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Letter - claims I won

This fraudulent business called ""Sweepstakes Audit Bureau just Sent me a letter today asking for me to send them $5 so I could get 12 million. Really? Why would anyone send in $5 to get 12 million? Utter stupidity. Will the authorities look into this? I wonder if they really get people to send them $5? Please find these dumb people and lock them up.

Letter - claims I won

letter claiming chance to win 12000,000.00

I received said letter and sent five dollars (5.00) what a jerk I was when I mostly never pay attention to any of these letters. This time I thought it was real!!! no chance of a return of five dollars--lesson learned!!! my own fault. I believed the Audit Sweepstakes Bureau was legitimate--why are these fraudulent prize reports allowed to continue scamming hones persons.

Scam Sweepstakes wanting money from me

Company wants me to pay them $5.00 so I can claim my reward of $12, 000, 000.00. This was a letter sent to me on 3/27/2020 The envelope mentions: Important Notification, claim form enclosed. It envelope mentions dated document with registration number, deliver only to person addressed or authorized party.

Mail received requesting money to send me some report

I did a little research on the above named company after receiving in the mail what appeared to be a guarantee of some kind of Sweepstakes winnings or something to that effect. If I return by the deadline and include a minimal fee of $5. It appears this is a scam and I'm just letting whomever know they are still in operations. Personally this is the first time I've won and that's only because I did not send the $5!

Mail received requesting money to send me some report

sweepstakes scam

I received 2 letters today from this fraudulent company telling me to send them $5.00 for my entry into their sweepstakes to win $12,000, 000.00 and the other letter also told me to send them $5.00 so I could claim my Prize Claim of $10,000.00.

We should file a Class Action Lawsuit against these scammers and shut them down! I'm going to reach out to the Texas State Attorney General's Office also and file a Consumer Complaint.

  • St
    Stacey Hall Mar 26, 2020

    Barbara, I received one of theses letters too, today; March 26, 2020 afternoon. We live in the Metro Atlanta area.

    Stacey Hall

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sweepstakes entry that I paid for several different times. (I know now, it was a big mistake)

I received several letters saying I could be the winner of 12, 000, 000.00 in the first few letters it didn't ask for money & I filled out & sent back hoping to win. But then I started getting letters saying they'd send me reports with all sweepstakes available to enter for a fee of $5 or $15 & they'd enter them for me & then send me a report about it, plus do a worldwide search to check see if I'd won without knowing about it. To try cut this short. I was a dumb a*s & ended up sending a total of $75 & just yesterday I got another letter & I sent them a long letter letting them know how I felt. Now today I get another one. By the way I Never Won Anything!!! Help, What should I do?

fraudulent letters of sweepstakes

I received a letter saying send $5 for processing the money I've won amount of 12, 000.000.00+ it's fraud I want it stop like everyone else this is crap they get your name and address and send you nothing but lies even call your phone with the same crap I know don't nobody pay for the winnings they must think I was born with stupid across my forehead "scam scam ..

fraudulent letters of sweepstakes

won 12,000,000.00

As of this registered notice was issued the entire sum of $12, 0000, 000.00 in cash remains unclaimed

Your immediate attention and response is required so that You don't forfeit your right to enter and win sweepstakes cash awards of more th $12, 000, 000.00 guaranteed

Immediately complete the attached formal request for your $12, 000, 000.00 sweepstakes prize report. Sign your name where your required. Despite the large monetary amount reported this office does not want a share of of your potential winnings. Please include a one time research and data fee of $5.00 which must be assessed for each report Please include this amount along with the completed claim form in the envelope provided as per sweepstakes prize report terms and conditions on the reverse side.

I must mail by deadline of 01/18/20.

So act today as this is a limited time offer . Failure to do so may result in your loss of eligibility. Contest deadlines are in effect and are strictly enforced. Act now do not delay your response to this important prize opportunity

We cannot process your request for eligibility dAta for over $12, 000, 000.00 in sweepstakes money and prizes until your complete claim form and your $5 fee. No exceptions permitted.

Ridr Brady
Awards Director

won 12,000,000.00
won 12,000,000.00
won 12,000,000.00

sewing machine

I was not notified that this company was closing I've tried several times to get ahold of them I had an item in layaway a sewing machine that I was paying on I have not received my sewing machine nor have I received my money back I would like to know who I need to contact regarding this matter I would like to get my money back or somehow get my sewing machine I was paying on thank

I was paying for a sewing machine for a while. I want a refund of my money.

I've been paying for this machine for a couple of years, but i haven't heard anything from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse since November 2017. I was wondering why i haven't gotten a new invoice from them. I paid about $60.00 to them. It was a Brother Freearm Sewing Machine.
Linda Kurtz
23 Church Rd Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
Customer Number:47568
Order number: 47568
Last balance due: $92.69

letter re: fraud letter sweepstakes

I received a letter telling me I had won a sweepstakes for 12, 000, 000.00, and I needed to send $5.00 processing fee. I am 68, and this appears to be someone preying on the elderly. I wonder how many checks they received for $5.00? This fraud should be investigated by someone of authority in Dallas, Texas. It is a shame that this ordination is able to use the US Postal Service to mail this type of fraud letter to the elderly.

a formal request for a $12, 000, 000+ sweepstakes prize report

Letter states that as of the date the Registered Notice was issued, the entire sum of over $12, 000, 000 guaranteed
Sign your name where required. Despite the large monetary amount reported this office does not want a share of your potential winnings. Please include a one time research and data fee of $5, which must be assessed for each report.
Deadline 09/21/19.

Since they were asking for $5 I figured it was a scam. So I want to put my name with other people who have received the same letter.


They sent me a letter saying that I needed to send $5.00 before 7/20/19 so I sent then zero dollars what else should I do and why should I do it. Now I can't think of any thing else5
Tell me how I can help u get them to get it done by the time I get it is a pretty little head to get it done before they try ripping more people off these [censored] must be stupid.



I received a letter from them. They ask me to send $5 to enter a sweepstak for a chance to win $12, 000, 000.00. And it says void after 07/20/19. And it says prize report funds remain unclaimed. And it says personal and confidential. It has a envelope to send the form back to: Claim Form Processing Center, Sweepstakes Audit Bureau, P.O. Box 131637, Houston, TX [protected]


scam prize funds, $12,000,000 unclaimed

June 26, 2019

Today I received a notice from Sweepstakes Audit Bureau with a Dallas, TX, P.O. Box address.

The letter sounded and looked very official, claiming that there was $12, 000, 000 in unclaimed prize money. It I just sent them a one time research and data fee of $5.00, "which must be assessed for each report", and fill out the enclosed Entry Data Claim Form, I will be eligible "for over $12, 000, 000 in sweepstakes money and prizes".

This is a scam, plain and simple!

scam prize funds, $12,000,000 unclaimed

laptop computer, android tablet, and sewing machine with accessories.

Above items on a Layaway Plan with company. Sent check which was returned by Post Office for being "undeliverable".
I phoned company and automated voice said the number was no longer in service. Could not leave message on the
company's website either. Have received no communication from the company. I would like to get a refund from
all the money I paid the company per our Layaway Agreement if they are unable to honor the contract. If they do not
contact me to arrange for the refund, then they have committed a Breach of Contract. My question: Since I am not the only
one complaining, has there been any action taken against the company, either individually or by a Class Action
lawsuit? Or can this issue be solved out of court?

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    Frederick Charles Jones May 25, 2019

    775-773-5989 is their new telephone number and it is a working number now answered by Mark Stewart. Call before they change it again. He has been calling me since yesterday, trying to get me involved in their scam sweepstakes.

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fake sweepstakes

Notice to the public😠 No way should you ever send money to Win an Sweepstakes!. This Company is asking for me to send 5.00 for research data fee in order to receive the " 12, 000, 000.+Sweepstakes prize report" This has "SCAM" typed all over it!!! Sweepstakes Bureau my "Ashes" I really don't understand how these people are able to continually use the United States Postal Service for this Please be on a look out for these type of scams.

fake sweepstakes
fake sweepstakes

I've been sending $5.00 to this sweepstake for over a year, now and how long does it last. If its a scam how do I get my money back?

The awards director is Rich Brady. They say 12million is the highest unclaimed money. Send 5.00 each time for research and we send it back by a deadline. It never ends. Their is another p.o. box 549012-Dallas Tx. [protected]. But the envelope is p.o. box 131637 Houston Tx, [protected]. I've been sending five dollars about every month or so for over a year now and want my money back. If we can't get this resolved here then a lawyer will get it resolved

I've been sending $5.00 to this sweepstake for over a year, now and how long does it last. If its a scam how do I get my money back?
I've been sending $5.00 to this sweepstake for over a year, now and how long does it last. If its a scam how do I get my money back?
I've been sending $5.00 to this sweepstake for over a year, now and how long does it last. If its a scam how do I get my money back?

received obvious fraud letter

Receive letter from this 'Bureau', claim that I had to send them 5$ to process 'my request' for eligibility to win 12, 000, 000$. I needed to send the money alone with completion of the form that came as part of the letter. Definitely a fraudulent group scamming money from people. I have gotten hundreds of calls for similar things. This definitely needs to be looked into.

received obvious fraud letter
received obvious fraud letter

unclaimed prize funds

Received the exact same letter as other dated 12/22/18 with a document number and eligibility to claim $12 million dollars. Requested $5.00 be sent for a one time data and research fee and mail by the deadline date if 12/22/18 the same date of the letter. The claim form cannot be processed without the $5.00 dollars. And added this is the highest amount ever paid. Scams are unlawful so why haven dallas prosecuted someone of this illegal operation

unclaimed prize funds
unclaimed prize funds

scam letter

I received letter on 12/28/19 from company P.O. Box 549012 Dallas rx 75354 requesting I need to send $5.00 for one time research and data fee to see if I won $12, 000, 000.00. Letter also requested signature. No phone number included. Letter signed by a rich Brady awards director. If I won money why do I have to send $5.00. Please stop these scammers from praying on innocent people. Thank you.

to research a person's identity for $5.00 processing fee for 12,000,000.00 worth of unclaimed prize money.

The date of this incident was December 29, 2018. The envelope was postmarked for December 21, 2018. Their was a document number on the correspondence. It was #[protected]. The sender was Sweepstakes Audit Burear, P.O. Box 549012, Dallas, TX 75354. They were asking for a $5.00 processing fee to research my identity and to send me a prize report. The awards director's name was signed Rich Brady.

I assume they want my bank information so that they can draw out what I have left. Please send a bureau or government department that we can all write to so that we can have these scammers removed and to stop them from doing this to unsuspecting people. I am unable to send a copy of the letter. My apologies.

Please do the best you can to help the public. Put it on the news. That's a good idea.


$5.00 Money order submitted on my error to support fraud, that I was not aware of at the time. Their order number given to me, [protected]-9217 so called "12 Million Dollar Prize". United State postal money order submitted, #[protected]. If there was a way that I could call the post office locally, and place a do not pay, I damned sure would. I hope they die like a dog, for what they they are doing, to probably hundreds of people and getting away with it. I have my evidence with the money order, that I paid for.

received a letter asking to send money.

I just received a letter from Sweepstakes Audit Bureau for prize report funds unclaimed . It is asking me to send $5.00 for a research and data fee. I've never known you have to send any money for a sweepstakes unless you have purchased something. So I was sending this message in hopes of finding out if this is really a scam. It would be greatly appreciated if I got feedback on this.

sweepstakes winning letter received

I received his letter on the mail at my residence on 14 Dec 18. The letter stated the following: " Dear ..., As of the date this registratered Notice was issued, the entire sum of over $12, 000, 000.00 in cash remains unclaimed. Your immediate attention and response is required to ensure that you don't forfeit your right to win sweepstakes cash awards of more than $12, 000, 000.00 + Sweepstakes Prize Report. Sign your name where required. despite the large monetary amount reported this office does not want a share of your potential winnings. Please include a one time research and data fee of $5, which must be assessed. Please include this amount along with your completed Claim Form in the envelope provided as per Sweepstakes Prize Report terms and conditions on reverse. You must mail by he deadline of 1/05/19. So act today, as this is a limited time offer. Failure to do so may result in your loss of eligibility. Reply deadlines are in effect and are strictly enforced. Act Now! Do not delay your response to this important award opportunity. We cannot process your request for eligibility for over $12, 000, 000.00 in sweepstakes money and prizes until we receive your complete Claim Form and your $5 fee. No exceptions permitted. Signed by Awards Director Rich Brady (Bogus name)

sweepstakes winning letter received
sweepstakes winning letter received

  • Updated by Gaming Soul · Dec 14, 2018

    The updated mailing the Sweepstakes return envelop reads “ Sweepstakes Notification Center, P.O. Box 131637, Houston, TX 77219-1637

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    Shirley Arment Poole Jan 02, 2019

    I also received a 12, 000, 000 notice requesting $5.00 fee first. Strange that I had not entered a drawing and there was no explanation of what drawing it stemmed from. It was from Box 131637 in Houston. I do deal with PCH so I think they got my name and address from there. Anyway, I'm glad I checked on line which is what I would expect everyone should do. Thanks for the alert.

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layaway steel craft 1300w generator & jetway 5-pc spinner luggage

I have been told this business is closed. I have a generator (order #202430) and luggage set (order #412230) on layaway. I sent a letter 10/5/18 and it was returned. I am trying to get my money back from the items I have on layaway. The website give and error and the mail is returned. They received payments from me earlier this year and checks cleared the bank. My payment in Oct was returned from address PO Box 560622 Dallas, TX "Return to sender refuse unable to forward". I call the number [protected] get the message "this call center no longer supports Sweepstakes Clearing house for further information visit the website The website error can't reach this page.
There is no way to contact them. I want my refund for items that was on layaway.


I keep getting a letter telling me to send 5$ to process be my entry. And when you do that, you never hear from them again and they only have a PO box. It says it comes from sweepstakes audit bureau which I've never heard of. Please do something about this scammer. They are takeing money from innocent people including me. I am struggling as it is..

  • An
    Angie brice Jul 15, 2019

    My name is angela brice i won the money 😂

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    Roberto Barajas Aguilar Dec 28, 2019


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sweepstakes audit bureau

Prize Report Remains Unclaimed
They ask for a $5.00 Research and Data Processing Fee which unfortunately I have sent a couple times not knowing til I researched. They also give you a deadline date which now it says strictly enforced.
We cannot process your request for eligibility data for over $12, 000, 000.00 in sweepstakes money and prizes until we receive your completed Claim form and your $5 fee. OCT 19, 2018 IS The Date Of The Envelope

business closed up after taking my payments

My customer #317191. I ordered the Dell i5 Laptop PC w/Windows 10. Order # 410661. Wanted it for Christmas this year and had put it on lay-a-way. They received payments from me. Almost had it paid off when the last 2 payments never went thru in my bank. Said address unknown. So now I am out a couple hundred dollars. I tried calling there [protected]. It said there office no longer takes sweepstakes clearing house any more. So I tried to go onto there website.
There website is closed also. If they were going to close up they should of refunded me my money that I sent them over the months. Not kept it.

  • Ms
    [email protected] Aug 05, 2019

    Edith Cox had a layaway with sweepstakes clearinghouse my merchandise was almost paid in full I been trying to pay it off no response from company I would like my refund back 803 4081543

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layaway/ 32 piece staleness steel cook ware

I had put the dishes on layaway, , was paying for them on line. yesterday [protected]. I was going to log in and make a payment. keeps coming up page not found, i have never had a problem with it till last night. I have been trying to find out how to get a hold of sweepstakes clearing house to see what is going on. I have read on some of the forms that after 34 year the sweepstakes clearing house has closed.. And if this is the case then what about the dishes i had on layaway. It seem that i should have got a letter or e-mail letting me know what was going on so that i could have finished paying for the dishes. I would like to pay for the dishes and have them sent to me. because of all the trouble the dishes should be sent to be . with out having to pay the bal. that i owe on them. The order is under sally gordier. and i was not getting invoice in the mail so i do not have any of the order numbers . thank s, you can send me a e-mail to [protected]

a letter that everyone else is, complaining about. 12 000 000.00.

It seems like this letter has been on or out on the market for a while. There should be somewhere or somebody that can stop yhis crazy letter from being sent through our US postal service. It should be against the law for this bogus company to be sending stuff like this through our mail systems. Please, can anyone help stop these scams artists and have yhem put in jail!!!

a letter that everyone else is, complaining about. 12 000 000.00.

  • La
    lafrance Jan 17, 2020

    I received this same letter from sweepstakes audit bureau on 1-17-2020. I knew it was a scam before I opened it. Will not be getting $5.00 out of me. YOU SCAMMERS.

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winning 1200000.000

11/3/2018 I just got a letter from them why cant someone stop these people from preying on people it's a scam and they've been doing it for years they are asking for 5 dollars for processing fee I know real sweepstakes don't ask for any money so why are they still getting away with this there's all kinds of complaints
Thank u for your time and attention on this matter

two massage chairs, customer#184177, order numbers 216448 & 216449

I have the two chairs on Layaway, I am unable to login to my account to make my payments. Even their web site is down. Please send me my merchandise or my refund. The origina layaway amount was $417 for each chair after coupon is applied. I have paid well over this amount. I have been a reliable customer for many years and have bought several merchandise from Sweepstakes clearinghouse over the years with no problems. The deliveries have been excelent over these years. What is going on. Is the company out of business, if so please let your customers know. You have my shipping and mailing address. If you want me to mail in my payment then send me a statement showing the balance in my account. Thank you.

prize fund unclaimed money

I was mailed this form and got a little excited because I thought it was from PCH that's who have been contacting me all year long but I'm thinking I need to send this back right away in order to receive this prize so I skimmed over immediately wrote my check for the $5.00 and mailed it right away. Something came over me this morning 10/31/2018 I thought I should look this company name up even when I called they said a different name the person I spoke to confirmed I had the right place . I said you gave a different name . His response was we handle the audit I did mentioned my findings he denied it all ask me stop believing what I read . Well that sounded scimmish so I ended the call . Before hanging up we was insisting my name and zip code .That to me was crazy

order number 228505

Hello, my name is Milton Mays. I purchased a desk-top computer and it was delivered perfectly. I also had two suspension bikes 1 red and 1 blue. My problem is, when talking on the phone to representative, they claim the y no longer due business with the company who provided the bikes. All I want is my layaway money I put down on the bikes which rounds to about $ 90.00. If someone could please reach out to me by email, I'd gladly appreciate it. My email address is [protected]

claimed I won money

I got a letter claim letter saying I won $12 million dollars and I needed to send in $5 to claim my money .. I think this is a scam..
In the letter it states it's prize funds remain unclaimed and I need to respond so I don't loose my rights to the money.
Please let me know what is going to be done cause these people are praying on people that are on a fixed income as I am on a fixed income.

My name is Rebecca Ivy and you may contact me at [protected]

claimed I won money
claimed I won money
claimed I won money

hp desktop computer and famous maker laptop pc

I put these items on layaway and paid them off in January 2018 and have not received any merchandise or an explanation why or received any money back. No response to any of my call and now the number given is no longer handling business with Sweepstakes Clearinghouse. My customer #227933 my order numbers are 251991 and 251992. My name is Marilyn Williams and I reside at 2721 Kings Way apt 4 Las Vegas NV 89102. Some type of response would really be appreciated. Thank you


THE SWEEPSTAKES AUDIT BUREAU of Dallas, TX. sent me a letter requesting five dollars to enter a sweepstakes. This is suspicious because I have never heard of this company.

I do not believe I will have a chance to win $12 million dollars by entering this sweepstakes, and I would like to see this company prosecuted for sending fraud mail through the US mail service. This is the second letter of this nature I have received from this company this month.

I would be helpful to know how to report such rip-offs to the authorities. This bogus company needs to be shut down and should not be allowed to use the US mail to deliver their scams to the public.

Please, somebody go to this post office box and find out why these people are trying to rip us off.


they say it's a guarantee that will win 12,000,000.00

This so called company sent me a letter stating it's a claim form for a guarantee win of the amount listed above and said to send in $5.00 for a data/research fee. First off what kind of sweepstakes are you guarented to win and request money for? At first I thought is this really true then I read where it asks for money. Um, I don't think so scam artist your not getting not money. Not today, tomorrow and not any other day as well. I don't crap like this and I wish this kind of stuff would stop sending me notices and the phone calls, it's getting ridiculous and very aggravating. These kind of people need stopped and charges need to be pressed for fraud, this is not right by any means and they should not get away with this. If you send in the $5.00 your a fool and you have your head examined for sure. Its got SCAM written all over it. If it was me doing this I would be in jail, so is this happening to us. I'm a private person and don't buy into this kinda crap. Just leave me alone.

unethical behavior

My husband received a letter stating he's in the running for 12, 000, 000.00 all he has to do is send them $5.00 for processing fees. This can be done in the form of cash, check or credit card. This is an outrage. There are way too many senior citizens getting scammed because of these fraudulent scams. These victims often give up their bank/credit card information only to get scammed more. These people should not be allowed to do business anywhere.

  • Uk
    uk official offer Apr 01, 2020

    It is True that there are Series of Lottery and Giving Out
    of Cash Reward from UK.
    Unfortunately Mobile Numbers and Email Addresses of Winners has been
    Hacked, and Winners are Now been Contacted legally through mobile but
    sometimes via email.
    Do not respond to the senders of these Messages, as they are not in
    Position to Pay you your Winning PRIZE.
    Send your Full Name, Address, Telephone Number and Winning Message you
    received to the United Kingdom Investigation Bureau on
    [email protected] so as to enable them ascertain if you
    really won the Lottery and give you true information on how your
    winnings can be Collected.
    You Will also be Informed if the Winning Message you Received is a
    Fraud Notification

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  • Uk
    uk secur plus Apr 03, 2020

    Contact cyber crime bureau investigation department office email:
    [email protected]

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