S May 21, 2019

My cable has been out for a week. The screen says weak or no signal. This atrted on Wednesday the 15th. I had a tech come out on the 16th who did nothing. Cable still didn't work. Waited three days for another tech to come out on Sunday. He did nothing. Cable still not working. Called that night and set up and appointment for the next day. So the next day, Monday, waited for tech to show. Never showed up. Called Suddenlink and was informed I had no appointment. So I had to wait until Wednesday the 22nd for an appointment. But in the meantime they would send someone out to check the lines on Tuesday the 21st. Called Suddenlink on Tuesday and was told the crew was unable to come to check the lines. The next available day to check the lines is Friday the 24th. This is not acceptable. This problem has been ongoing for a week and nothing has been done to resolve it. NOTHING.

  • Updated by sheherazade · May 26, 2019

    As of May 26th I have had four techs out here. Not one of them had the intelligence of a gnat. Not one of them could resolve the issue. They are are contracted labor by Suddenlink and know nothing. The last one was so dumb that I actually told him to get out of my house. All he did was make matters worse. So I called Suddenlink and demanded a trouble call with a in home tech that actually works for suddenlink and requested a new amplifier. I told the agent I was talking to that if they sent a contractor I would kick him out. She assured me that it would not be a contractor. I had to wait two days for this appointment which was today. The tech calls and it's another contractor. I tell him no I will not allow another contractor in this house. He calls dispatch. The dispatcher calls me and I reminded her I had stated absolutely NO contractors. She gets mad and hangs up. I had to call Suddenlink and request another appointment with one of the in home techs (who actually work for Suddenlink). Now I have to wait another three days for this appointment. This issue has been going on for three weeks now.

  • Updated by sheherazade · May 28, 2019

    Today, May 28th, a fifth tech came out. He spent 3 1/2 hours here and the issue remains unresolved. Seriously. He didn't know what the issue is. Isn't that his job? I am so fed up with this. Three weeks and the issue remains unresolved. Unacceptable.

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