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The Glass Doctor of North Texas review: Deadline and services not rendered

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on September 23, 2022 we had a representative from The Glass Doctor of north Texas come to our house to measure and quote for a dog door installation and another small project since we had just moved into a new house. We paid half of the bill up front ($1000) with the rest to be paid upon completion of work. We were told it would be installed on October 14, 2022 which was conducive with work and travel plans for the week following, so we patiently waited.

Twenty-four hours before scheduled installation we were notified that no one would be coming because part of the order was wrong. We were then told that it would be a couple of weeks before they wold be able to install, which was well past the crucial deadline we had to have a dog door installed.

I was told they were going to have to reorder, I asked them to cancel the reorder, then I was told it was already ordered. I asked why was it reordered and I'm only now finding out. There was no clear answer.

I asked for a refund since services were not rendered by the date promised and I was going to have to take drastic measures to have dog door installed. I also associate on the phone told me they would not issue a refund. I had also asked to speak to a manager, that was not granted either. We were never provided with any terms of agreement or refund information so there is no way to know their refund policy, if they have one.

Not only did we miss work, because it was requested in advance, for an installation that didn't happen, we also had lost wages the week of 10/17-21 due to having to be off early to let our dogs out.

so, I paid $1000 and received nothing, was denied a refund, was denied the opportunity to speak to a manager, and never received a reply to an email voicing my concerns. I truly cannot believe how poorly the communication was and how badly the situation was handled.

They did not come through, we paid a lot of money for nothing and no one seems to care.

Desired outcome: I believe we are owed a refund or some compensation for services not rendered in a timely manner. Id also appreciate a response since we have been unable to ever get a response for anything we asked for or needed.

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