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B Jul 17, 2019

Reservation were made through third party two months out. Arrived on the island and at the resort July 11, 2019. We were all registered/ checked and and receipt for made accepted and completed. We were told however that they were overbooked for Saturday and we may have to check out(If no cancellation) and suggested we could stay at one of their joining facilities. That was understood. We were escorted to our rooms. Saturday came and no one checked out so we opted to go to Azul for the one night. Which was a horrible place to stay for the price.
Sunday(Jul, 14th) came and we went back to Royalton. We went through he entire check-in process again; completed the form(Each of us), and provided our credit cards. We were told the price, my two friends, and myself who was staying in a single room-we agreed, and our cards were processed and given back to a long with our individual receipts.

Check-out time arrived and myself and another friend reached the lobby at 5 min til noon. I was told that I owed an additional eighty -seven dollars. I asked why. The young lady at the front desk explained that I was not charged the proper price. After speaking on the subject with her and still not grasping, I asked to speak with a supervisor. She went and returned with a young man whose name was "Roshaun". I asked him if he could fine out what was going on and explain to me why was I told/charged one price at check-in and now am being told I needed to pay more money. He explained that the room I stayed in was a certain price but I wasn't charged it and needed to pay it. And continued on for a bit trying to convince me why I should pay the additional charge. I then asked him to allow me to speak with someone higher than himself. He picked up the phone and called someone and walked away from me down to the other end of the desk (Out of ear shot).
I waited while he paced back and forth and continued to talk on the phone with someone. As time was passing I became increasingly worried because my flight was leaving at 314p. I asked the young man closest to me if he could ask him what was going on and to tell him I would miss my flight if he didn't get someone down now. 'Roshaun' continued to walk around in the lobby on the phone and around the desk. So, finally I walk up to him and asked him what was taking so long? He held up one finger to me(As to say one moment). After about 10min more . . the bell boy (Chris) came around and told me that the transportation was sending for me and wondering what was taking so long to check out. I explained to 'Chris" what has happened and that he was supposed to be getting a manager to come down. Chris then walked over to him and they had a brief conversation. Chris returned to me and explained that a manager was to come. I walked back over to 'Roshauan' and asked him why was it taking so long he simply explained "She is coming."
I then threw up my hands and headed to the car and said "I'm leaving, I'm going to miss my flight." Chris then explained that I would not be able to exit the premises until this was all resolved. He begin to assure me that she was coming. I waited five more minutes and asked to use the restroom while waiting for her to arrive. When I returned from the restroom she was at the desk with Roshaun. She proceeded to go over the situation and I stopped he and said "Listen! I don't want to hear the scenario all over gain. I have been explained it over and over. I need to eave. I was told that I could not leave until you came down. And if you were not going to tell me anything different. . I don't have time. I going to is my flight. She explained that she wasn't going to go over it all again but she needed me to give the access to my card so they could process the charge and I could be on my way. I told her "NO" I was n ot gong to give them my card again. She explained that if I didn't pay, then her staff would be forced to take the charges and that her staff there in Jamaica cannot afford that. I told her it was not my problem because It was not my erra. I further explained that it was not fair for me to be told one price and then at -out told another. I further explained that would have roomed with my two friends for the one night had I known. She continued to go back and forth, explaining the same thing over and over as if to punish me or to force me to give up the credit card. I asked her are you all going to pay for our flights if we miss them? She explained "NO we will not." I said then you need let us go out of here or I would be filing a complaint. She advised me that that would be fine. I reiterated to her that it was now after 1pm and I had been over an hour now at this desk. She replied that it was not her who has kept me because she was just learning of the problem. I explained to her that all this time Ive been waiting on you to come and you tell me this is your first learning of it? I then told her she was a liar. I then asked if she was holding me hostage. she then got on the phone to call some one and refused to answer the question. I then pulled up my phone and begin to record. She rushed be hind a closed door and call for someone to come out and cut off the band and to let me go. Got to the entrance and 'Chris asked for the card. I gave it to him and jumped in the car. I did not exit the Royalton
premises until ten/fifteen-minutes after 1pm.
We reached the airport at 235pm even after the driver was driving at the highest speed possible with other traffic on the road, and was told that we were not allowed to check our bags in and would miss our flight because the flight leaves at 314 and the cut off time was 2:00pm.
Me and one of the girls had to find a place to stay for the night after booking another flight because we lost credit with our original tickets with Spirit Airlines. We could have stayed with Spirit but would have to wait until Thursday and pay an additional $99. Neither one of us was in a postilion to stay and extra two days. We booked a flight with American Airlines for the following day (Yesterday) Jul. 16.

This was cruel and unethical punish. It was intentional and unjust. I know that without a shadow of a doubt that procrastination was purposeful as a means to give up my card again or miss my flight.

My desired outcome is to be reimbursed for money I lost; (The new ticket and cost I paid for the hotel that night we missed our flights. I would also like for that managers, whose name they told me was "Clighty" to be reprimanded and retrained.

Theer was some dificulty utilizing the add photo/video but please find attached my original Itinerary, my hotel receipt for that night and my new ticket price I paid. If there is any thing else that I can add, submit or do. . please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Kind Regards,

unethical behavior

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