CB Doctors and Surgeons Review of Dr Jan A Becker 727 Vassar St Orlando Florida
Dr Jan A Becker 727 Vassar St Orlando Florida

Dr Jan A Becker 727 Vassar St Orlando Florida review: Mortgage on 642 madrid dr poinciana florida

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I am asking that you look into this doctor that held a mortgage on my home in poinciana florida for 18 years at 642 madrid dr... My ex husband thomas f rademacher left my son (whom he adopted at the age of 5) and locked us out of our homes 18 years ago.. I have been trying to figure out why I have been threatened to be murdered and an attempted murder in baltimore md and I have filed several reports with the fbi in tampa fl and my son has been placed on his knees to beg for his life.. He is black... My ex husband thomas f rademacher filed a death certificate in daytona beach.. My ex boss was a city manager of the city in which I worked.. He preformed to resurection of the dead in lakeland florida.. He is not jesus christ.. He is nuts.. He shot several people on tzadik properties and put his police capt in the tunnels and chased me to colorado with a miriam gomez who preformed sacrafices and murdered 4 people on tzadik properties while this dr jan a becker built his college on lake hollingsworth in lakeland and his wife went and attended this famly worship center and took off her leg braces with gomez... Is she healed? I had to sell all three of my homes and dr kahns wife has threatened to burn me to death and sacrafice me with an alice groover who was my ex husbands girlfriend with the gov desantis and ms gomez hie wrote a check to have me shot in the head... Have a good investigation.

Desired outcome: are we done yet..I believe they murdered bidens grand child

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