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I recently sent in a claim for eye glasses for my wife my benifits cover $250.00, my wife has an insurance policy from her work as well so I we sent in the claim to her insurance first and we received the cheque, so I made copies of the information from her insurance company and sent in the claim to Sun Life and they denied my claim saying that I need to send this to my wifes plan first which I did and sent all the pertanent information to them. I am not sure what they are doing there but it seems to me that they are dening every claim I send in is this some kind of company intiative to deny claims and see if they can get away with it. I am considering looking into getting legal advice because this sure looks illegal to me.


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      Jun 04, 2011

    My Husband had a Life Insurance Policy through his employer for over 10 years, he went on disability 2 years ago and passed away on April 1, 2011, I submitted his life insurance claim to Sun Life and they denied the claim after 2 months of dragging their feet, stating that the conversion papers were not filled out properly from when he went on disability, however they took our premiums every month and never notified us that they conversion papers were wrong, now I am sitting here with no life insurance money, and cannot even pay my husbands final expenses. They had not compassion what so ever when I called them.

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      Mar 22, 2013

    Welcome to the club. Sorry for your troubles and my condolinces on your loss. I've been fighting with them since 2009 on my disability claims. I've been run around so much I don't really know where I'm going. I finally got a lawyer and he helped get me a partial settlement on my longterm policy, of which I had to pay him a part of the settlement. I'm still trying to get my short term disability claim settled. Something needs to be down to this company. Obviously they have a name for not paying their claims. If you work for a company tha has SunLife long and short term disability policies in which you pay, I'd suggest you talk to your HR director and work towards going with another company's policy. This company is really bad on paying up when you file a claim. A bunch of crooks if you ask me. I paid for years and now they won't honor the agreement.

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      Oct 08, 2016

    Email just sent to "our" Sun Life Agent:

    I'm looking at a June Segregated Funds Policy Statement and find myself chafed again by the convoluted non-information that we have received from Sun Life about our insurance and investments.

    I shake my head at the sentence: "Please be assured that your segregated fund contract issued by sun Life Assurance Company of Canada continues to provide guarantees to help protect you against volatile markets." We feel no assurance, and Sun Life has been either unwilling or unable to show us a clear, simple record of money invested, interest payments and rates, withdrawals, and running balance(s).

    It's a stunning failure, and we are very, very disappointed.

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      Jun 08, 2017

    I just had to post my story. I had Sun Life for Dental, and Short-term disability. My son went to the dentist a few times and the claims were paid, no problem. I had group life for myself and my husband through my employer as well. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer in November and passed April 19th of this year. To be perfectly honest, I had more trouble with my employer than I did with Sun Life. My employer dragged their feel sending in the necessary information to complete the claim. I took the death certificate to my employer as soon as I received it but she did not send off her portion of the claim along with the death certificate until almost a week later! My employer even told the funeral home representative that she didn't think the claim would be paid. When I heard this I immediately called Sun Life who reassured me everything was fine but that they were still waiting for information from my employer. The Sun Life representatives were always kind and helpful. When my husband took sick, I took FMLA along with an approved leave of absence until his death. My employer said because I was off my claim wouldn't be paid because I was not "at work". My job involved driving patients. Who in their right mind can drive people around when their spouse is home dying? My employer showed no compassion and consideration at all! Sun Life did. I received the check in the mail today and I am grateful to God. The funeral home has been paid and I can begin to go on with life now.

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      Jun 09, 2017

    @jacqbur7 It's always good to hear good things about people who have failed you. Glad that Sun Life paid your life insurance claim. As far as we can see after 5 years and many, many hours of study and communications with multiple levels of "customer service" people, they failed miserably in making it clear where our invested money has gone, and seem to have scooped virtually all of the profits were earned on our investments over the biggest bull market in history. That's how it looks from the rock we're sitting on.

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