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Sunoco review: dhl employee is a liar

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I was at Sunoco this morning to pick up my employee handbook and the district manager Tom asked what happened between me and the DHL guy last week. Hello! I have been slammed with night shifts for weeks so where does this altercation come in when Mr. Dunlap told me in July that this employee is not allowed in the store anymore and is not to get involved with what is going on between me, Rick and Rita. Two weeks ago at about 1:30 I came into the store to sign for my pay stub and your employee was in the store talking to Rita and Vallerie he looked at me like I was nothing as he walked out, so I called and talked to Sarah who assured me that my apology letter was on the way and that he was told by Mr. Dunlap not to come on the property. I filed a complaint with the EEOC and need your employee to stop lying on me, and I need my apology letter that was promised to me. I have went from being shift to night shifts to layed off figure it out.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Feb 18, 2013 4:31 pm EST
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My partner works for DHL in Liverpool England, over the last 12 months has come under more and more verbal abuse from Billy .Mont who
dose odd job around the warehouse, the abuse has increased were it now involves him throwing things at her e, g the hoover, air freshener mobs and buckets, all this is done in full view of the work force, but due to the fact his brother in law is one of the managers no one will speak up. On a number of occasions he has entered work totally smashed out of his head stinking of alcohol . Anyone else
would be immediately dismissed but He is just told to go home and come back in the morning.He dose not have any Authority with being a manager or supervisor but is freely able to go up to any employee and verbally abuse them even though he has no knowledge of there work .It is not only him who carries out this regime but others are now following in his foot steps, giving out
suspension and drug testing without any grounds, Anyone who makes a complaint soon finds they are no longer in employment .
It would be a great idea if DHL and other Companies sent in under cover people to see for them selves just how badly their work forces are treat. And as the old saying goes a happy work force is a productive one .But it appears the Management of this DHL warehouse believe fear is the best way to control a work force, HOW SAD IT SEEMS WE HAVE DIGRESSED WITH REGARDS TO EMPLOYEES RIGHTS.

Aug 15, 2012 7:15 am EDT

My complaint on this web page is about the DHL employee being coached by Rita, Rick, Vallerie and Tom to file false complaints to get me out of the store before me and another former employee's upcoming lawsuits against Rita and Sunoco are heard in court. The DHL guy does not have any place in what is going on at Sunoco because the film footage won't lie.

Aug 14, 2012 8:17 am EDT

Cary and Tasha you are wrong. I filed a sexual harrassment complaint against the asst. manager back in June because she touched my breast by the grill, when I moved away from her she pursued me and did it again, she had her husband doing work there when he is not an employee and she had him take off his shirt and demanded that I look at his tattoo on his fat body by th office, so instead of the district manager confronting the issue with the asst. manager they are using bogus or invisible customer complaints to run me off the job, that's why I need the apology letter from the DHL employee that was promised to me from his company because he is friends with the managers at Sunoco on craig street.
Most of the employee's at Sunoco have direct deposit that's why we just sign for our pay stub every week.


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