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Much like other reviewers, I have had a very negative experience here with KATIE.

I had this shoot arranged by modelkit at The Blue Rooms for my portfolio with makeup and hair included, it was my first time modelling and they believe I have potential and this was my introduction. I was ecstatic. Luke told me a £50 deposit would be required upfront which I paid just to ensure I wasn’t wasting anyone’s time, that it was recommended I buy at least one picture but I didn’t have to and that the pictures would be priced £50 and DOWNWARDS of that PER PICTURE for each one I CHOSE to buy.

I did the shoot and had a great time, makeup team and photographer were very professional and helped guide me in taking photos as I had never done anything like this before.

When it came to review the photos I met Katie, who initially was very polite and professional. Then I was told that it was recommended I take the bronze package for my portfolio.. which is £500. Not expecting to have to be paying anything at all I was very shocked, but I’d had so much fun on the day I said I’d need to think about it as Katie explained it was an investment. I am new to modelling and have no idea for how much these things cost so I just wanted some time to do some research.. upon hearing I needed some time to consider spending £500 Katie’s attitude immediately switched into some sort of budget ‘mean girls’ performance where she tells me I was told I’d need to spend £500 today or my photos are all deleted and it will be marked I don’t want to pursue modelling further. Katie tells me I was informed on the phone of this, which I absolutely was not.

Stunned by the switch I just said to mark me as not interested then because there was absolutely no way I was being pushed into spending £500 with no notice or research as to what I was buying, especially to someone who was being so unbelievably rude. Katie then proceeds to ask me rather condescendingly how much I expected airbrushed photography like this to cost which is when I told her I was told pictures would be £50 and DOWNWARDS based on how many I bought, Katie then found it appropriate to cut me off and tell me that 50 x 10 = 500.

Yes, thank you Katie, but I’m well aware of simple maths. I recommend you brush up on your listening skills because 50 and DOWNWARDS, e.g. 1st would be £50, the 2nd would be £40 and so on. Which doesn’t equal £500. I wasn’t even told I’d need to buy 10 which I was told on the day was the minimum, I was actually only planning on buying one for myself as a memento.

Upon leaving Katie makes me sign a document which says I’m not interested in modelling (lol) and says to me “well, good luck in your… job” because I told her I work full time.

Oh yeah, and I still haven’t received my deposit back that was taken to ensure I didn’t no show and “waste their time”.. they wasted hours of MY time on a Saturday parading around as a modelling agency and providing absolutely horrendous customer service.

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Mar 24, 2022 11:37 am

Yes same thing happened to us. Paid £50 deposit which was said over the phone that it was refundable. Took my daughter and later found out about the price after . Its a scam .avoid . Please stay away from them .

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