hobby. Don't buy here it's not worth it.

  • Xh
    XHeli sucks Nov 15, 2012

    Agree. XHeli sucks. I purchased a helo that didn't fly out of the box. Worked for 30 minutes figuring out that the lower rotor blade was not secured well to the rotor shaft. The design, materials and tolerances are absolutely inferior quality. The charger overcharged the battery and will ruin it if used for long. When the helo finally flew, it was highly unstable and a puff of wind blew it 15 feet away into a couple of wispy branches. Then, the lower rotor problem returned. XHeli's response - no assistance at all - since I had flown it into a tree. They really suck and are of no help whatsoever. Highly recommend not purchasing from their company.

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  • Xh
    XHeli sucks Nov 15, 2012

    Totally concur. XHeli sucks. Their helo didn't fly right out of the box. The piece to connect the lower rotor to the shaft is of inferior design, quality and tolerances. Wrote to XHeli - they just don't care and wouldn't help in any way. Strongly suggest customers boycott their company and let them go broke. I won't buy from them again.

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Wrong items received

Do not buy at this store! Ordered blades for my Syma S012 helicopter there... they sent me the wrong parts. Not a big deal usually. Have been trying to contact this company for 2 weeks now. Phonelines always busy, sent many mails to arrange exchange... no answer! Then sent many emails to ask them for the return address and a refund since I did not want to deal with this company any longer. No answer! Sent them a final notice of chargeback via mail and fax and gave them time to answer my email by today 12PM PST. Guess what happened...no answer! Called American Express today, asked for the chargeback and got my money back. I ve never had to do this and Im used to buy merchandise online. WORST STORE EVER!!! DO NOT BUY THERE!!! WORST STORE EVER!!! DO NOT BUY THERE!!!WORST STORE EVER!!! DO NOT BUY THERE!!!

defective merchandise - no refund

We recieved a defective apache helicopter. worked with Xheli customer service to get it going. Recieved replacement battery and replacement controller. Nothing worked. Returned everything to them in Nov 2008. Got confirmation of return receipt. Phoned and emailed Xheli several times. Each time they claim the refund will show up within 10 business days. It never does. It is now March 2009. All hope is lost. Xheli is an unreputable company and is not to be trusted.

  • Ho
    hobiecat33 Feb 03, 2010

    I purchased a Syma 9086 RC helicopter from Xheli. First time out of the box the unit didn't work; contacted support and waited 3 days to hear back. Chatted online with a tech rep and was told that because the unit was 1 day out of warranty there was nothing they could do. Even though I showed them that I had contacted them before the warranty was up but didn't get a reply. Poor customer service; clearly not concerned about service or repeat customers. Don't buy here it's not worth it.

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  • Ch
    Chinook Mec Sep 10, 2012

    I am having the same trouble. For one thing I had a lot of trouble contacting them thru their email service which is complicated to use. I got no response from them and am past the statue of limitations now I guess. I wonder what we can do to get a solution? I was considering ordering another one of the same heli, for the same cost as the parts but then if I get another bad one I am no better off. I have about twelve of these little helis on the shelf now. I just want one I can enjoy.

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Online scam

A few months ago I purchased some propeller blades and batteries for my radio controlled helicopter from xheli.com. My package arrived about 10 days later. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found just a small nitro engine (later found out that it's for a radio controlled car).

Their customer service (actually [protected]@xheli.com is where their emails came from) said they would send me my correct order when I returned the engine, AT MY EXPENSE!!! They took no responsibility for their shipping department mistake.

Thinking that surely since I did nothing wrong, and shouldn't have to pay for their mistake, I asked my credit card company to cancel the charge. They did, but later put the charge back on.

So now I have paid $83 for my original order, which I never received, and have a $150 (as listed on xheli.com) engine that I can't use. I guess I'll get on ebay and see if I can at least sell the engine for what I had to pay for it.

I will never purchase from xheli.com again!

  • Ki
    kimcool Dec 15, 2010

    I ordered a helicopter from xheli. Right out of the box it was defective. So, I was told to send it back and they would replace it with a new one. ONLY I HAD TO PAY THE SHIPPING TO SEND IT TO THEM 30.00$ They emailed back to say they received the returned heli but were out of stock of that particular model and I needed to choose something else. Well, I tried to select something but everything I was interested in was out of stock. I emailed them back and asked for a refund. I have yet to see one. It has been 3 months and many ignored emails and no $ returned. They are awful. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE FRAUDS.

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  • Sa
    sabatelles Mar 15, 2011

    I received a Walkera helicopter that never worked, I called XHELI several times and only got busy signals or repetitve ringing & also emailed them several times with no responce. STAY away from these GYPSIE'S OR YOU WILL GET BURNED!!! Call your credit card provider and let them know of their deceptive practices, they never gave me a paking slip as well... "DIRTY POOL"

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  • Tr
    TRUDGIN Feb 14, 2012


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  • Dr
    Drjoepa Jan 01, 2014

    Got defective helicopter sent back at my expense.
    Ordered a replacement and it never came.
    Emailed customer service and got no response.
    Very I satisfied.
    Definitely would not recommend doing any
    Business with Xheli ever
    Worst service I ever have experienced.
    Scam artists .

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  • Dr
    Drjoepa Jan 01, 2014

    Very Unsatisfied with XHeli Customer Service,
    My posting self corrected very satisfied in error !

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Defective product

I made a purchase online at XHeli.com and when I got the product, I found it defective. I have been unable to...