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I spoke to this so-called doctor for about less than 5 minutes, symptoms were a really bad sore throat, headache and back of neck hurt and when I did cough it was rare and I would cough up some dark mucus, I also informed him that I had gone the previous day and done a covid test because of course I knew that would be the 1st thing asked. I told him I get this every year and just need some antibiotics; omg you would have thought I had asked him for every controlled substance out there. He preceded to explained to me that I did not need any antibiotics that he had been a doctor for 25 years and that was that. Well, if you asked me, he was the biggest [censored] I have ever spoken to that has ever claimed to be a doctor maybe a disbarred doctor. He tells me he is ordering me meds for my symptoms. When I looked up what he ordered me it was 800 mg of ibuprofen (what for the headaches), ha and next montelukast 10 mg this is for asthma, wheezing and shortness of breath (which I did not have), and last but not least benzonatate, which is used for coughs caused by the common cold or pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema or asthma, which I had none of these symtoms. I called back because mr. Big, i've been a doctor for 25 years did not like me telling him I did not appreciate his attitude and for $75.00 dollars I could have gone to any walk in clinic we have here and I would have received thoses dreaded antibiotics. I would never nor will I ever call teladoc (sob's) ever in life. I was asked when I called back there to speak to someone about this doctor, and the lady I must say was a very lovely lady to speak to wanted to know if I would like to speak to another doctor that she could set it up for me (well I almost fell for it) yes, I could speak to another doctor, for another $75.00, thanks but really no thanks.

Sandy eidson
Lakeland florida

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