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To Whom It May Concern,
On 7/31/18 @ 03:01PM, I ordered online: 1 Full Crystal Set by Fuller Brush Main Offer for $19.99. Included in this deal, there was a bonus: 1 additional bag of Crystal Powder for $4.99. I purchased these items using PayPal. Then I noticed a large error of a charge of $105.78 by you: subtotal charge of $83.94 with a Procssing fee of $21.84, totaling $105.78.
I did not order any additional items other than the two I intended to purchase.
I immediately called your CustomerService number of [protected] on 7/31/18, the day of purchase. I spoke with a female customer service representative and informed her I did not order, nor want these additional items I was charged, only the two items I ordered. She told me that she would correct this charge, and that I would receive a confirmation email of change in 48 hrs.
In 48 hrs., or on 8/2/18, I received an email
notification from FedEx. I checked the purchase price from Fuller on that email. It was still $105.78, I.e., not corrected. That same day, I called Fuller Customer Service and spoke with a person, who I believe was "Carlos", i explained the situation (mess) to this Representative. He told me that since everything was already shipped, he cold not make a correction to my account. I explained to Carlos that I had called the same day I ordered the two items, and that I had spoken to Fuller representative who was female. He stated there was no record of this call or conversation I had with this female rep. in their system, but that he would make a record of our conversation in the system then. When I asked if I had to pay any postage on these never-ordered-in-the-first-place items, he said yes I would.
I am appealing to Fuller Customer Service to investigate my claims, so that I may return the never-ordered items without having to pay return postage, since I had made a call on 7/31/18 to cancel these items before they were even shipped yet.
Mary Judith Corazon
Order #: 138903

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  • B
      Aug 05, 2018

    Same thing happened to me, I purchased the $19.99 offer and the additional $4.99 refill, using Paypal. They collect payment information before check out and as you are trying to complete they keep adding items. Mine totaled $75.00 and after complaining now I am being sent more. I called again and they said I signed up for shipments every 90 days (NOT) and they could not stop shipment. I must return. I am not paying to return items I did not purchase. I will contact Paypal to not pay. This is their scam

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  • K
      Oct 10, 2018

    On June 14, 2018 I purchased $71.90 of what I thought was product, and because I bought so much I asked not to be put on the continuity program. I said if I liked the product, I would reorder. Well, I look at my order form much later to find out I was put on continuity program at a cost of $16.99 when I received another automatic shipment of crystals @ 16.99. I should have checked the receipt but I didn't . When I called customer service the representative said That I would have to pay for return shipping. He refused to let me speak to a supervisor. I will never buy another Fuller Brush product! I think no one should ever buy a product from a website if you can't read or post a review because they have something to hide!!!

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  • M
      Jan 04, 2020

    In April, 2019 i ordered this product on this deal you buy one at $19.99 free shipping but wait get second one free just pay the postage which was suppose to 4.99 i received my debit on my bank card and was charged $57.99 really some fuzzy math going on there. I decided to contact the company to get return instructions. Got them except i had to pay the shipping back even though i didn't open the package. In the amount of $11.29 Got conformation package was delivered to the Customer Service Manager'
    SAS Group, Inc
    220White Plains Rd
    Tarrytown, N.Y [protected]
    which is where i was instructed to send the return. Contacted these people said they never received . This has gone on all this time after speaking with numerous people and still no refund. And this is Jan. 2020 already. I just seen this ad running again on TV again last night. Make sure before you order something it is on the up and up.

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