Sunwing Travel Groupinflexible to making a change while still on the line booking!


I just booked an $1800 trip for a single adult and admittedly was a little nervous. Its a lot of money and I've never traveled alone before. I had lots of papers in front of me as I had researched different resorts and dates. I booked through Itravel2000 and the agent on the phone was very helpful. It was only while she put me on hold to call Sunwing to select my seats, as I purchased the elite package for an extra $120, that I realized I had booked Saturday when I had intended to book the Sunday departure. It was literally less than 10 minutes from the start of the phone call and my giving my credit card number. I told the agent my mistake and asked if she could change it. She came back on the phone after speaking with the Sunnwing booking agent, and told me Sunwing said they would change but that would void the $50 cancellation policy I had also bought. Wow! I told her I thought that was pretty awful of them and not to worry about it. She said she would check again and tell them I was not happy with that offer. A few minutes later she came back and said they had agreed to change it but they would not adjust the difference in price. The difference was only $40, and again I am talking about all of this happening during the initial call - over a 10 minute period.
I declined the change on prinicipal. If Sunwing is willing to lose a loyal client (I have ALWAYS used Sunwing) for $40 then they don't deserve my business and I thing others should be aware of this attitude and inflexibility.
Even the big airlines allow you 24 hours to make a change without penalty. This was 10 minutes and during the initial call! I still can't believe it.

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