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Swift Transportation Complaints & Reviews

Swift Transportation / Employee care

TruthsFaith on Apr 20, 2017
I don't work for Swift (Thank God), but my Husband does (unfortunately). Since day 1 this company has been the absolute worst. 1st, my Husband was sent to a closed down hotel, not to mention he was sent to orientation on the wrong day. 2nd, he was made to pay for the hotel (because it wa...

Swift Transportation / Driver complaint

a.esqueda61 on Mar 27, 2017
This person claims to work for you. If he does not I am sorry I wasted your time. If he does I dont think he represents your company in a positive manner. He posted this on a public forum for truck drivers. I would not hesitate to let him know what I feel about his post should I met him on...

Swift Transportation / Swift truck driver

Andrea Sanchez on Mar 21, 2017
Swift truck #081924 was traveling down a 2 lane dirt road in Evanston Wy. I saw him coming and taking up the entire road, so I pulled off into a wide area of the road to let him pass. Once the truck approached my vehicle he continued to move closer and closer into my lane so I could not...

Swift Transportation / Driver

Friendly trucker on Feb 26, 2017
Driver of truck# 150729 at the ta in Hudson Wisconsin have a alcohol fueled sex party in his truck blowing his air horn while the whole time people in and out of his truck yelling and screaming all hours of the night. I don't think swift allows for said activity and really don't think you...

Swift Transportation / Employee mistreatment and freezing drivers out or refusing to give loads

ShellRH on Feb 26, 2017
The hub in Baker County recently terminated senior management giving responsibility to office staff that has resulted in unfair treatment of their staff and drivers. Drivers are denied all time off requests, if they call out sick are not being scheduled for days afterwards but worse is the way...

Swift Transportation / Driver's attitude.

Frank Raynolds on Feb 25, 2017
I work security at a warehouse in northern Nevada, and had a driver with a combative attitude. His name is Melquiades Rosas-Ambrocio. Truck number 151744. He became combative when he first came into the office. When asked what his load number was, he asked if I was going to write it down...

Swift Transportation / Driver cut me off and put a crack in my windshield, Swift refuses to pay for it

Evan Sawyer on Jul 28, 2016
I was driving to work the other day when a Swift driver cut me off and as he was crossing over kicked up a huge rock that put a large crack in my windshield.I keep plenty of distance between myself and the vehicle in front of me to avoid rear ending someone, or taking a rock or other...

Swift Transportation / Discrimination

Mzjul59 on Mar 26, 2016
I contacted a recruiter, told him I had a service dog for PTSD and anxiety. He told me it was fine bring my dr letter and they would get me a mentor that was OK with dogs. He also told me to get my DOT physical which I paid $60. He got me a greyhound ticket to Fontana Calif, a 16 hour ride...

Swift Transportation / Corporate Management

PocoID on Jan 27, 2016
I worked at Swift from 2010 - 2014 in the AR Department, Phoenix, AZ. In 2013, Swift did a reorg company wide implementing the A, B, C employee rating. After this, employees were targeted. Most were fired. I myself was targeted and filed complaints with HR Department for bullying tactic...

Swift Transportation Co. / Driver

Priscilla Bryan on Oct 8, 2015
On October 6, 2015 at about 2230 hours (10:30 pm ), on I-45 South bound near Huntsville Texas (mm124), a Swift driver pulling a set of doubles shined a laser light in my eyes as I passed on the left.. I saw a bright light in his mirror as I approached, so when I was right next to hi...

Swift Transportation / doesn't respond

T. ROW on May 7, 2013
I was hit by driver from swift transportation. He didn't stop truck. Had to chase him and call police. I notified Swift via e-mail at info@swifttrans.com Explaining about accident and providing truck info with plate and dot # and details about accident. Asking info about who do I...

Swift Transportation / driver causing traffic problem

robert mehan on Mar 30, 2012
on monday 3-26-12 at 9;05 PM i had just gotten off south I-35 to go east on santa fe crossed over the bridge to go south on clairborne traffic light was green, i was in the right lane coming to the light i had my right turn signal on to go south at clairborne, when the swift tractor...

Swift Transportation Co. / Avoid this place at all costs

Ertone on Jul 3, 2011
I went to Swift to get my CDL's the first time I have ever driven a mass truck, and the first time I held a CDL license. Until I got a letter from the Deportment of Public Safety stating my license would expire in 30 days. Putting me in danger of losing my present job, which I had to...

Swift Transportation / Stay away

Ihateswift on May 6, 2011
I dont know what to do anymore i worked for swift for 6 months was never late on a load and never had a log book violation. then one day some *** civilian driver decides to rearend my trailer at about 5 miles a hour on purpose my dm tells me dont worry about it people do this all the time...

Swift Transportation / Hiring illegal immigrants

jackson hewett on Apr 8, 2011
I choose not to leave my name and date, but I will say the accident happened in 2007. I was operating a vehicle when I was plowed into the back of by a driver operating a Swift transportation vehicle. To make a long story short the company(Swift transporation) hired an illegal immigrant...

Swift Transportation / Bad drivers

Vighkin2 on Feb 19, 2011
I am a current Swift Driver and I have been reading some of the complaints on this site. I am also retired from another career in law enforcement and I really do not have to worry much about the job security (lucky me). I drive to see the country but I also believe in a good work ethic so...

Swift Transportation / Cheated me on disability income

Hitman on Jan 29, 2011
They chose the cheapest policy for them and cheat the drivers, who don't earn the same amount every week, out of the correct amount for their disability insurance. They don't report the amounts to the insurance company according to the policy. I'm sure I am not the only...

Swift Transportation / Cdl scam

Swift is held responsible for yanking over 5000 cdl over nationwide I need a legit lawyer I graduated with Class 570 out Millington Tn I been trying to get in touch with Frank Watson but his office number is off anybody with the same problem email at hardhitter86james@gmail.com something...

Swift Transportation / Rip off

I'm a driver for swift and I did they lease program n from day one they been rippn u off, they don't pay u right miles n on top of that they treat drivers bad u break down u waitn like all day to get through to someone on the phone...overall they the worse company ever drove for...

Swift Transportation / Lies

I drove for swift from march 08 till oct 09. I never had a log violation or ticket accident was never late on a load. I was called into the memphis terminal and was told that the terminal was laying 75 drivers due to lack of freight, and that I was eligable for unemployment benefits. well...

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