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10:51 am EDT
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The Carport Company my 24x46 carport leaked from the first day. not a small drip, a large leak!

In mid-October I ordered a 24X46X12 carport and it leaked from the day it was installed. Not a drip leak, a big leak along the entire seam.

I ordered a carport to cover my travel trailer. I paid $5421.91 for it and it was installed on 11/28/17. On 12/9/17 it rained at night and I woke up to a flooded bathroom. The seams of the roof panels are directly over my bathroom vent and the seam poured rain into this vent. I put a vent cover on the roof and took video of the leak.

On 12/11/17 I called The Carport Company (TCC) and explained my problem. They asked me to send the video to them and I did. The owner of my RV Resort (a knowledgeable man) pointed out the problem to me. The seam has no support and the top roof line sags in the middle.

Over a three month period installers have been here four times to try to fix the problem. Each time I explain the seam and frame problem. Each time they put caulk or tape on it and it still leaks. I video the leak and send it to TCC. I called TCC 14 times, sent several text messages and received three return calls in that 3 months. My notes on this problem document every interaction with TCC. I have detailed documentation on this entire ordeal.

This company does not even try to fix the problem they only make one of their installers come out to patch it. I told every crew that came out to fix the problem they must raise the supports in the middle.

Now with the rainy season coming I must find a contractor to fix the problem correctly and pay for it myself.

Although not what I want, it looks like I'll have to go to small claims court.

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10:58 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

The Carport Company Unethical behavior. The refuse to honor a $300.00 contract to repair their poor installation as it failed inspection

I purchased a Carport Company 24ft X 24ft garage through Terry Carswell of Brandon Sheds & Gazebo’s Inc.
The Carport Company Inc.
945 NW 17th Ave
Ocala, FL. 34475
Phone Numbers: This first number is the one I had been calling [protected] or [protected] or [protected]
The Garage was delivered, and installed on June 6, 2016 and was paid for ($4000.95 to The Car Port and $784.50 to Fidencia Romulo the installer).
On August 1, 2016 the garage failed the permit inspection for not being properly bolted to the foundation per the print’s instruction of a bolt every 4 feet on centers. The front of the garage by the large door lacked bolt-downs on either side. The inspector claimed the garage lacked A total of 6 securing bolts.
August 1, 2016, I called The Carport Veronica answered and put Brenda Ortiz on the phone and she said she would let the repair department know and they would schedule a person and Brenda was to call me right back with a date and time.
August 2, 2016, called Brenda, Emily to let Brenda know I need a date and time for the repairs.
August 3, 2016, Called Brenda and she stated that the repair person would be at my place on August 4, 2016 and she to call back with time.
August 4, 2016, Receptionist claimed Brenda on other phone and repair man in hospital with appendix operation. Brenda to call back.
Note: Only once had the carport returned a call as promised. The Carport does not have a repair department the person that installed the garage is to fix his own mistakes. The installer is the same person that delivered the garage and he also had his appendix removed as an excuse why I had to wait an extra month for my garage to be delivered. Go figure the guy had two appendixes that required surgery.
August 4, 2016, I contacted my handyman and he said he could do the job and quoted me a price and I would need 8 anchors to do the job.
August 4, 2016, I called Brenda and told her I had a person to do the repairs for $300.00 and if it was approved to send me 8 anchors. She said she had to talk to management.
August 5, 2016, I called and talked to Brenda and she claimed the price seemed a little high for the work.
August 5, 2016, sent Brenda an email confirming the phone conversation from earlier that day.
August 5, 2016, Brenda’s email reply was to again claim the price was too high.
August 6, 2016, sent an email explaining my age and condition and at the end stated “And as for the cost, you tell me how much you think it should cost and I will run it past my installer. Or you can be honest with me and provide me with a specific date and general time of your installers arrival and we’ll let him make the repairs. He will then know firsthand how much work and time will be involved and the true price of the job. Please advise on how you want to handle this.”
August 8, 2016, Brenda’s email said the crew has been sick all week and the bolts were mailed Friday and Please forward the bill to me so we can reimburse you.
I took that to mean that I could get the repairs done as she had mailed the bolts and told me to mail the invoice when finished. So I had the problem corrected and after the garage passed inspection I sent Brenda the invoice.
August 30, 2016, emailed Brenda the invoice for $300.00.
October 5, 2016, between Brenda and the Jose the manager all they want to pay is $100.00. I have called Brenda many times looking for my money with a ton of excuses and then Jose took over and he couldn’t talk to me because he is a veterinarian and had to see a horse.
October 18, 2016, still no money or reply.

I just want my $300.00 that I spent to correct their poor installation.

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james kiesel
Fruitland Park, Florida, US
Nov 01, 2021 12:27 pm EDT

We had a 24x 36 building put up in June .We fully paid to have this done . The very next day we noticed the roof supports and braces were not installed . We immediately called the carport company. We were told they would they send someone to take care of it and Brenda did say they should have been installed.. No one showed and there was no communication until we called again. And was always told they would get back with us . Never did they call back! After at least twenty calls with no results . We called again to tell Brenda the county inspectors were to coming to inspect which they did and it failed. So again after several phone calls to Brenda she sent 2 workers to do repairs, they still did not have the right materials and also it is at least a 3 man job. While the workers were still they took several pictures and sent them to Brenda.
Brenda did call back and told us she would have the right materials and a crew to make it the repairs. A month or so has gone by and still nothing resolved. We call everyday and get run around.

Be aware. This company should not be in business . Once they get paid they could care less about your purchase or problems you may have due to them not doing a thorough job. Also would recommend if you do use this company ask to see if they are licensed contractor.

And this putting it nicely.

, US
Jul 21, 2021 11:23 am EDT

We had a 24 x 30 building installed on June 10th 2021 by the Carport Company out of Ocala
Carport Company
945 17th Street
Ocala FL.
The day after the installation and paying them their money over $12, 000 we noticed the roof begin sagging in the middle about 3". Pushing sidewalls out. After inspecting the entire building we noticed they left out essential braces on the whole building and left out several bolts along the bottom. We called them the next day talked to Brenda and she told us to send pictures. Which we did. We got no reply back. So we called again. She admitted there should be braces. Never heard anything back . So we called again. And this time she said they had a hard time getting those parts. After many days of not hearing anything we had to call again. This time she just gave us another run around with poor excuses. Here it is July 21st and we have gotten no communication back. We feel this is a major safety issue and poor workmanship, these buildings need to be signed off by an inspector before they ever they get paid
This company does several of these buildings and people need to be aware of the se issues. If they continue getting by with operating this poorly they should not be in business.

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