Sucuri Securitycould be better

L Jul 11, 2018

In general, sucury security is ok, but some things are very irritating and can put you out of temper. Some features are very expensive.
The free version is free, but not free, if you know what I mean. Pay if you want more. Pay much. And judging by previous reviews, no one can guarantee everything will be ok and you'll be protected.
I also don't like that there's no history option. I think it's a very important feature and it's their negligence.
And the last thing is that your team could make the dashboard a bit easier for those whose websites are nothing special, not huge (like mine). I'm new here, so it's hard to use.
Summing everything up, sucury could be better and more convenient. And come on, your plugin is not perfect, customer service work bad, so why is it so expensive?
Please, look into the matter. I want you to know that there's a lot of job to do.

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