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T Jun 19, 2018

To Whom it may concern,

I'm writing this email to express my deep frustrations with Royalton Cancun Resort and Spa. I'm currently on vacation this is now day 5 of stay and I had to write this email bc I'm highly upset. And disappointed with my stay. My mother and I arrived Tuesday June 6th'18 for my cousins wedding on Thursday June 7th. When we arranging the booking. We requested that we be near to the wedding party and that we have something that would be near to all the amenities and restaurants. When we arrived this was not the case again during checkin I requested this again as my mother is senior and needed. Wheelchair access when she was travelling with the airlines and throughout the airport. However when we initially checked the room we were given was so far. We called and changed rooms, however this was extremely inconvenient bc this was prior to my cousins rehearsal wedding dinner in which made us late for the dinner. To add to at the dinner that was served in marche the food we received was very cold it was salmon and it was very cold. Bc the food was cold and all the restaurants had been closed I ordered room service they never showed up so we went to bed hungry. They never came to clean our room we had to call down to get clean towels to bath. Only one night did someone come to turn down our beds. to say the least the list of things that continue was the room in which we were in smelled so bad as were advised by the supervisor Amber that it was because there a mangrove/ravine which made a bad odour which caused us not to be able to sit out on the balcony. On Friday night my mother went to use the toilet when she flushed it at the water started to rise as to almost to flood we called front desk no one came. I went to use the bathroom Saturday morning and it did the same thing I called ad finally someone came. At that time I requested to speak to the manger it was at this point we met the front desk manager Amber. She offered to change room we checked out the first room however the room smelled of mold and mildew the smell was very overwhelming to the point I could not breathe. We then moved rooms then again when we got to this room there was no clock, no ironing board, the phone was not working, the door was broken which caused the ac not to work and there was button missing to control the a/c. Maintenance happen to be walking in the hall and I asked them to come and fix the door and a/c we had called for the phone to be fixed and the iron board and in the true Royalton fashion no one came. Even times when we went by pool and order a drink they would take our order and wouldn't come back. Not to mention when we first had checked in we were so tired and we just wanted to relax and get something to eat. We had a gentleman approach us and tell us we had to talk to him regarding doing a presentation. As I'm ware this is to up-sell us and get us to purchase various clubs I made it very clear I was not interested or had ny desire. Not only did he call but he left a note on our door and waited for. Us the following day after breakfast. We decided to go I had to go back to my room to get my credit card then go over tot heir office as we were going he said it would only be 60 mins I told him would only give 60 mins. He walked us over for a lady to told us it was 90 mins presentation and then they did not have anyone to do the presentation which wasted our time. I finally had to be admit that we weren't going to do it. Over all this has been pretty much one of the most disappointing trips I have taken. I have trolled many places however this was so dissatisfactory. I came to this resort with high expectations and it has not lived up to it at all. Further more when anyone does something for you yet it be if you go for dinner or if they get you drink everyone expects that you give them a tip. If we are to tip every time all the money we bought would be given tipping. The resort looks fancy but its very poorly ran. The food is subpar at times very salty to sweet or just downright cold. We spent our money like everyone else here to enjoy our vacation and if your not staying on the diamond club they treat you like your money and your value has nothing. Royalton is very disappointing and I plan to post on every social media outlet my reviews and be sure to let it known it everyone social media and media outlets about my experience. I need something to be done to make up for this horrible experience.

Not Satisfied Customer
Teashia Adamson


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