Sunwing Travel Groupcommunication error

J Nov 15, 2017

I came to Cancun Mexico for vacation I was picked up by your service. When I was ready to depart, I was told by a representative name Giovanny that we had a car that came for 10:45 am. We had no idea that the driver was there because we never got any info on the time they would come to meet us. The day after we arrived we were suppose to meet Giovanni for 9:30 but due to us over sleeping we ended up missing him when we got there at 9:45. We called the numbers they provided on the travelers passport but, we were unable to reach anyone. Now when Giovanni told us today that the driver was there he told us to hurry up and get our things and check out. We saw the driver as we were going to our room and the driver whose name is Noe Rivero told us to hurry and be back in 5 minutes and that was around 10:57. We came back downstairs in exactly 5 minutes and at 11:02 he was not there. We spoke with Giovanni and he claimed that h had another appointment and he waited. I asked if we could get another car because we paid for the services and he said there were none available and to order a taxi at this point. I feel completely cheated out of my money and I'm highly disappointed. If I'm paying for your business I should've have to be stranded based off of miscommunication. Please I just want a one way refund.

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