Strong Current Enterprises Unlimitedtv wifi booster

I visited this site looking at tv booster plug. I anticipated purchasing began to fill out order form and before I hit send button I did a quick web search for this company and found that it had too many negative comments about them. I went back and canceled the web form and DID NOT ORDER particularly an item that only works 30 miles from my home. I would need an item that at least was 60 miles away, which Santa Fe is located approximately 60 miles from tv towers. And I would not order more than 1 item as I only have 1 tv I watch.
This company seems to farm prospective clients information and process an order regardless of customers cancellation
How does a client get return one answers emails or phone calls.
Thank you for your help, as a senior living on only social security a 91.00 hit to my bank account means no groceries.

D Houston

Apr 27, 2019

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