Tartebuyer beware, bait-and-switch tactics used!


I am posting this review everywhere I can find because people need to know when companies use deceptive sales tactics!

I am so upset with this company! The way they did their birthday beauty deals was absolute bait-and-switch. My item (clay play sculpting palette) went oos as i tried to order...hours later it's back in stock, but now at the full price of $46, instead of $18. They should have disclosed that they were only willing to sell a certain number at that price. It worked on me initially as i did place an order anyway. When I saw the price change back to $46 and immediately was back in stock i knew what they did, so i called this morning. I wanted to see if it could be added to my order at the discount price (that i should have been able to order in the first place) ...was told sorry, no. Really? Why? I called back right away and said, "you know what, just cancel the order", which they were totally cool with, like yeah, whatever, don't care is the tone. They would rather lose my order and all future business over a discount palette that I should have been able to purchase? Stories like mine are all over social media. This was my very first and last order with tarte. I really did want to get the other items i ordered, but if that's how they treat people, heck no! There are too many alternatives that will go out of their way to make customers happy- folks, this is not one of them I promise you! Bye tarte, our affair was short and not so sweet ????

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