G Nov 20, 2017

We purchased a fridge and stove couple weeks ago, during the delivery the fridge was completely destroyed and your delivery driver was verbally abusive and threatening to my wife to the point that she was ready to call the police when he refused to leave our home when first asked to do so. I contacted your customer care dept. who refused to give me any info on the delivery company responsible (were told you outsource this) nor has this company or a tepperman manager every called us back as was indicated by your customer care that someone would do so. Seems that your customer care dept. (which is probably outsourced as well ) did a good job in bearing this complaint.

Our fridge remains to be picked up nor has our money been returned. Teppermans cannot hide behind "it's not our responsibility" as explained by your customer care person. I am a third generation teppermans customer and the buck stops here, there will not be a forth and I intend to share my experience with anyone else who will listen. Social media is a powerful tool.

P.S. I continue to investigate whether any civil or criminal charges are warranted being my wife is disabled with Lupus and stress is a serious trigger of her condition, it was that threatening

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