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Systems And Services Technologies [SST] Complaints & Reviews

Systems And Services Technologies [SST] / unreachable/handoffs.

Jonathan8525 on Nov 13, 2018

11/02/2018 - 11/13/2018 CL942339 Estate Claim I have made several Attempts to contact this company over a Estate Claim they have on a Estate account and I keep getting a runaround with the people that i need to talk to are never at work they are all ways out of the office. they started off...

Systems And Services Technologies [SST] / poor communication from phone system

Toya92 on Nov 3, 2018

I have been a customer to SST for 14 years and their customer service is very poor. The main phone line puts customers through too many prompts and questions from the actual representative which can cause a person forget what they need assistance about. I called 5 times trying to dispute a...

Systems And Services Technologies [SST] / Collection calls and poor customer service.

Swardle on Apr 2, 2016

On March 31, 2016 at 2:02 pm, I received a call from the aforementioned company. It was an automatic dialer. When I answered the phone an automated message stated, "Please hold for an important call." It then hung up on me. Today ... Saturday, April 2, at 8:04 am, it happened again...

SST System Service Technology / customer service - Auto dialer

Reviewer48324 on Nov 24, 2015

This company is awful !! I was 5 days late with a payment. Called and gave them a date for the next week for the payment. They will not take it off auto dial-- they call every hour. When answered it hangs up. This is harassment in my opinion ... never will I deal with that company again!!!

Systems And Services Technologies / Auto

Reviewer10172 on Oct 19, 2015

This company is the most terrible people to work with! They are so rude. I feel like they are keeping my payment there to get my Vehicle. DOTTIE is so rude. She makes me cry every time. 1380 extension girl gave me some information and then DOTTIE got hormonal and snarky and then...

Sst / problems

Amytyhurst on Jan 23, 2014

First off this company is by far the worst company ever. I would rather deal with collections. I have two loans through this awful company. I sent both my payments at the same time and they received one and not the other makes sense right? It was around Christmas time and I don't...

Sst Bank / Customer Service

Summer12345 on Oct 15, 2013

It is so difficult to reach someone with this company. You have to search online for a number because the number that was on my statement was disconnected. When I called to pay off my balance the automated system told me that "there may or may not be a fee charge, " but doesn't say...

Sst Financial / Poor profesionalism, interest rate

frustratedinsask on Jan 30, 2013

Sst financial calls me on average 8 times a day at home and about 5 times a day at work, even after i have spoke to someone at their comapany. I want a statement mailed to me so i can see how much i have paid and how much is owing, and they refuse.

Sst Financial Services / trying to deposit photocopies of post dated cheques after account has been paid in full & cheques returned

Pooka18 on Dec 12, 2012

Loan account paid in full before term in Sept, 2012. Requested 3 post-dated cheques to be returned. They were not! Oct 4, cheque deposited and payment taken out of my bank account. Phone call-talked to 3 different people. They returned the full amount to me along with the 2 remaining...

Sst Financial Services / havent received statement after 7months

simdonna on Aug 13, 2012

wells fargo i have been contacting them for about a year with my new address and to send my stements and every month or so i contact them asking where it is... and the last one a couple weeks ago ...i mention since i havent received a stement in about a year..then my loan is paid in full i have...

Sst.finanicial Company / i dont trust these people

joanf36 on Jul 26, 2012

i just dont trust this company, as i have read alot of complaints i think it might be a good thing cancel it and talk to my lawyer, im 75 years old and i think poeple should be on iset of what they do. so i would like to know want to do please.

SST Financial Services Canada / Failure to provide account information

aujla13 on May 10, 2012

I had a loan with Wells Fargo that was sold to DBGS Anthem LP and SST Financial is supposed to be collecting payments for them. The loan transferred from wells fargo in March 1 2012, since I have called SST three times trying to get someone to give me an account number so I can continue to...

SST Auto Loan / Collections Misconduct

B. Garcia on Aug 25, 2011

I opened a $20, 000+ loan with SST in July of 2005 and have always made my payments on time. When the economy went bad a few years ago I started to struggle to make payments, but always kept the account under 30 days past due, and ALWAYS answered the phone when they called and talked to...

Systems And Services Technologies / shady practices

1989boat on Jul 26, 2011

This company should be put out of Buisness IMMEDIATLY and i agree with a class action lawsuit. I pay my RV loan on time i have bank receipts proving the payments but they ALWAYS say i am 30 days overdue. They cant seem to figure out how to read a calander and they have fuzzy math. My loan...

Sst System Services Technologies Inc / Wrongful debit charge. Unfriendly. Web site is horrible.

Abeur1 on Mar 21, 2011

yrs now I have been with SST. I have breast cancer and this was the most outrageous time of my life. I have called, email and written letters many times to this company regarding my account as far as working with me on the principle. Or anything for that matter. There is no lean ency from...

Sst / billing errors and no help

My account was sold to them without my knowledge. My bill is higher than the other company. It seems redcious that they can just sell a card to someone else without your permission. I had credit with the old company then when SST took my account te credit was canceled. I was paying my...

Sst / organized croime

SST, First Equity, NCO associates and affiliates are running organized crime reasons are they have different companies listed at the following PO Box 3997, st. joseph, mo 64503-1600 these people use the same po box but with different company names their payment address po box 23060...

SST System Service Technology / auto loan

I would of never looked at my account if it wasn't for seeing this website.They were charging me the wrong pay off amount.The wrong pay off date and will not explain how their daily interest works.they will not let me talk to a supervisor.If anyone else has had any problems send me a...


Wow!! crooks scammer etc. Have been trying to get a final payoff amount for months from them, as soon as I contact them to try and make payoff arrangements they sic repo guys on me..How is that bargaining in good faith>>>Company breaks laws and is fraudualnt when dealing with concumers!! BEWARE>>>>>

Sst / Credit card payment

I have tried to pay my First Equity credit card bill online and was informed that First Equity is no longer handling my account. It's been sold, I guess, to an outfit called SST (Systems & Services Technologies). I tried going to their website to sign up, but was unable to do so...