Stream Energy / Stream Gas & Electriccustomer service!!!

S Nov 04, 2019

Their customer services [censored]ing sucks!!! They think that because they're behind a phone that they can be rude and ignorant!!! My service was shut off for 50 dollars, I paid it and they told me that it would take 5 more days for my service to come turn my services back on!!! I informed them that I have 16 months old twins in the house and that I could not wait that long, the first customer service rep was ignorant as [censored] and the second one Brandon employee # 5230083 did not want to help any further!!! To make matters [censored]ing worst, the first [censored] manager that I spoke to didn't even set my original date for the 5 days so I have to wait and extra 2 [censored]ing days!!! I'm taking this all the way to where ever the hell it needs to be taken cause this is ridiculous!!!
[censored] stream and their employees!!!

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