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TasteBook review: I never want to use them again

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I have been trying to get the two cookbooks that I have ordered for over a month. They have ignored every phone call and email I have written and made for weeks. They finally did send one of the two books I paid for - then they resent the second to the first person. Honeslty - Im not even angry that its taken so long to get processed, I just would really like someone to call me back like their voicemail suggests that they will. This all could have been resolved with a 2 minute phone conversation, but instead it has taken me 3 weeks and now I never want to use them again.


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Sep 02, 2018 12:14 am EDT

I made a cookbook and have a code to add more recipes. Yes, it has been several years ago, but there was never indication that the code expired. Now there is no website, nothing to allow me to add recipes to my cookbook. Is there any place to allow me to do this still?
Code: G-G4C6-UISC-YWP3

The book included 14 credits.

Oct 22, 2012 6:00 am EDT

Their website is not user friendly. I made individual cookbooks for each family member. Each cookbook was personalized with photos for each person. When the person went back to update their cookbook the pictures were all from the very last cookbook even though the cookbook was saved under each individual. I was told this couldn't be done - impossible. This should a very simple. When I tell others about that can't believe it especially with today's knowledge. Their customer service was very rude and honestly very dumb. I am so discouraged after I put hours and hours into these projects. Very a different website - please.


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