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Tarps Plus / Abadak reviews & complaints

Tarps Plus / Abadak complaints 13

Jul 25, 2019

Tarps Plus / Abadak - tarp

This is by far the worse tarp I have ever purchased. It didn't even make it a year. I have only had it on my hay stack for about 6 months and it is completely destroyed. It ripped right down the middle. And Tarps plus will do nothing for a return or anything to help me out. You can go to WallMart, Spend have the money a get a better tarp. Will not recommend to anyone!

Jun 02, 2015

Tarps Plus / Abadak - The seller hasn't warned me on time that the order was sold out

I ordered 3 tents from the company www.abadak.com. I patiently waited for the delivery, but the rep contacted me and warned that my order was out of stock. I got this info 2 weeks after I placed the order. I didn’t understand why the seller hasn’t warned me earlier and what he was doing all this time. It was awful deal, so I contacted the seller and asked to return my money. Again, I heard some blah-blah, but in result no order and no money back.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Tarps Plus / Abadak - Poor Quality Product and Shipping

This is what I sent to this company.

Received my tarp and here are my thoughts on this purchase

1. Not quite has heavy duty as I was expecting (also disappointed to see it was a “made in china” product)
2. The price of the shipping did not represent the package size, wt. or the quality of the packaging as the box was wide open on arrival (I feel that the $49.00 shipping was way too high)
3. After taking the multi layered wrappings off of the tarp found that the tarp was SOAKED with water(to a point water poured out of the inner most package
4. Due to the water soaking the entire tarp there was white mold throughout the tarp.
5. Every D-ring is rusted to a point of staining all the D-ring white nylon retainers.
It should be noted that the box did not look to be subjected to any moisture just the inner most product. Just poor box and tape on the outer packaging.

I do have pictures of all the above if you are interested.

I would have returned this product but my travel schedule dictated that I use this product for its intended use as I would have a hard time getting at this need before bad weather hits this area.

Over all my impressions of this purchase is that it was not a good value for the price paid.


Tarps Plus / Abadak - False Advertising - Inferior Products

I ordered a 25 X 33 Hay Tarp. It arrived by Fed Ex. I could see by the weight and the size of the parcel it was not what I expected. I am betting it is a cheap imitation of the "real deal." I did not even bother opening the package and began calling the company to make arrangements to return it. I called 6 times and left messages, and after 24 hours, I called again and talked to someone who again promised to forward my complaint to the proper department. No matter how many times I called, I could not talk to someone who could help me with the return.

Tarps Plus / Abadak - Defective tarp / bad customer service

On Friday May 16 2014 I ordered a 16x20 mesh tarp from tarpsplus.com.Received an email confirmation on Monday May 19, 2014 that tarp had shipped. Received tarp on Tuesday May 20, 2014. Proceeded to...

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Tarps Plus / Abadak - poor quality

Purchased this tarp in a 12x24ft size: Super Heavy Duty Silver Poly Tarpaulin 5.0 oz. Per Square Yard. - 1200 Denier - 12x14 mesh count, which claims to be Water Proof and Heavy Duty. We used it to...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Tarps Plus / Abadak - Fraud

After checking out many tarps online I ordered a 24'x30' Tarp from Tarps Plus 38940 Trade Center Dr. Palmdale, CA 93551 based on the description found on their web...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Tarps Plus / Abadak - Bogus Company Scammers

I also called tarpsplus before I placed my order to make sure that the tarp would cover my 20' Trophy Bayliner boat. They said that the 20-22' tarp would work fine for me...I questioned them again...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Tarps Plus / Abadak - poor service/ shady

multiple companies: tarpsplus.com, acecanopy.com, and abadak.com. all same address. service is terrible. they post an Authorization Hold on your card, then charge you, essentially tying up twice the...

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Nov 17, 2008

Tarps Plus / Abadak - Poor service

Ordered two tarps from company, never got confirmation of shipping - after contacting them repeatedly, was told the item was out of stock. I had already been charged, so I asked for a refund. Had to speak to three people, and almost two months later, I still do not have my money back. I have submitted a formal complaint through the BBB.


TarpsPlus is a bogus company. Placed an order online for a flame ###ant canvas tarp. I requested information about the chemical product used in their tarps because of an article in the LA Times about flame ###ant products being harmful to your health. When asked TarpPlus to provide the chemical components of the fire ###ant, they said that they would get back to me. When they didn't, I called and sent an email to cancel that order and replace it with a regular canvas tarp, but a few days later, the flame ###ant tarp was delivered. When I requested a canvas tarp, they said that I must first return the one I had. I then asked that they pay for the return shipping as well as original shipping which they declined. I requested that they credit my charge account, they refused, and said that I now have an online credit for another tarp, which I have not done due to extremely distrustful service. Wells Fargo, a bank that I have been with for over 30 years, declined to do anything about it, even though this is the first customer complaint that I ever placed.

Does anyone know what consumers may do to put TarpsPlus out of business and their owner behind bars for fraudulent business practices?

I have been buying product from TARPSPLUS for 5 years now and I love their service, The staff knows me when I call to place orders and I have nothing bad to say. Although about the hold on credit cards that's the bank that does it It's not the company. I see that often when I purchase things that cant be delivered the same or next day like some merchandise at tarpsplus. Overall I have to disagree with this complaint.

Ordered a 40x40 tarp...website states tarp may be 6" to 2% smaller than actual size (at the end of several paragraphs). Well tarp is more than 2% smaller and they have passed me from person to person and all of them saying they will not send me the size tarp that I needed. They will try to stick you...better watch out !

Oct 03, 2008

Tarps Plus / Abadak - shipping

TERRIBLE order page protocol and customer service.

The order page submitted after one click (no review window, no ability to agree on shipping costs) It accepted an order with no last name and no country entered and then defaulted the country to the first one, alphabetically, AFGHANISTAN! That's right, California, Afghanistan... And charged $134 shipping for one tarp (should have been $8!)

I called, horrified that the order went through without being able to see what the shipping would be. They managed to send the tarp but have yet to refund the shipping difference - it's been a month!

They keep saying someone else has to approve it, the shipping & refund dept. is not part of the same company - must be a third-party drop-ship affair.

No way to run a business. I just wish there were more places to post complaints.

Ace Canopy / Tarps Plus has a terrible order page protocol and customer service, which I was unaware of because their webpage has the look of a reputable company. The first red flag came when they did provide an email confirmation receipt when the order was placed. They would not verify the chemical component of their flame ###ant when requested, and sent a tarp despite a change order. They refused to provide a refund and credit an account when tarp was returned. They said a replacement tarp could be ordered via online. Since their online service was questionable, I requested to speak with their sales department. I left a voice message which was never returned.

After researching reviews of Ace Canopy / Tarps Plus at: http://www.complaintsboard.com/bycompany/tarps-plus-a44964.html

I contacted BBB Colton when Wells Fargo Bank would not take action. As a result of BBB Colton's intervention, my account was fully credited.

Jul 30, 2008

Tarps Plus / Abadak - returning merchindise.

Opened a tarp to see if it was as per discription of what I ordered. Also to see color ( it is described as tan but it is'nt quite what I would call tan.) Well the paper work inside the box spells out the return policy right on the invoice. BUT there is a catch. On the outside of the shipping box there is a different statement re: returns. It says you can not open up the packaging of the tarp. Well my gosh how are you to see if what you ordered and what is in the package is the same? Once you open the package you are stuck with the tarp. What kind of double statement is that. Invoice says one thing and a sticker on the outside of the shipping box says something different.
Any body else see the delima. and any ideas on what to do. Trying to speak to someone is a joke there is only voice mail and no calls back. I wonder why.

do not buy from this company, this is a total SCAM, the quality of their products SUCKS, after recieving my $90 trap, i called customer service they will not return my $90 pice of ### tarp, told me to dispute this with my credit card... TOTAL SCAM...

Jul 15, 2009

I bought a replacement tarp and when I received it it was spliced together and useless for a high wind area. I called for a return number and returned it. After many calls and a lot of headaches, I received my replacement tarp on 7/15. Catch: They shipped the same old spliced tarp back to me. They did not even take it out of the box I returned it in. They just put a new shpping lable on it and send it back to me. I called and left messages for a supervisor, Daniel Ramirez they told me, and guess what, no one called back. I will never buy anything from these people. I tried to talk to Michael Stein, the CEO, but he hiddes behind his staff of 25 people and I was unable to reach him. I am very upset with these unprofessional people.

Jul 15, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Tarps Plus / Abadak - Bad products

We bought online under an advertised aura of "heavy duty top quality tarps". After receiving our three tarps, we discovered one had a hole, and all were flimsy and not waterproof. We called to request a refund, we discovered that their tarps are not waterproof, and that the packages are not returnable after they have been opened. They did send a replacement for the one that had a hole. We bought other tarps from a local hardware store to cover our dirt bikes, and used the TarpsPlus tarps to cover things that didn't need to be dry, in an effort to protect them from the sun and have the dark green colour help them blend in and make them less visible to those walking above our house. Within a month, the tarps had faded to yellow. We have not contacted TarpsPlus since the initial time. Why try? They'll just say that their tarps are not colourfast, just like they are not waterproof. Bad products . . . We'd just like to warn others.

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