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CB Mobile Phones TechXavvy Very poor customer service

TechXavvy review: Very poor customer service

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I was called about buying one of their products and I said id like to see the specifications first got no emails then a week later I had money withdrawn from my account same day an invoice sent with what the laptop was. I replied to the admin address and said it wasn't good enough for what I needed, no response the next week the same thing. With several phone calls to the call center aswell '

I finally got an answer and got told by the agent that I didn't make contact quick enough so the money that had already been deposited was now there's. I said no I had proof that I had emailed and wanted all my money back if I didnt I would be taking legal action. That night another withdrawal was made. I emailed there sales email address and still no answer. Last night another withdrawal I call today and fim=nally got through the agent said someone from the refunds team would be in contact with me this afternoon and still nothing. As to date ive paid $150 off a very poor spec laptop that isnt up to what I need.

Ive tried to call them after work today and both numbers I called are blocked from their end. Very disapointed. If I lived closer I go for a visit myself

Dates of this started om 8 may up until now.

Dont trust this company in any way shape or form. Professional scammers

Claimed loss: so far $150

Desired outcome: money back

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    Jul 10, 2024
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