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Im really very disappointed in you warranty and customer care team...
I have been waiting 10 weeks for a product to come in that's on an extended 5 year warranty program, no one is ever returning my calls when they say they will.
I have been the one having to call around to try and figure out the situation, when I was under the impression that was the job of your employees...
. I also thought that your company prided in the fact that you were a family based company, but no one seems to care that my family has no drier and I have to take the time out of my schedule to go to a laundry mat and sit there for a few hours a week to do my laundry when I am paying for a product that I should be able to use from the comfort of my own home, not to mention all the stressful days on the phone for hours trying to figure out exactly why a part for a product that you sell in your store should take more then 4-6 weeks to come in!!!
I've been having no luck with your employees and they cant seem to give me any kind of answer as to when it will be fixed or if I can just get a replacement unit, or a refund in order to purchase a working product.
I finally received a phone call today from Cornerstone and was very surprised, only to find out that the lady on the phone was telling me that as long as there is an estimated time of arrival there is absolutely nothing I can do even if essentially they had an estimated time of arrival for the next year I would just have to wait... this is not acceptable...


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    frusterated customer Jul 27, 2012

    Well Noah Tepperman received one of my many attempt at contacting him and I received a email that he will look into this matter ASAP with a phone call no later then Tuesday...fingers crossed...will updated when I receive a phone call.

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    frusterated customer Jul 27, 2012

    Well I have received a phone call from a manager at customer care who actually helped me out, I now have a drier on a truck being delivered tomorrow for our use until the situation with our drier is fixed... Thank You Karen and Noah Tepperman..
    This is the service I expected to get from Teppermans I guess it just took getting in contact with the right person for my situation, I'm very pleased with their effort to make me a satisfied customer as I have purchased a fridge stove mattress foundation couch loveseat and washer and drier there I believe I deserve to be satified!!!

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    Marc Kelso Oct 17, 2018

    Well also have been playing the game of getting a LG fridge fixed been serviced 9 time`s changed icemaker 6 times main board compressor and logic board still not working been play with Tepperman's, Trans globel and The Walker Group this has been going on since May The last service guy said it needs to be replaced but cant get anyone one to say when I did buy the Warranty from Tepperman`s after 3 times same fault would be replaced as you can see we are at 6 times same problem and we still have the fridge If I have the money to get a new one The one I have would be in Tepperman`s driveway .We believe they have a responsibility to make sure costumers are taken care of when you buy insurance that they sell .we have spent thousand's at teppermans we feel as we have been kicked to the curb and robbed.

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    Bad sofa;s Apr 08, 2019

    Teppermans are so miss leading with their words, I bought 2 sofa's, and their just 2yrs old. The wood on the front of the sofa's are all chewed up, of coarse the material covering it ripped. Teppermans call this wear and tear !!! Nothing would be wrong with the sofa's if whom ever made it had pride in their work. I'm told if the manufacture doesn't cover either does the extended warranty. I wish I could post a photo I'm not that great on the computer, but if the Tepperman family seen my photo's they would be so disappointed in the bad craftmanship they buy from. And I feel they would help out this senior.

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