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software fraud

Website clearly lists a software package that will unlock the 3.1 version of the iPhone firmware...I made my purchase in "good faith"
and afterwards, the link to the downloads, states that the 3.1 version of the software will be posted later...and to "check back OFTEN"...
My blood is boiling...This was dishonest advertising and I am filing a FTC complaint for deceptive advertising...no response to customer
service contact emails that I've sent...what a surprise?..When they purport to sell you the product that you want, and then reveal, "after the fact" and
after your money is paid thru PayPal, that they don't have the version of the product that they list on the front end of the website, then its just wrong...
I will be filing a dispute with PayPal too...After investigating the number of complaints that this company has, PayPal should cease and desist from doing
business with them...if they continue, that makes PayPal complicit in the perpertration of the fraud...

  • Jj
    JJ23 Oct 29, 2009

    I'm in the same boat.. Did you get your money back yet?

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  • Fo
    FOXYSNOWFLAKE Sep 21, 2010


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  • Ip
    iphone owner Jan 27, 2011

    SWREG is part of DIGITAL RIVER, an elaborate e-commerce scam. SWREG takes payments for iphone unlock software that they claim can unlock your iphone in minutes. The truth is, there is no iphone unlock software for amartures. Even your neighborhood cellphone unlockers can tell you that. Unlocking an iphone involves a complex trial and error process, it needs brains of a patient expert. most of this online software peddlers upload the widely available software from blackrain.com and sell it as they own. The software is more likey to corrupt your phone 90% at best. Dont waste your money buying anything from this companies that claim to offer 100% money back guarantee and operate under different urls. The claim 24/7 technical support. Trust me, you wont hear anything back from them after they take your money. If you insist on a refund, they just delete your account access to their so called "members area", and then you cannotr be able to "bother" them no more. PAYPAL is complicit in this scam, even after numerous complait, they cannot reverse the charges. BBB ( the better business buereau) too is complicit in these. They give DIGITAL RIVER a rating of A+ while giving SWREG an F, and then claim that SWREG is shut down and that they are unable to contact them. when they infact know the two companies are one and the same, even the SWREG website boasts that it is part of DIGITAL RIVER, and DIGITAL RIVER claims in their website that they acquired SWREG. If you call DIGITAL RIVER they will insist that they insist that they are not affiliated with SWREG anymore. Their address is listed the same for the two companies. long story short. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE AN IPHONE UNLOCK SOFTWARE. If your local cell unlockers cannot do it for you while you wait and they are the experts, who are you to donload a $19 software that clims to offer you unlimitted iphone unlocks. Notorius companies include www.appleunlocker.com, www.iphonekeys.com all these sites are operated by the same people that you will never be able to find their telephone number or email address. They just have a contact us page that you post your rants and then they go to a black hole. Dont be a victim! I have been scammed by them!

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  • Ip
    iPhone4Jamaicanbb03.10.01 Jan 30, 2011

    well i bought it 10 days ago for iPhone4, where it says it will unlock version 4.2.1, when i download it, it then says choose phone generation and version & i did, and then the instructions say it will upgrade the phone to version 4.2.1 which is the same version as the phone. so now it the file sits in my downloads bin is i contemplate this. it makes no sense. i'm too eager, and i can be messed up because of that, so i chilling until it comes out form the Dev team and such. $30 down the drain, but it's better than loosing the $700 i paid for the phone. I really want this phone unlocked. By the way, the home page :http://www.unlockiphone4.org/index.html, looks nothing like the installation pages, which are much cheaper looking & unprofessional (just white page & black text). But is it anyway possible that since this complaint is from 2009 things have changed. However you wrote your complaint 3days from now. Patience.

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  • To
    tomky7837270 Mar 22, 2011

    now way I am a busy professional and I cant go through barrages of information I went to http://www.appleunlocker.com and jail broke and unlocked my 3gs 4.2.1. Besides they offer a 100 money back guarantee and free updates which I get emailed periodically.

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  • Kr
    KRP2011 Jun 01, 2011

    I made a purchase from a SWREG business, http://www.htcsimunlock.com/, paid the money didn't get the code, didn't get the refund.

    I spoke to a few customer service people at SWREG and Digital River, my purchase number was recognised by all. All the staff I spoke to are powerless.

    If you are having problems, and if you are prepared to be nice call Linda, she is a senior receptionist at Digital River which is the main company and has all the emails and contacts you would need. I got to her by accident on 9522531234, she was very helpful, understanding and put me through to a senior manager and gave me an email of a someone relevant and important if I got nowhere. Because I had already opened a dispute in PayPal the money was held, that is not in Digital River hands, the senior manager told me she was not able to make the refund. So rather than get into a stink with her I decided to wait it out to see if I got a refund through PayPal.

    Fortunately I managed to get a refund through PayPal because SWREG didn't make a comment during the dispute (one is not covered for digital purchases in PayPal, unless the seller doesn't comment in a dispute, this is a very small loop hole one shouldn't rely on). So I didn't need to go back to Linda or email the important person.

    Feel free to share my experience.


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Bad Software & Unauthorized Charges

SWREG Inc. sent me a software program for me to install on my Itunes and the program never installed and once I Synced my Iphone it whipped out the phone. Also, the company charged my account $30.66 for the software that they never sent. I want my money back and my Iphone 3GS replaced. I tried to contact the company and it's like they don't even exist. PLEASE HELP!!! I have a bogus receipt they gave me...

It's a scam

SWREg.org seems to involved with all kinds of scam sites. I tried iphoneunlocking.com - it's definitely a scam and will never see my money again

  • Sk
    sketchycrew Oct 15, 2009

    I paid money and got the QuickPwn software which is already free on the net, and doesn't support 3.1.2 software as advertised. I have not heard back since I asked for a refund. Needless to say I am out of pocket and still have a locked iPhone.

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  • Ja
    Jasim Abdul Rahman Oct 17, 2009

    Me too is held up in this ### website - www.iphoneunlocking.com. My money is gone and I somehow want to screw these fellows!! They are such a big scam. Can someone helpw how to do this?

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  • Yo
    yoo Oct 17, 2009

    ###... I'm from Korea and I was cheated by this fukin website too, can anybody know anyway to get my money back? or anybody live in manchester? seems these scamers are living there. go and rape them!

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  • Wi
    wilkin_a Sep 17, 2010

    This website is a complete SCAM. When you pay for the software to jailbreak/unlock your iPhone you will not hear from them again. Unfortunately I got caught out by these crooks but I’m going to every website that advertise for this company and I’m writing bad reveiws. I don’t want anybody else to get ripped off like I did. They advertise 24/7 365 days a year support. I’ve tried phoning, emailing and using their “Live Chat” but I’m yet to speak to anyone. The customer reviews on their website are also fake. How can all the reviews give 5 stars out of 5? No company is perfect! iPhoneunlocking.com are SCAMMERS – PLEASE DO NOT PAY ANYTHING TO THESE CROOKS. Don’t get caught out like I did. I had to cancel my bank card just in case they tried to take more cash from my account. PLEASE DON’T DO IT!!

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  • Gi
    giridasmart1 Oct 14, 2010

    I bought it with 30$, and the specified software is too ridiculous. As it is already free in the net. Am struggling to get my money back. How can we take this legally. Should burn these people live.

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  • Wi
    wilkin_a Oct 14, 2010

    You need request a refund from SWREG. This is how I eventually gor my refund for the full amount. Just be ready to wait a while because it took me over a month to eventually get it sorted out. Good luck!!!

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  • Rl
    rlanneau Nov 21, 2010

    the site advertised that they have a unlock solution for iphone 4.1 firmware. after i payed the membership fee, the program i downloaded from the site was limera1n which does not unlock the iphone, the unlock solution posted is the repo666.untrasn0w source for cydia, both which can be found free online. i contacted customer service via email for a refund for false advertising, i still haven't heard from them. This site is a scam.

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  • Wi
    wilkin_a Nov 21, 2010

    ATT: rlanneau: When you made your purchase, did you get an email from a company called SWREG? If you did you need to email them and complain and insist that you get a refund. It took me over a month of complaints to get mine. In the end I had to resort to short and sweet emails to them and I was also quite rude in the end. I don't usually get rude but I had had enough of being messed around. I called them a horrible word for a ladies private parts and all of a sudden I was refunded. I was surprised but at least I got my money back. Good luck, I hope you get yours back too!

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  • At
    atef44 Apr 04, 2011

    i wanna [censor] those [censor]s they riped me of i cant even get my mony back i paied 50$ for a peace of [censor] arrrrrggghhh oh god

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Horrible Software and Support

Horrible Software and Support Bought Software from SWREG, Inc. Buyer Beware. The Software Revou i...

No software

I ordered software from http://www.iphoneunlocking.com/contact.php I paid for the software using PayPal. The...

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This collection of companies are charging fradulent bills to my credit card. After hours of using the useless customer service numbers I gave up. Now I have to cancel my credit card to stop the charges. They are associated with many many other fradulent companies all working together to bilk customes Just check out the addresses listed at both Minn and Calf in google maps.
They are doing this in Europ too. Why is this company allowed to continue doing this!
Please contact your state attorneys office. A number that does work if you want to bug them is from their order company (in the same building no less) [protected]

If you were charged while uisng a ligitmate vendor call the vendor and threaten to sue them fro working with these scammers.

  • Ba
    babooy Feb 15, 2010

    Due to previous terrible/no service from SWREG I recently had a chance to tell a new sales provider that I will not be doing business with them as long as SWREG is the funds processor. To bad for the seller, but I will not allow SWREG to handle any of my sales transactions. This is a shameful American company and needs to be put out of business. They cannot be trusted to respond to your inquiries or intervene if the seller should happen to be a scammer or won't honor their guarantees. SWREG takes their cut and leaves you out to dry when you need their help, when trying to recover your stolen funds, from their scammer clients.

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wrongful charges to my credit card

I have now received two unknown charges to my credit card which I did not authorize and I do not know what this is for or regarding. I am very frustrated to see this. This is obviously a constant complaint for this company. Someone needs to do something about this.

Complicate in Fraud

This Internet criminal Sebastian Foss uses SWREG.com to process the funds for his Internet scam schemes. Why does SWREG.com continue to facilitate these Internet crimes? It's plain and simple SWREG is profiting from their scamster clients and taking their cut at our expense. SWREG.com represents the worst of of the Internet business community and needs to be investigated as a party to FRAUD on a grand scale. SWREG.com is a REPRENSIBLE SCAM FACILITATOR that cannot be trusted to process your/our funds for any business transaction. Join me in BOYCOTTING SWREG.com. You can send them an email or open a ticket but do not expect the courtesy of a reply. BOYCOTT SWREG.com is the answer. Sebastian Foss + SWREG.com = ###, shameful, FRAUDULENT CRIMINALS. Bababooy to U All. Did I mention how much I hate SWREG, com

disappearing Website

This "organisation" is apparently affiliated with ultimateonlinejobs.com. They charge a membership fee...


I have purchased this software from a data entry program. I found the website SWREG through my career builder network. The fact that this company is not providing a number or customer service line is rediculous. I have been searching all over for their number and cannot find one. I have sent numerous e-mails to them, and in return they sent ONE back to me claiming that they would refund my money. They said it would take 4-6 business days due to their "connection" problems. It has now been two weeks. How can I get my money back? More importantly how can we stop this kind of thing from happening to others? PEOPLE BEWARE OF SENDING CREDIT CARD INFO VIA THE INTERNET. IT IS NOT SAFE!


  • Ju
    junter Jul 17, 2009

    They are makining millions in fraud charges blaks list them

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  • Sa
    sandy gause Aug 01, 2009

    I was looking for Work @ home and Key For Cash came across my e-mail and the offered sound legitimate so I paid $46.25 it was processed thru SWREG. I checked out the names and companies they provided and found them to be a SCAM. I have been trying to get my money back to no avail. Something need to be done with this company. Honest people are victims here and to all you are reading this beware of Work @ Home Jobs majority of them are listed thru SWREG. Just once I would love to see the Attorney General Investigate this and prosecute to the fullest.

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  • Zv
    Zvan Oct 09, 2009

    Hi Sandy,
    I too did the same thing that you did when I thought I could make some money on the side. When I tried to get a refund, I got nowhere after repeated e-mails and a promise of a refund between 4-6 business days. Finally, I wrote another e-mail through one of their web-sites that was advertising how "genuine" they were, and guess what? I got my refund within the week!
    Please try to write to them with your order number at: [email protected]

    Good Luck.
    Z van

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  • To
    Tom BRAGG Nov 29, 2009

    I would like a refund of my purchase on 24 November 2009, ORDER No. 583940101, Visa used last five digits 90316...Thanks...Tom B

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  • Ba
    babooy Feb 15, 2010

    Due to previous terrible/no service from SWREG I recently had a chance to tell a new sales provider that I will not be doing business with them as long as SWREG is the funds processor. To bad for the seller, but I will not allow SWREG to handle any of my sales transactions. This is a shameful American company and needs to be put out of business. They cannot be trusted to respond to your inquiries or intervene if the seller should happen to be a scammer or won't honor their guarantees. SWREG takes their cut and leaves you out to dry when you need their help, when trying to recover your stolen funds, from their scammer clients.

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  • Re
    Reznik Mar 02, 2010


    Check this out. My experience and how to get to them via phone line. It explains everything inside.

    Hope this helps bub!

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they do not provide registration code

Purchased a product from Cypherix (www.cypherix.com) through SWReg. They provided the download detals for the...

SWREG Complicit Party To Fraud

Jessy, Fortunately VISA was able to assist me in getting my refund from one of your scamster clients. No thanks to SWREG who is more than happy to process the funds and take their cut from their fraudulent customers illegal scams. You people will not answer the pleas for your help through your ticket system. My tickets were ignored and it appears SWREG routinely ignores others tickets also. Just take a look at this thread and you will see that others have had the same problem. In my opinion SWREG cannot be trusted to be a party to any transaction because they accept money from criminals and will not lift a finger to help the victims of their clients crimes. SHAMEFUL American company. SWREG needs to be investigated under the organized crime laws as being a mass facilitator of FRAUD.

  • Co
    comet09 Sep 11, 2010

    i bought the package to unlock my i phone, iam trying to download the files of unlocking for the 3g i phone but the error says you have no more attempts to download, and still my i phone is locked

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  • Et
    Ethel Jankowski Sep 23, 2010

    I totally agree. I fell for that iphoneunlock scam which I believed was legitimate because SWREG states in their home page they investigate all their vendors before taking them on. Only after I found out that the website for iphoneunlock was a fraud (which SWREG collected my honest money) did I read that this is a known issue and SWREG does not pull this fraudulent site from their endorsement. I emailed SWREG 7 times with no attempt on their part to contact me or acknowledge fraud. Finally, I went through my credit card company which resolved the issue. STAY AWAY FROM SWREG as they are after your money regardless of whether a vendor is honest or fraud.

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Took money---NO Product produced

Went online and ordered a GUI based windows password recovery utility...Email received after order was processed had a broken link to a download for the software...several attempts to contact these bozos were in vain...If you want to order from these guys, do yourself a favor and just give the $19.95 to the first bum you see...you will feel better than getting jacked by these incompetent jerks.

  • Ch
    cha Jun 07, 2009

    yeah i just got victimized damn:)

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  • Tu
    TucsonBob Jun 22, 2009

    I understand your frustration. I did the same thing last week. I called the phone number posted on a comment on this site, but was put on hold forever. I just gave up after 30 minutes. I guess that I have learned my lesson. I will check out the company better before I dod this again.


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  • Ch
    Chris Jul 22, 2009

    I purchased a registration serial Number I never received the number. I have emailed them and no response. I requested my money back. Do not try to buy from Swreg.org

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  • Ri
    rick_in_va Sep 07, 2010

    SWREG has hijacked my IE browser! Every time I boot up my computer, it automatically calls up IE and tries to connect with https://www.usd.swreg.org

    I have done everything I know to try to stop this, but I can't prevent it from linking up automatically if my internet connection is on. I haven't gone to this site previously as far as I am aware, and I have not ordered anything from them.

    I think I will have to reinstall IE to get this to stop. Beware of this group, whoever they are!

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  • Pu
    purnima saha Jul 14, 2011

    I join this sites in year.& request for my payment above 3 months.but they can't answer & not send my money.I join swreg.org alternative paypal.Can this sites really pay money?why they can't answer?

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  • Pr
    Prashant148 Jul 08, 2012

    Dear Swerg Team,
    I request an order of 10 referrals for USD 8.95 on (4-July-2012).
    I am very disappointed that till now (8-July-2012) I did not
    Receive that offer.

    Please reimburse my amount, because the failure of availability & service.

    Following are details.

    Billing Information Prashant Tripathi
    KANPUR 208013, 208013
    [email protected]

    Tax Total: USD 0.00
    Manual Processing Surcharge: USD 0.00
    Total of Order: USD 8.95

    Receipt for order U4424708901

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Rip off

I paid online for this product but did not recieve it!I went to there web site but their is no way to reach a...

Fraud and scam

Purchased software to see what it could do. It does nothing. Most of the items on there menu are just short...

Charge for nothing

I've been charged by DRI*SWREG by 19.72 Euros on 11/16/08 at my Mastercard.
I dont know what company is it

  • Sh
    Shamara Feb 17, 2009

    today i looked online and saw i was charged by them for nothing. I don't know how they got my card or anything but I'm calling the back because its still pending. One of the amounts was for $89 and the other was for $15.99 both today!!!

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  • Jo
    Jorge B. Mar 12, 2009

    I've been charged by DRI*SWREG $411.15. I have nooooooo idea who these people are. I just noticed the charges on my account yesterday as pending, so I called the bank right away! They told me that I would have to wait until the charges actually go through for them to reverse them...??????? I told them: "Well, that is the reason why I am calling, so the charges don't go through". They told me that I still have to wait for the debit to go through, so they can issue credit. So we'll see...:-/

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  • Da
    Danny B. May 29, 2009

    This place is a rip-off. Have had several charges against my credit card and have for several months, $12.00. Trying to get it stopped, not much luck yet. They even had a fake email address on me. Beware of these people, somehow they get your card number after ordering something online and whammie, they've gotta ya!!! Beware, RIPOFFS!!

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  • Pa
    paul h Jun 14, 2009

    They, ve stolen £229 from my account. No idea how they got hold of my details

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  • Mh
    MHAH Inc Aug 05, 2009

    I just received a call from my cc fraud divison questioning a $19.51 charge from dri*swreg.com on 08/04/09. I uploaded Norton 360 on that same day and that is the only thing that makes sense. And of course you cannot call Norton. Is there any ideas out there on how I can pursue this?

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  • Mh
    MHAH Inc Aug 05, 2009

    I googled these idiots and there are hundreds of complaints against this company. They stem from Digital River out of Eden Prairie, MN. For those who want to call as well - the only phone number I came up with is for their 'Agent Designated to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringment: Angela Saverice-Rohan (952) 253-1234 assuming the website is up to date. email address: [email protected] Maybe if enough people call there will be a stop to this.

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  • Ma
    Marquette Mar 08, 2010

    I just went through the same problem with these people. I had recieved an email telling me to enter this coupon code and I can get this digital product free. I only filled out my name, adress and email no banking info at all. when it still read that it was $97.00 I just closed off of it. a couple days letter I have this pending charge on my account. They also sent me a reciept as if I bought it. The reciept shows the last 4 digits of my visa number. I am pretty sure that one of the online venders i used in tthe past probably used Digital river as its Credit card proccessor. Aperantly they keep reccords of your account number and can use it pretty much at will.
    The vendor may in fact be very legit and has no idea that this company is doing this to thier customers so not only did i file a complaint with my banks fraud dept. I also contacted DRI (via email, they give no number on thier site) and I also contacted the vendor that was listed on the reciept and let them know not only what happened but the fact that google has pages of people screaming they been ripped off by them.
    I am hoping that they get a bad enough rep. That the vendors will go back to paypal and quit using this company. My next will be to contact the BBB and then file a complaint with the attourny general. If they get enough complaints they will have to take legal action agianst them so I suggest that everyone that has had problems with them do the same thing!

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    Marquette Mar 08, 2010

    As per my last post, here is the link to the attorny General for Minnesota. http://www.ag.state.mn.us/

    if enough complaints get filed they will have to investigate this company.
    By the way they are accreedited by the BBB so also file a complaint with them as well.
    here is there link: http://www.BBB.org

    0 Votes

My Payment for the income builder online business

I've paid by Bank wire Transfer through my bank in Nigeria Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) for an Online...

unathorized withdrawl

There was a charge on my debit card under this driswreg.com. I haven't had any dealings with this company at all

  • Do
    Don Hufstedler Dec 04, 2008

    I contacted you by phone last month when you took an unauthorized payment of $29.95 out of my checking account, and was told that you would immediately cancel the subscription. Yesterday, you took another unauthorized payment of $29.95 out of my checking account. You're really lucky that I live in Tx. now instead of Minnesota, because I would be there ready to wring someone's neck for this unauthorized action once again!!! Once I find your phone number again, I pity the fool that takes my call, because it won't be one you will soon forget!!! As a matter of fact, it will be one of the best recorded customer service calls, that you can use to teach the furture idiots you hire, about how to handle an extremely irate gentleman, who promises to make the reps ears burn, and they will probably have no self esteem when I am done chewing there ### out up one side and down the other for their complete incompetence, and I hope it get's to the highest level of your LOW LEVEL MANANGMENT!!!
    You get this email, you better call me PRONTO! You have my phone number!!!

    0 Votes

Unauthorized credit card charge

Three separate charges appeared on my online bank statement this weekend, each from cardquery.com/dri*swreg. I don't know who they are and have made no purchases that correspond to those amounts from anyone.

I googled the name and found all kinds of similar complaints throughout the US and Brittain.

  • Wa
    walter thorson Oct 31, 2008

    I am trying to find out these charges on credit card, what was purched and who name was used.Please let me know at 214 356 8679 or my email

    0 Votes


I have been trying to contact this company since 8/26/08 for a refund of $47 I paid for some computer...