Swissport Internationaldisembarking aircraft.

Zi Oct 02, 2019

I have just returned home with my 2 year daughter, partner and 80 year old mother. We landed at Edinburgh airport today from Rome 2ndOctober we were on the Ryanair flight.
We were the last few passengers that disembarked the plane, and as I got off I asked the Ryanair cabin crew how I would be able to retrieve my daughters pram. The flight captain very kindly offered to get it for me. Suddenly a young blonde women came charging over to us, she was wearing a Swissport uniform. She aggressively told us we had to move. My mother tried to explain the flight captain was retrieving our pram and that we were just leaving. This women refused to listen to anything said and she started screaming in a very hysterical and alarming fashion in my 80 year old mother's face that she would call the police and have her arrested. She kept repeating this absolutely frightening outburst for over a minute until the captain came over with our pram. I embarrassingly thanked the captain and told him we were about to be all arrested, as he was somewhat bewildered by the actions of this screeching and hysterical woman. I am very concerned that this woman not only spoke to myself and my partner in a very hostile and aggressive fashion, but she actively chose to intimidate an elderly woman by screaming in her face about calling the police, for doing nothing more than coming off a plane, and standing for no more than a few seconds while the flight captain gave us our pram. Her behaviour can only be described as unhinged and extremely worrying, and not to mention totally unacceptable.
She was accompanied by a Male work colleague he had a more gentler approach and he stood by looking just as bemused at her behaviour as us, however this woman appeared to be the one in charge so was powerless reign in her behaviour.
I ask that this woman should be taught how to talk civilly to people especially elderly passengers, and not scream in their face that she was going to call the police. My mother was somewhat shaken after this experience.
I strongly feel an apology could be the least offered.
I shall look forward to your response.

Kind regards,

Tania Roscilli

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