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Prepping vehicle for our families big vacation over the summer. A trip that took us from the south to New Brunswick Canada over 3000 miles! local mechanic looked over everything and we installed new upper lower control arms and inner outer tie rods as well and one wheel bearing.. just in case! the roads in Canada can be bumpy and I dont want to get stranded. so after all that, I added sunco's front and rear air struts shocks for our families land rover.
The long of it is, we hadn't left the state and I felt a weird vibration over bumps.. off to the dealer for alignment anyway.. they couldnt find anything.. Our journey began 3 days later and it progressovely got worse and worse and worse until the truck was not safe to drive over 55-60 mph adding an additional day to the trip and $$$ for hotel.
We found a mechanic who looked at the truck and found nothing (backwoods guy) never even seen air shock before outside of semi truck. needles to say it was re -aligned in Saint John New brunswick (more $$$) and I couldnt even enjoy my trip to fish as the truck would not go down a dirt road without feeling like it was going to bounce the hell off!

I have reached out via email with no response... two weeks have gone by... sent another this morning.. no response (I get the 24hr response thing) but also called a handfull of times throughout the day with ZERO response. this one little thing.. this little shock literally screwed up my entire vacation!! So you make the call. you want to trust them, be my guest. But, if you like parts that work more than 2 months and get customer service to go with it... well, my money is elsewhere and so are my reviews.. yes, multiple reviews!

Land rover air strut

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