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Tempurpedicalergic reaction / hospitialization

I had a severe allergic reaction to my new tempurpedic mattress and ended up in the hospital. i ordered it from brookestone and it arrived straight from the factory. when i took it from the bag, the smell of it was really intense. its hard to describe, but sort of a strong industrial compound smell--similar to what a five gallon drum of crazy glue might smell like! i slept on my mattress and by morning had developed a sore throat. it was nov. and i didnt think much about it, just thought i might have come down with a cold. the second night was even worse and i could hardly talk the next day. but by the evening it had gotten really bad. i was having trouble swallowing, the little doo hicky in the back of my throat was the size of a giant slug. it filled my throat. even then i still hadent made a eureka ! connection to it being the bed. however, i woke in the middle of the third night unable to breathe. my throat had swollen shut. i ended up in the emergency room. the doctor asked me if i had been exposed to anything that cooresponded with the allergic reaction, like new furniture or carpet, by then i had done the math and realized the intense smell that came off the mattress when it came out of the bag was in fact being released even more as i slept on the mattress as my body weight compressed it. i weighed a measely 125 pounds but as i compressed the foam, it realeased toxic petrolium based fumes. i had to get shots at the hospital and i had to stop using the bed. the doctor said my throat looked as if it had been chemically burned from the inside. i called brookstone and didnt get anywhere and then the tempurpedic company themselves was a joke. they wanted to send me a complimentary travel pillow for the trouble of my throat closing shut. the rep actually confided in me that the mattresses come fresh off the line and are then sent out, so mine was prob only a few days old. the material is petrolium based and many people have allergic reactions fo things like new carpet and other new furniture. she told me that when a person lays on the mattess, it does release fumes. she said it should be put in a seperate room or storage area and allowed to air out for several weeks. i was like !!!. you want me to move this mattress to another part of the house and let it air out so that it will then be safe enough to sleep on?? why not put a warning on it or just let them air out in your own dam house before sending them out to your customers. then, if they just about keel over from the toxic shock because there wasnt a warning, why dont you offer something beside a travel pillow? the mattress was 1400.00, it now sits in a rental house for students, having aired itself out fully in my lungs.


  • Li
    Lisagirl Sep 19, 2014

    I like the feel of the mattress, but I've got a rash on my neck. I would like to keep it as it is comfortable, does this reaction go away?

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  • Wh
    Whisper20022000 Oct 01, 2012

    I purchased a Tempur-Pedic and it has harmed my body and health. I hate my bed I will sleep elsewhere from now on. I would never purhase another. The Pillows kept my ears stopped up and the foam mattress has crippled my body!

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  • To
    tobele Jul 18, 2012
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    marquettehous, what's involved in a class action suit?

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  • To
    tobele Jul 18, 2012
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    I purchased the Temp Cloud Supreme which is supposed to be one their best updated models. I've been sleeping on it for a month now. I am terribly disappointed and even depressed. I have no history of back pain. Now have both lower back and hip pain.
    As for an allergic reaction, I haven't been able to have a decent night's sleep. I have this tingling sensation on my entire body. I also get heart palpitations. The odor is somewhat weaker than the first couple of days, but some chemical must be released by this mattress to give me these sensations.
    Is there any way to scientifically prove that Tempurpedic products have these allergic/toxic effects?
    Any scientists or lawyers out there?

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  • Co
    Comfort Seeker Jul 09, 2012

    I received my Tempurpedic Queen firm mattress on Wed., July 4th. I think it is so comfortable though I've been waking up with a sore throat and stuffy nose every night since. My eyes are red, itchy, burning and tearing. I'm sneezing often. At first I thought I might be coming down with a cold...but last night it dawned on me that maybe it's allergies. The only thing new I have in my environment is the mattress and dust-mite free mattress cover and pillow covers (terry-type). I do smell the odor everyone is talking about but I use memory-foam toppers on my other mattresses (which also smell)...but have never had this type of reaction. Last night I woke up during the night and went to sleep in the guest room. My eyes seems a little better today but other symptoms are lingering. I want to give this some more time to see if the odor goes away or I develop a resistance to it because I do think it's very comfortable. Tonight I will remove my pillow covering and put my old cotton one on to see if that makes a difference. Could it be the terry pillow cover? Doubt it as I have a high thread count pillow case over it. Sigh.

    How can the company say the mattress should be aired out for a few weeks! Not many people have an extra room that they can afford to let a new mattress sit and air out for a few weeks...especially when you have your old mattress taken away upon delivery of the new one. Sigh.

    This too shall pass! I hope.

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  • To
    tom and linda Jun 14, 2012
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    I have one better, we bought a Tempur-Pedic Allura and after 90 days and the smell which we couldn't handle we had it swapped out under warranty but still under Mattress Firms 100 day return. The new one came today and was in cardboard and wrapped in plastic but when they opened it and set it up it had a rip in the top along with a stain on the side. Not only was there a stain but in this triangular 12'" or so stain there were dog hairs in it. I started looking more into the bed after I was told a third bed would be brought out and looked at the tag. It was dated 6-2-2012 made in Albuqurue NM, yes the tag had the incorrect spelling and it had been glued onto another tag which had ben ripped apart but sewn to the bed. As I looked under the new tag I found a date of April 26, 2012 on the permanent tag. Yes 2 months earlier.

    My summation is that Mattress Firm requires any returned beds to be clean so they can rip off the permanent tags and glue on a new one which isn't even from Temper-pidic.

    Yes I would agree with you class action law suit, but with my iron clad suit I am not going to partner in a class action where the first person that starts it and the attorneys get rich but will be contacting my business lawyer and own Mattress Firm when I am done with them.

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  • Ch
    Christy517 Mar 11, 2012

    i recently ordered the tempur-pedic mattress last week. slept on it for one day which took care of my back pain but the second day my whole body broke out to rashes i went to the ER with red rashes all over my body...i'm on medication for two weeks and this itchy rashes are painfully going away...the tempur material was to blame since i didnt encounter anything new in the past week, eating the same food and in the same environment. only change was my mattress...

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  • Ma
    marquettehous Mar 08, 2012

    LIke so many of you, we had major problems after sleeping on the tempur-pedic. There has now been a class action law suit started and if you want to learn more about it you can contact my lawyer at Gerald Maples
    365 Canal St., Suite 2650
    New Orleans, La 70130

    33 St. James Sq.
    London, United Kingdom
    SW1Y 4JS

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  • Pa
    Patrick_28 Jan 19, 2012

    I keep getting these extremely itchy welts on my back. Went to a dermatologist and she had no clue what it was, thought it was a cyst, wrong! Its an allergic reaction I'm having to a new Tempur-pedic mattress I received 6 months ago. I replaced my old Tempur-pedic from 2003 for this new one. Ever since I replaced the mattress I've been getting these welts that itch really bad. I haven't tried to contact the company yet, but I will. Has anyone with the same issue just tried putting a mattress cover over the top of the mattress?

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  • Ka
    KayDee May 30, 2011

    I had a Tempur-pedic for 15 years and never had a problem. I made a huge mistake getting rid of it when it was still in good shape. ALL beds (unless you go totally organic, non-flame-resistant, etc.) have chemicals in them. You just might be a little more sensitive to some chemicals than others. So spending + or - hours on a new mattress of any kind might cause problems due to the constant exposure. I've replaced my mattress with a bed of straw. Not really! Even totally healthy mattress have their drawbacks. Dust mites LOVE organic materials. What's a girl to do??

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  • Va
    VaBuddies Mar 16, 2011

    Anyone know how to test for these allergies? We got one of these mattresses for my two year old daughter a year ago. She has had breathing problems off and on, but nothing like the above. I am wondering if the mattress is the cause but don't know what to test for?

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  • Bo
    Bob in IL Feb 13, 2011

    WOW!! I was beginning to think I was the crazy one. We purchased a King size Tempurpedic mattress 5 weeks ago at Bedding Experts in the Chicago area. My husband's doctor recommended it for his back problems. The set cost $3500. We were told not to put sheets on the mattress for a few hours after it was delivered, so it could "air" out. Two days later it was still smelling horrible, so I called the store and was told it would take a couple of WEEKS for the smell to go away. We were also told to walk on it and that would help get the fumes out. Anyway... 5 weeks later it still SMELLS and my eyes burn and my throat is sore and I know it is from the fumes from the mattress. So we go to the store today and were told..yes you have a 90 day trial and you can return it, BUT we won't give you your money back and if you now want another mattress that costs $2600...we will not give you the difference back! What the hell kind of business is that? I have contacted the IL attorney general to file a complaint and also will file a complaint with the better business bureau. Class action suit????? COUNT US IN!!

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  • Di
    diamo80 Aug 22, 2010

    My complaint is that I purchased the Tempur-pedic Grand King Size bed. I was promised a set of sheets, 400 thread count for their appreciation that I purchased the best bed that Tempur-pedic makes. This is the third time I have contacted them and have yet to get the sheet set. The pillows that go the the Tempur-pedic Grand do not hold up. The bed was delivered December 2009 - today is August 22, 2010 and one of the pillows has lost half of its volume. Becoming flat. Now, for $499. per pillow, we bought two but only use one - I find that a little disturbing. I suffer from allergies and after reading all the complaints regarding fumes it had not crossed my mind that the mattress could possibly be the cause of my skin irritations and stuffed up breathing passages. So where does a family go from here? I'm shocked that if this mattress is indeed the cause of human illness, why is it being sold as we speak? Where is our protection in this country or at least WARNINGS of potential chemical reactions for sensitive people due to autoimmune diseases. I have systemic lupus and had no idea I was purchasing a product that could be so harmful, if this be the case. I would like to know how to get to the bottom of all these complaints and find out the truth. J. Havens

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  • Je
    jeffakaplan Jun 27, 2010

    It is amazing how many toxins are in our environment nowdays. I think we have to gather as much information as possible and make the safe decisions where we can. First learning that your mattress is toxic whether it be a Tempur or just a mattress with flame [censor]ent materials, and then getting a non-toxic one. I am a partner in a green building store in Houston and we carry non-toxic and organic mattresses. Give us a call and mention this site and we will giv eyou 10% off.

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  • La
    Laura Lee Slotte May 28, 2010

    I would have to say that I have two tempurpedic mattresses and I just love mine. I would have to agree that they do put out an odor for the first week but it does go away. I was recommended to consider one by my doctor after being in a major collision which resulted in a major spine injury. Also my brother and best friend have one and they too love theirs. Maybe try a pillow first to see if you experience any allergic reactions before purchasing?

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  • Ni
    nicole_beedy May 21, 2010

    I would like to thank all of you for your comments. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I would like to purchase a new comfortable mattress to get me through it in comfort. I was seriously considering buying a tempur however the last thing I want to sleep on during pregnancy is a fume giving off hospital causing mattress that could probibly even cause death of me or death or birth defects to my baby. To the rude person at the top "wjplll" you should really not insult people. I think if many people have been affected with negitave reactions to this product than it sould most definatly have a alergy warning. Also I'd like to know how a product like this can be sold without a warning? Was it tested to be a safe product for human contact? I think i will stick with a eco-friendly and fume free all natural cotton matress.

    Nicole Beedy

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  • Sa
    saluki_slam Mar 27, 2010

    I bought the Queen Classic. I asked about the 90 day trial on the web site. I was assured the store I bought it from would honor anything I saw on the web site. Before the 90 days were up I thought the mattress was too firm, and wanted to exchange for a softer one, and another $1200. I was told "no, 30 days was all they offered. Temperpedic was no help either. the best they'd do was knock 30% off, I'd keep both mattresses, and the add'l cost would be $2400. Class action? Count me in.

    Pekin, Il

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  • Di
    Dismayed Sooner Mar 03, 2010

    My wife & I bought a Tempurpedic "Classic" king size mattress set for $2600 from a local dealer for Christmas. Matress had to be ordered, not in stock. It arrived 2 weeks later direct from the factory to the dealer. Dealer said she'd air it out in her warehouse before delivering it to us after Christmas. Ok by us. Mattress delivered mid-January.
    Wow, what a smell! Toxic chemical oder spread throughout our house. Friend came to visit, said "Yuck, What's that smell?" My wife refused to sleep on it. She has epilepsy & oders are a potential trigger for a seizure.
    I slept on it alone the first night, woke up feeling heavy in my limbs, aching joints, head ache. Just like the flu. Called the manufacturer, Tempurpedic, told them what I experienced. Lady said the smell was harmless & would dissipate in a few days. The more I would sleep on it the faster the oder would dissipate, she said.

    Silly me I, I tried to "work" the mattress to get the oder out. Didn't sleep in the room, in fact, shut it off from the rest of the house, towel wedged into the bottom of the bedroom door, etc. But I tried every day to "knead" the foam to force the gas from the cells of the foam, like the Tempurpedic rep & dealer said to do. After a week, still smelly. Called again, wanted to return it (Tempurpedic has an infomercial advertising guarantee and 90 day trial offer - Nope! I was told I had to work through the dealer I bought the thing from - kinda snotty phone attitude to boot.). I approached the dealer, asked her to take it back, she agreed to pick it up & air it some more, and loaned us a conventional mattress in the meantime.

    My wife still wouldn't enter our bedroom, said our clothes in the closet had absorbed the oder & it made her nausious.

    Two weeks later, the dealer asked us down to the store to "sniff test" the matress. In the store around other Tempurpedic floor models, I could smell only a faint oder, so said Ok, send it to our house. When delivered & set up in our bedroom, the smell was noticeable. My wife fled. I slept on it 3 nights. Called the dealer, said take it back, we want to exchange it for a convential mattress set. She said Ok, go to another dealer & pick out what you want (she didn't have anything comparable in price. We did, found comparable but $500 cheaper elsewhere, new dealer was sympathetic, said would work with the Tempurpedic dealer to work out something to our satisfaction. Temperpedic dealer said Ok & authorized the purchase.

    Yesterday a received a letter from the Tempurpedic dealer listing $1050 in additional charges for returning the stinky merchandise twice. Insult & injury - Tempurpedic requires $250 for delivering the mattress to the dealer & another $250 for picking up the mattress as a "return" & we have to pay $198 for the 2 "FREE" pillows given when we bought originally.
    Where do I turn for help?
    Class action suit anybody?
    Sick in body & heart in Norman OK

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  • Ya
    yanggor1983 Feb 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same allergy problem and I called Tempurpedic and you know what their reply is: " Haha! I don't think there is anything I could do" said by a representative call "Ray". then He sent me to go talking to the retailer instead as if it is not their problem. If I ended up dying using their product and evidence noted that I did made a complaint and they refused to take action about it. It is essentially murder. I wish the general public are aware how irresponsible this Company is. Wish they will go bankrupt !!

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  • Si
    SICKLY Nov 12, 2009



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  • Li
    libbies Nov 07, 2009

    wow - the negative person's problems? ... With "you" and your allergy and "you" the idiot -
    and "you" with the funky body...and has lots of anger to direct at any random
    opinion giver? I'd like to talk to his/her mother about his/her demeanor.

    Thank Heaven for opinion boards though... i'm finally figuring this out:
    We have two beds - my husband sleeps on his mattress -
    but i ended up in hospital 3 days - dizzy - vomiting - passing out...

    3 doctors could not figure out what i had... it took me a week to
    realize that the beds had been delivered 3days before i went to emergency room...

    we called company to ask about fumes - they said to kneel on it it pop the cells and release the fumes -
    we left it on deck and spent exhausting hours trying to "cleanse" it ... but the smell is
    still too intense - and i must return it ...

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  • Co
    _commonsense Nov 05, 2009


    Don't make ill-informed comments until you do your research, bonehead.

    Many people have encountered the same problems with the tempur material.

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  • Wj
    wjplll Sep 02, 2009

    You cannot be serious in sayng that the company should know who and whose mattress to air out. You had an allergic reaction, guess what, lots of people do to lots of different things. Tempurpedic cannot be to blame because they didn't know what your funky body was allergic too.

    You say that they should let it air out. Most consumers like to know that they are getting a product that is brand new and fresh, not some old dusty peice of garbage that has been sitting in a warehouse for three years.

    You sir, are an idiot. YOU are the one with the allergy, don't blame the company who produces thousands of mattresses to know YOUR funky body.

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