Suddenlink Communicationsinternet/cable/phone bundle

O Jul 18, 2018 Review updated:

I was basically forced to get their unlimited data plan and from the day the tech installed the NEW Modem it constantly goes off line with absolutely no fixing it by their re-set methods. My entire security system runs off the Wi-Fi and internet thus leaving my home unprotected. Occasional outages I understand but this is on going night and day! I called customer service and they could not get a tech back out for another week even though they have local techs at the local office. No way should my services be out like this short of THEIR out dated equipment and infrastructure. From A to Z they fail the test for something customer related and their is no way to contact them except through a phone call to customer service! No corporate address or phone number listed anywhere to voice my issues. I will be contacting the FCC and filing a complaint and will be looking to change my provider. Their billing is way off base as is their phone service that is tied directly into the cable. when it goes out so does the phone. The Cable is also of poor quality as it is always in digital meltdown doing the digital dance while watching any given channel. Just pitiful service all around and I am having to pay a lot more than just money. Loss of internet 24/7 compromises my families security as well! DISH network is starting to look better every day! Already I haven't had decent reliable service for ten (10) days and still have a couple more to go until a tech arrives. RUN FROM SUDDENLINK!!! Terrible Customer Service and over priced!!!


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      Jul 21, 2018

    Suddenlink has to do better your service is starting to stink. Internet, phone goes out several times but I bet they don’t credit us for it Pay too darn much for y’all services for all this crap

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