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Stock listed however after securing order out of stock

After days of securing the order (1 from 2 available, new from Wantitall imports) and payment made I was told that this item is now "out of stock".
Customer care has told me that the comments section when placing an order should be used to firstly ask the seller whether an item is still in stock. Why would an item be listed (2 off) but they are out of stock (even now on the BorB site stock of the other item is showing. If this is the customer's duty to check stock themselves, please change your order instructions and form!!!
Item information
Condition: New
Location: International
Product code: B01AKJBWLQ
bidorbuy ID: [protected]

SNC payments, accounts linked, and money charged on my account

Hi Bidorbuy retracted SNC saying the accounts are linked, now my account is negative and their security team...

shipping cost

It is unethical to not publish the shipping cost with the cost of the item. It should also state where the items come from. Also bidding dates are not adhered to. You put in a bid for a future date, next thing you are advised that you have won and now have to pay. Then comes the shock, the shipping cost is more than the items bought. You are also notified that you have to pay as you have entered into a legal agreement. Let's see what my lawyer thinks about that. And the Consumer protection act.

selling illegal products

All of above selling illegal "Viagra" so called erection tablets

mma boxing gloves

Dear Sir/Madam,

On 28 July 2018 I received an email receipt from BidorBuy saying they'd received the R240.70 I sent for ADIDAS MMA Grappling gloves. The order number is [protected] and the seller is Yourfitstore. They proceeded to email me and ask for a R95 courier fee which I paid and received a receipt for on 13 August 2018.

Despite trying to email the seller and phone them on multiple occasions, I have heard no word from them since I sent the courier fee and a month later I still have not received my grappling gloves.

Please tell me how I should proceed in order to get my gloves.

Dear Jenna
We confirm receipt of a bobPay EFT payment of R95.00 for order [protected] and have also notified the seller Yourfitstore.
A total of R335.70 has been paid for this order in 2 separate payments. Please note that the amount paid, differs from the expected amount of R240.70 for this order.
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View the order.
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Make an additional payment.
We thank you for your continued support.
The bidorbuy team
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Thank you!

Kind regards,
Jenna McCallum

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delivery of geometric earrings for women ear climbers - silver plated x2

Order [protected] BIDORBUY
Tracking Number RB593988203SG
Geometric Earrings for Women Ear Climbers - Silver Plated x2
Payment details:
Order number: [protected]
Amount: R201.60
Payment Type: bobPay - Credit Card
Payment Date: 3 Aug 2018

Please can you explain to me why i have not received my parcel as yet. It was ordered and paid for on 3 August 2018, it is now 21 August 2018 and no sight of the parcel.

I am very disappointed with this service - i would never have ordered from BidorBuy if i had known that the wait is this long.

items still not received

Good day

Client #: 2014378

I placed an order on 10 May 2018 @15:22pm and made payment immediately. Order ID [protected].

Made contact with The Seedster (Ryan Morgan) 13 May 2018, 14 May 2018, 30 May 2018, 07 June 2018, 20 June 2018, 25 June 2018, 10 July 2018 and finally 12 July 2018.

Managed to get the tracking number for Yanwen tracking. Last status update from Yanwen is parcel arrived in South Africa on 26 May 2018 @ 2:52am.

To date, parcel has not been received. Estimated deliver was 19 June 2018.
If delivery cannot be resolved by end of July, I would like a refund.

Thank you.

usb desktop condenser microphone

Order number : [protected]
Seller : Doodah

I bought a condenser microphone from seller Doodah on the 17th of April 2018 using the bid or buy website. I received a confirmation of payment. From that day up untill now 22 May 2018, the product has not been delivered. I did a follow up and spoke to a lady who identified herself as Keora from Doodah. Sge said orders have been delayed and through email assured me my order will be delivered on the 10th of May. When day passed I emailed Keora she apologized for delay assured me orderhas been posted and she will send tracking number the following day. Following day nothing happened I emailed again and she said on the 17th the order will be delivered on my doorstep.

I think the seller is not going deliver the product.

May I have my money back

Thank you

usb desktop condenser microphone

bought software, 2016 officepro this is not working now

Virtual Agent Profile
Virtual agent (PREVIEW)
Microsoft Virtual Agent (PREVIEW)
I'm Microsoft's new Virtual Agent. I'm still in training and I'd love to help you. You can also ask to talk to a person at any time. Please briefly describe your issue below.
i have a product key and the system says its for an other office product, , , , why was it operational all along?
Which one did you mean?
Download Office using your product key
OK. Let's use your product key to find the correct download link. Do you have your Office product key?
Great. Type your 25-character product key using the format XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.
Your product key has been blocked
Sorry, it looks like this product key has been blocked. To learn more, see Get help with blocked product keys.

How satisfied are you with the virtual agent?
You can ask another question or

haven't received products

I have now order two things on the bidorbuy site, in march 2017 from fashion world #1500

And in august (Order no [protected]) the world online, I still havent received it and they are also not responding to my emails

Not happy, I am now scared to use bidorbuy

And it seems like I am fighting a losing battle, as clearly I will not get my money back, I am also upset as they ask you for the delivery address, but then they say you must pick it up from the post office, if that is the case I would rather go to the mall to buy things, if this is how online work... Its not worth it. But for now if I can just get my items I paid for, even if I must collect it at the post office

power banks bought

I bought power banks 10 of them from bid or buy. The sellers contacts number is [protected]@yahoo.com I eventually started talking to someone called kiran gopi.

I bought these pb's for resale in malawi. They are written 20000 mah capacity and heavily advertised. Discovered all these pbs are a fake imitation, my clients returned them all for a refund!!

Some did not even work at all!! The ones that work couldn't even fully charge a single phone!!!

This individual has been giving me a run around on email!! I suspect he was buying time so my complaints time could even elapse.

Then he even has the audacity to tell me they will replace the one that is not working in my next order!!!

Guys like these will destroy bid or buys reputation!! I lost a lot of money because of this person. You cannot allow people selling cheap chinese imitation products on the site!! We want to trust bid or buy.. If that was the case I would rather take a risk and buy straight from chinese sites.

Over and above that I bought a car jump starter from 'lees wholesaler' again written 58000 mah which cannot even charge a laptop for 30 mins!! Its a fact its not 58 000 mah yet another scam selling us imitations.

harassment / identity theft

I received an email stating that my email address was registered under the name "abdul" for this site. I contacted them and explained that I never registered my email address and my name isn't even abdul. I asked them to remove me from their list and that I didn't want to receive any more emails from them. They responded that I needed to give them all of my personal information so they could verify my account. I responded back that I was in no way giving them any of my personal information for them to use fraudulently. I "unsubscribed" from their list 3 times and yet I am still receiving mail from them even after I told them i'd report them if they didn't stop.

do not solve issues in-house, seem to favour sellers

I purchased a topple inverter through bidorbuy. The payment was processed and I received notification on 30 september 2016 that the payment had reflected in the bob pay account. On 3 october 2016 I received a response from the seller known as zibbedy that the delivery had been placed on hold as I had not given my full address. I admit that I am new to the sight, however I have been involved in business before and know that a phone call would have solved the problem. The fact that the order was placed on hold is because the was some other problem, l surmise a stock issue. I sent a strong worded e-mail with my full address. Please note that I had only omitted the postal code for hayfields in pietermaritzburg even though the item was to be couriered. I then gave the seller a negative rating. He went ballistic and gave me negative rating which is actually unwarranted as I had paid. The seller said that he did not want to deal with me. I actually felt likewise and requested my refund of r1570. Now bidorbuy is supposed to keep the money in safekeeping. They are now asking"the buyer"why I cannot be repaid from bidorbuy and why I have to wait a week for a refund from the buyer. The chaps I have dealt with at bidorbuy have ruled against the buyer, however their hands seem to be tied.
I notice that my emails are now unanswered. I am determined to inform other buyers that it is risky to use bid or buy unless the seller has a 100% rating.

Resolved bob cares more about how their seller look that the service their buyers receive

I ordered items from seller TanyaViviers81 on 22 August 2016 and again on 1 September 2016. It is 15...

misleading advertisements and info

I registered as a buyer and seller, and supplied my ID and Bank statement to them. Their website only stipulates which payment method i prefer from the buyer. I have since registration posted numerous products on Auction, ranging from 46" HD LED Tv's, Macbooks, Offroad Motorcycles etc, which means its costly and also big items. I have sold numerous products, and was only notified today, by Bidorby, that i must first courier all items to the buyers, then 24 hours after the buyer has recieved it, will i get paid. How much do they think multiple items, cost out of my own pocket. So i must sell on Bidorbuy, pay for their listings ads in advance, sell my products, contact the buyers via email and phone calls at my charges, and then courier the products again at my cost and then finally when the buyer or bidorbuy is happy, then 24 hours later will i get paid, and o yes, not the winning bid, but a different amount, because they already deducted their charges off 10 min after the auction was ended. but i have to fall into minus amounts and wait for payments from Bidorbuy. Bidorbuy DOES NOT inform, stipulate or advertise such procedures on their site, so i really think its illegal. Beware! Bidorbuy currently has more then 155 negative listings on the internet against them, and most of it refers to money. Makes you wonder ??????????

Resolved unable to solve the problems they create

After years of using them without a hitch, this time they fouled up a credit card payment, sent a demand and then apologised saying it was all sorted and to ignore the message. What followed is that my account was blacklisted and removed from the site. I was asked to either make a payment by credit card by following a link that took me straight back to the blacklisted login and the message 'access denied' or 'pay into our bank account'. When queried they responded, 'We seems to be experiencing difficulty debiting American Express card and thus the debit is being rejected due to the large amount of online fraud currently banks have become stricter Please could you process a manual payemnt ...'. Why could they not process their own manual credit card payment - reply, ' The account has been Blacklisted off the Bidorbuy site, please process a manual payment in order for me to open the account and resolve this matter.' Hello! You blacklisted it and you can't yourselves unblacklist it - since it was your mistake to start with?? Unbelievable!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Updated by Cuana · Sep 27, 2010

    Dear Sir/Madam

    It is unfortunate to hear about your experience on our website, please could you contact us urgently so we can try resolve this situation. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please contact us on 0861 88 0861 or email [email protected]

    Kind regards
    Cuan Akal
    Operations Manager - bidorbuy.co.za

blacklisted for knowing someone

I had registered with bob as a buyer after two weeks of buying I could not log into my acc I had a 100% positive rating with all my purchases and could not understand why I called them to find out that my boyfreind had three years ago had an acc with them with a bad rating so they blacklist me. I spoke to the ubrupt big shot morne who told me he can do as he wants I then sent an e mail toandy higgins only to be replied by cuan akal who said thats that the acc will remain closed I cant complete auctions won or log into my acc get info from people I already paid for goods. mr andy higgins why are you letting arogant people ruin your company wake up s. a is in a time where we demand service justice and fairness take controll before all is lost.

  • Updated by ganief · Jun 23, 2018

    I'm trying to order two different car remotes but the system doesn't show the two seperate remotes in the order. How can I ensure that both remotes are calculated and cost given for each item is in the order.

  • Ga
    ganief Aug 16, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm trying to order two different car remotes but the system doesn't show the two seperate remotes in the order. How can I ensure that both remotes are calculated and cost given for each item is in the order.

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  • Jo
    JOHAN22 Nov 20, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did bought a 16 set camera set on bid or buy. I did do the payment everthing. its now more then 3 months and still did not received my cameras.

    I did phone bid or buy about this. only feed back that I reiceved from them is that the suppliers account was hi jack. there is nothing they can do about it.

    what can I still do ?

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  • Ha
    Hannes Du Randt Dec 29, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchase 2 laptops online after i paid money over
    now suddenly this is a system fault and they want to refund me.

    I send already 2 tickets regarding this

    order: 16866858 first shop ta firsttech.Co.Za

    if i buy a thing i must pay for it but now it a system problem

    this is a huge problem, where is the buyer gaurantee

    hannes 0823811785

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