TD Auto FinanceTitle Release

D Aug 03, 2018

I paid my loan off in full 2 months ago. I paid 49k off in under a year. I reported my new address when I paid it off, yet they mailed my title to my old address. I never received it and TD told me it was on the way. One representative actually lied telling me they sent the title and I would need to go to my local DMV to request a duplicate. I waited in line 4 hours only to be told that all companies know that only the registered owner --TD AUTO finance, can request a duplicate.
I called back and got wrong information several times such as no TD auto finance can not re-send me the title, before finally someone said they can in fact mail it to my new address.
I believe if I failed to pay my loan for 2 months TD would charge me fees and probably repossess my vehicle. There are no consequences for them failing to provide a legal, time sensitive document? There should be. I am reporting them to the better business bureau. They nearly cost me late fees with DMV due to my registration expiring. Terribly dishonest and I will let all my colleagues know how irresponsible this company is.

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