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7:34 am EDT
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TCI Hiring Process

I applied through a career website to this firm and received emails and phone calls about an interview. I took off the day from my part-time job (losing a day's pay) to attend. A gentleman by the name of Grant finally called me for an interview after waiting an hour. At the end of the interview he said I was more than qualified for the job. After a week of nothing I called back and a lady answered and said they were trying to call me for a second interview and that she will check with her supervisor and call me back. She did not call back. I finally got a hold of her after a couple of days and her response was, "What can I do for you?" When I tefreshed her memory she said, "What do you want me to do, the job was already taken?" I called the main office and spoke with a different female who said, "This is not a restaurant where you can order up a complaint". She said someone will call back. So far no calls. Now I'm wondering how reputable this company is.

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, US
Apr 14, 2016 11:44 am EDT

Completely agree with the post, first and third comments. My "interview" with them went just about the same way. A total pyramid scam. Never, EVER waste your time with these crooks.

, US
Mar 22, 2016 10:41 am EDT

I had the same time-wasting experience just now. I had an 11:30 appt which I arrived at 10 minutes early. I was told to fill out the form in the communal buidling lounge. The form was so brief, but it including the piercing question, how would you rate yourself with people? I turned in my form in the office ans was again sent to waitr in the communal building lounge, "Nick" would be out to see me. Now what aganecy does not offer a drink or some amenity after filling out the company form? I waited close to an hour when Nick arrived, luckily I read this forum and asked Nick directly- "What job are we talking about interviewing for?" - "Whatever job you applied for" This told me in the hour-long wait no one looked any anything on my profile. The listing was left vauge by design. When pressed for a specific job titlle that he had an oping for, I was told Customer Service, Sales, Accounting but my reply was those are categories not positions. So if you want to waste your time with a recruiter who has no actual positions and can't answer direct questions TCI might be just what you are looking for. I sent a note and a phone call to be removed from their system as I had no interest in being represented by TCI.

, US
Jan 19, 2016 12:48 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I did not have the same experience as the comment above, I came in for an interview with TCI, and didn't have any issues at all. They did not make me wait long, and were very professional. Whenever I had questions and called the front office, the administrator was very helpful and informative. The only drawbacks that I had was not knowing many details about what I was interviewing for, and when I came in for the interview it was broken down for me. They did follow up with me and offer me a position, which I did accept, but unfortunately some things came up and I had to move. If I had stayed in that location I would have gladly accepted that position.

, US
Jan 12, 2016 11:03 am EST

This place is a recruiting pyramid scam. Don't waste your time. The interviews will go nowhere.
I didn't go for an interview elsewhere for this one and it was a mistake.

When I got there I was told a meeting was running late so to please wait a little. There were a couple others waiting with me, back for the second interview. We waited wait up to 2 hours, the only explanation was that the supervisors have a "regional meeting". i was job searching in the waiting area while waiting so time flew by a little bit more than I thought. About to leave, I revisited the front desk office and peeked into the meeting room where supervisors were being held up. It looked like a large group of early 20 year olds standing around in a room as dazed and confused, probably being coached on what to say to us new recruits. My "supervisor" was a 20 yr old says that he became a supervisor within a couple of months from starting entry level. When I asked him where he found out about this job, he said Craigslist. Just like the 1st round interviewer. I mean what respectable person who looks for carreer opportunities on Craigslist unless youre looking for a job as a bartender?

They are oddly hesitant and belligerent from the start about answering real questions like pay, and day to day job details, and vague on job growth details. I just left. Everyone's a just a bunch of kids.

There's no record of tci marketing online. The only connection I found was that their job postings on sites are identical to a bunch of other company names that had scam alerts about them, like Affinity.

I think they just change the company names to hide any negative information. That's why there's no history on Tci.

This place IS a waste of time like the prior review stated. This isn't a real place. Its some kind of recruiting scam. Don't waste your time!

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