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M Aug 01, 2018

I had a membership in Keene, NH in May, 2018. I signed up for a ONE MONTH tanning special. I was NEVER told it was month-to month and I had to physically go in to cancel. The "signature" I signed was through a digital machine attached to their computer. They NEVER let me or offered to let me read the actual contract. I was charged my May fee and moved home to MA. I was then charged $33 in JULY. I talked to Summer at STC customer support. She told me to send a picture of my license to her email and she will help me get my refund. I sent her my license to prove I do not live in NH and will not be driving 3 hours to cancel my membership. Summer did NOT cancel my membership like she said she would. I have just been charge another $17. I am THROUGH with this company. I have waited months for a refund. I will be going to my bank and will not be afraid to take legal action. EVA is the only worker who I felt cared. She cancelled my membership for me. I will never be going back to Sun tan city, they have stolen $50 from me. Shame on you

Sun Tan City
Sun Tan City

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