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Upon admission to strayer i was assured that my financial aid had gone through - i sent several concerns to people in the business office that i had not been approved for financial aid - before starting class - i was assured by the dean and several others to continue in class and i would not have to pay anything. It is nearly mid term and my financial aid has not gone through and i get the run around from strayer (They tell me they can only send emails to their accounting department) now i am being sent bills from strayer. It is about $1200 a class (Does not include books that u can only get from strayer) . Strayer is so dishonest.


  • Ev
    evelyn Feb 23, 2008

    I too have also had a similar problem with strayer. Upon entering I went through the same process. Strayer repeatedly informed me that there was a problem processing my worksheet A&B. After contacting Pell I was informed there never was a problem. Also I am being billed, but my award letter shows that my aid was processed a good while ago. I am no longer with Strayer.

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  • An
    Angelo Mar 19, 2008

    I have to agree that Strayer is a bit on the expensive side. I'm currently Strayer and its very convenient for me to attend this school. I am currently working on my Bachelor of Science in Economics. I have had some problems with financial aid as well. Not the best school out there but it works for me!!

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  • Ch
    Christopher Weller Apr 27, 2008

    Strayer's admissions is dishonest, telling you whatever it takes to get you to sign. When one is not knowing an answer to your question, they will make one up if need be. Personnel changes at my campus in Fredericksburg, VA happen so often that I'd bet that standardized policies and procedures are not followed. I have found many times the office personnel lack security of protecting identity facts of students. Teachers are often hired based upon their professional experience but not their ability to teach. That is poor practice because it tends to have "teachers" coming and going and builds no foundation that a student would expect from a learning institution. Students suffer when the teacher du juor is unorganized, cannot communicate a theory, and most often a student finds that the teacher doesn't really have time to teach and tend to student's needs becasue of the teacher's regular job commitment. Strayer is a business first, caring for it's stockholders foremostly, not its students. For those willing to compromise on their education, Strayer will flex to your need.

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  • Ch
    Christian Kramer Aug 04, 2008

    I wish I only had the small problems you guys had. I have to start college all over again, because Strayer is not even accredited and their credits do not transfer. I had the same financial aid problems, only when I finally left the school they called and said that my financial aid that I filled out for 4 times still did not go through, but it was too late and I had to pay. Then they wouldn't send me a statment saying what I owed for. Then they wouldn't release my transcripts, so I couldn't go anywhere else. They finally wrote it off because it was their mistake. Oh, and do not ever try to get your G.I. Bill for going there. It took me 9 months, for something that should have taken 1 week. If you do get your degree, Strayer is the laughing stock of schools in the business or computer world, it counts for nothing. DO NOT GO HERE, IT'S A NIGHTMARE!!!

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  • Ro
    Rodney Aug 08, 2008

    I am fairly surprised that your credits did not transfer. I am attending Strayer right now and have also enrolled in some courses at a local community college. I transferred my credits, and they were accepted. Everyone of them gave me an equal credit at the community college. I can not speak on the financial aid portion because my company is doing tuition reimbursement, so I charge may tuition on a credit card and at the end of the semester my company reimburses me that amount. I have found some of the courses very easy, but there are others I have found difficult, especially those that required long papers. I took SOC 300, and the instructor gave me an F because she felt I did not correctly cite a statement in my paper. Once I corrected it, she gave me an A. That told me she read through the paper. She state she gave F's, instead of just counting points off, to encourage students to correct their papers. I can't say I have really had any problems or issues with speaking to anyone, not even my local dean.

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  • Pl
    plent27 Apr 12, 2009

    I wish I would have read these complaints before I enrolled but unfortunately I had a very similar experience and now I "owe" them over 1100 dollars. Before classes began, I was assured that my financial aid was fine but the day after classes started I got a call from their offices stating that there was a problem and I was paying out of pockets. I called the offices and told them that I wouldn't attend class until my financial aid was secure. Strayer University is a rip off in ALL STATES and I just like the rest of you have been displeased. Now, I don't know about you guys but I refuse to pay them anything. I will take them to court if I have to and I advise whoever to do the same. I'm only 19 and CAN'T pay them let alone do it of my own free will.

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  • Zu
    zubb Apr 15, 2009

    I have attended strayer for over 2 years with no problem. Military credits for service and Financial aid pretty much taken care off. I have some debt not covered by financial aid and I made arrangements with a promissory note to pay payments until caught up. they can also file for additional loans allocated for additional education expenses. Check all avenues and don't just think everything will get fixed by someone else. Your financial aide is your finanacial aide. You have to be on top of how it works. Check with local high school on financial aid info and look on the government education site.

    I know some of you have had problems and so Have I. I Have attended toher schools and my son attends a community college. He has same problems with financial aide. They don't ell you a whole lot about it and you better do your research so you know your options.

    Best wishes to all.

    P.S. Being 19 and having to pay 1100 in payments over a period of time would be alot easier than being almost 40 working 50 to 100 hours a week and barely seeing your family plus paying for house, cars, insurances, and everything associated with 6 childrens cost. Then have to pay 2800 out of pocket on top of it. It can be done and you could sue but who do you think will win? If you can't payu 1100 dollars you won't foot the bill of 1500 to sue them.

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  • Ma
    madstudent Apr 15, 2009

    I was enrolled in strayer for 4 days and was charged 800 dollars for classed I never went to. My advisor at the Chamblee campus of GA placed me into the M.B.A. program under false pretenses. I am disputing the charges because of this. She stated the school and "program" as being fully accredited in which this was untrue. Only the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (AACSB) can accredit M.B.A. programs and Strayer is not accredited by them. Had I known this fact I would have never enrolled into Strayer and was falsely and quickly enrolled by Ms.Carter. I do not appreciate being mislead and will fight this charge in everyway because it is wrong to mislead your students. Before I could find out about this untrue statement, Ms. Carter did my FAFSA for me, waived my app. fee, signed my name to the fafsa, loans, and multiple other forms just so she could get me enrolled I'm sure for a quick check all in 4 days. I never saw my loan award letter or any other letters. I never sent any faxes or brought any forms up to the school exception being my withdrawal form and application. I am sure this is against their rules and policies, one should not be allowed to sign my name to any dotted line for a check! I was suspicious of how quickly she would signed my name "for me" and now I understand because she knew how important accreditation was to me. Future students should be protected from being enrolled under false pretenses. Under common law this is wrong, false pretense is defined as a representation of a present or past fact, which the thief knows to be false, and which he intends will and does cause the victim to pass title of his property. That is, false pretense is the acquisition of title from a victim by fraud or misrepresentation of a material past or present fact. This is relevant to any money, goods, property, services, or any other thing of value under common law. I will fight this to court if needed. When I spoke with Ms. Carter on April 15, 2009 she insisted the program had to be accredited still further misleading me up until my withdrawal on yesterday.

    This was my letter to financial aid and I will take them to court unless this fee is removed. They are liars and don't protect your private information...they will sign your name to the dotted line for you. DON'T GO THERE!!! There are many programs that are accredited by the AACSB that don't require high scores on the GMAT...forget the for profit schools. I know 4 people out of strayer with Grad degrees and they are unemployed or explained it was a waste of money.

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  • Pi
    Pissed off Apr 25, 2009

    I really wish I had done my research on this school as well before attending the Charleston SC campus. I'm very disappointed with the way Strayer handles your financail aid are they all trained with the same book of lies. I was not given a placement test and now they have me signed up for remedial classes, when I went to complain I was told the the placement test was waived at the time of my enrollment. I was on fire, how does any school waives placement test, but whats worst is not having enough books on there so called online book store. On of my books was on back order due to the warehouse being sold out for a month. I went to the acadimics office for some suggestion and was very shocked when given the answer "well I don't know what your going to do try to borrow your fellow classmate books". These books are over $150.00 do you really think someone will just let you borrow their books come on. They tried to keep my Pell by telling me that I was not approved but when I called pell I was shocked to find out that Strayer recieved a check from pell for me over $3000.00. I to could go on and on but something needs to be done about this. And I think everyone that has had a problem with all of the Strayer schools needs to open a case with the BBB ASAP!!!

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  • Ki
    kii Jul 22, 2009

    Seems like the only problems is with Finacial aid people. I did not have finacial aid, so did not have any problems. The only thing I did not like was the use of Strayer books. But all Strayer did is take a regular text book and put their cover on it. I always found the non-strayer edition which was the same page for page. The office always gave me the non-Strayer ISBN numbers since it is no seceret.

    As far as Accreditation, Strayer is accredited by Middle States Commission and Education Licensure Commission of District of Columbia as well as Maryland Higher education commission, North Carolina Board of governors, and Pennsylvania Dept. of education.

    I have attended several colleges over my lifetime and Strayer is one of my favorite. I recommend Strayer.

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  • Ri
    Ripped off by Strayer Sep 18, 2009

    Strayer University ripped me off, and is preventing me from enrolling in other universities.
    In The summer of 2009, I enrolled at Strayer University in the MBA program. My financial aid was approved and I was set for classes to begin in the summer of 2009. Right before classes begin, I got a call from the dean who informed me that my undergraduate degree was from a non-accredited college. I was understanding and asked what I could do to fix it. They told me that they would appeal the decision.

    Two weeks later they told me to go ahead and attend classes, and to get them all of my undergraduate credits. While I was attending classes the dean again called me to tell me that my application was again declined. I told him, no problem, I would withdraw from classes. He told me not to do so. He said to continue with the two classes I was taking, and if they had to, they would not charge me for the classes. He said that they were still appearing the decision.

    After I got all my credits from the four undergraduate colleges I attended, I gave the information to the dean. After six weeks had passed, I questioned the dean as to my status. He told me that the “tech department” had not made a decision.

    At that point I was very frustrated, and told the dean that I would be willing to drop back to an undergraduate status. Since they had all my credits, and knew that I was taking 8 credits from their school, I reason that I would be brought in at an advance grade level. After securing a degree from them, I also reasoned, that I could return to the MBA program. I did not expect to get any consideration for the non-accredited credits I had, but I had enough credits from accredited schools to move me into my third year of undergrad.

    Boy, was I wrong. It was all about the money. Strayer brought me in as a sub freshman: Requiring me to take some prerequisites before allowing me to take freshman courses. They would not even recognize the two courses I was taking at their school. Some of the courses they were requiring me to take at Strayer; I had already taken at other accredited schools. I withdrew from the school after completing the summer classes.

    Because of this problem with Strayer, I have already been denied entrance into another university. Strayer will not budge on this matter. It appears that a court case is next. Stay away from Strayer, they are bad news. The admission process is really bad. Worst of all, they will stand in your way, if you try to leave the school.

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  • Jo
    JOE PERRY Jan 29, 2010


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  • Sp
    SpeakYourMind Apr 13, 2010

    I have been attending Strayer for the past 5 years. During my experience there were only two people that returned calls and were excellent at their job. My problem came after my last two classes. I was never notified about an outstanding balance prior to showing up to get my diploma. Yesterday I received my very first correspondence informing me of the outstanding balance. I was also very disappointed with the fact that the first letter said that it would be forwarded to collections if I failed to contact them. What about the fact that they failed to contact me about this in the first place. I have been in contact with a few people at Strayer since the first day I was made aware of the debt, but no one has explained to me why I was never notified. In all these years I have always been informed if my financial aide would not cover my classes ahead of time. This allowed me the courtesy of choosing whether to take the class or not. The only difference this time was I did not speak to my usual point of contact. If I had been made aware of this before taking the classes I would had delayed taking one of them till the next session. Be very careful if you decide to attend Strayer.

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  • St
    stacy 5 Aug 10, 2010

    I agree, I started summer classes in June 2010, and already having issues with my student aid. I get told, something different daily about my awards. Just got my award letter back and they had me getting a associates degree instead of a BA. I call daily and they claim they haven't gotten my pell or my loans yet. I want to thank, those who have posted their stories. From what I know about this school and have read. I need to check out, other options.I want to be, enrolled in a good school and Strayer sounds like a nightmare.

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  • Re
    renottaw1 Sep 09, 2010

    I too am having a problem getting my Federal Financial Aid processed by Strayer. I will not be attneding that school next semester. I started class on 06/28 and still not processed. They sent the wrong info to NSLDS and FAFSA saying I was PT when I am FT and they messed up my ISIR. It is very frustrating and no one seems to be able to help when I call.

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  • Ch
    charlene bratis Jan 21, 2011

    My credit card was charged 159. 00 dollars with out permission! I want it removed.

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  • Da
    Danny Oct 17, 2011

    Gave me student loan for associate degree. the women who set me up put in ged instead off associate degree. did not help change so didnt get in but still have to pay loan.the women is gone and nothing has been done.

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  • Ea
    EasyE6773 May 02, 2012

    I agree I went to Strayer from the Fall of 2000 to the Summer of 2005. They tricked me into going to their school for BS in Computer Information Systems.I was told I could get the degree in one year by going to their school. I soon found out after the 1st year that to do so I had to take every class required for the degree over the course of 1 year which meant having a class almost every hour on the hour. After that I had problems getting my Federal Student loans approved. I was also switch out of classes and put into classes I didn't have the required books for which meant I would fail the courses and have to take them over when I had the books. They lied to me about how good the degree was. Over the last 6 plus years looking for a job I had one contract job and I was a Fire Dog Tech for Circuit City which went out of business. I also found out that Strayer didn't have the accreditation for the degree in Computers they tricked me into getting from them. so now I am stuck with almost $60, 000 in debt for a degree that isn't worth the paper it is printed on.. Can anyone help me out with this debt in anyway? Like Grants, and the like.Or if anyone went through this same thing and got themselves free from the debt and tell me how they did it I would appreciate it. If there are any lawsuits against Strayer by anyone who went through the same thing I did that I might be able to become part of to get my money back because of Strayer's Deceptive Recruitment practices I would love to know about them.

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  • Br
    brattwater Dec 19, 2012

    It is disheartening to read all these horror stories about Rogue Universities that have taken advantage of their students. In actuality, each of you let yourself be taken for a ride. Point#1- Had you done your homework, checked out the university, and their accreditation: Here is the link to US govt. free website explaining accreditation:
    Point#2. Don't believe the hype. Any school that needs sales reps to get people to enroll... IS NOT A LEGITIMATE COLLEGE- where you could expect to earn a degree worth anything to any potential employer. Think about it.. a school rep (salesman) is going to tell you what YOU need to hear to get the sale. Every school, Univ of Phoenix, Kaplan College, Capella, Strayer, Ashworth, just to name a few are all the same.
    point#3 -- All of you left your common sense at home when it came time to pay these insanely high tuition rates. Really you are paying the price for a Ivy League education and Your education isn't worth anything - not even to walmart. #4. The quick and easy way to get an education usually cost the student more in the end... fraudulent school fees, unscrupulous school administration, and schools that makes promises they will never deliver. So stop looking for the easy way out and do it the right way... It might take a little longer if you have to start at a community college and work your way into a 4 year school .. but use your common sense. These places would cease to exist if people stop spending millions of tax dollars on worthless colleges. The government should be held accountable to regulate the accreditation or guidelines to define a college or university. As it stands right now, anyone me you, next door neighbor can open an online college and charge outrageous rate-- no need to worry students, there's a sucker around every corner who has access to 1up 60, 000 dollars each!

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  • No
    nodegreefromcapells Aug 07, 2013

    its not about not having common sense its about we did not receive what we were paying for, remember when you start an advance degree you can not just switch over when you are in the dissertation process, I have not found a school that will take most of my credits, so you are stuck even if you know it sucks your stuck and you hope for the best and hope to get through it

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  • He
    Heff13 Dec 02, 2014

    My son was deciding to attend Strayer University (hybrid). He had an initial consultation and then decided this was not his best option. Low and behold, we received a bill in the mail for over $700 for a class he never attended. In addition, he never registered for any classes with this institution. We have left repeated messages in order to clear up this matter with no response from the university. Upon discussing this with several other individuals in the educational community this seems to be a common occurrence. My suggestion is to pursue other programs before engaging Strayer.

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  • Ce
    Ceretha Apr 29, 2015

    On April 27, 2014, I phoned Strayer University because of a collection notice that I received for$ 637.00. The notice stated that I owed tuition for classes that I did not take. The school automatically enrolls students for Quarters in advance. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to attend classes in October 2013 so I contacted the school several times. I was always transferred to a voicemail where I left several messages. I left my contact information but never got a return call. I attempted to call the school on numerous occasions but I could never get anyone on the phone to help me.
    Upon receiving a collection notice, I attempted to call the school again on April 27, 2014. I was transferred to a campus in another state and she could not help me so she attempted to transfer me to the main campus in Augusta. I was transferred to Kathy Rollins. She immediately became very rude and condescending with me. I told her that I was not upset but I wanted to know why I was charged for a class that I did not take. She began to tell me that I received financial Aid and said “do you remember getting the money for financial aid” ?: I said, I did not remember and she went on to say how much money it was and asked me how could I not remember receiving that kind of money.
    I was appalled at this time. I informed her that not every customer is the same and not everyone should be stereo typed with attempting to “BEAT the SYSTEM”. I am a disabled Veteran of the U.S. Army and I currently work for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and I have never been treated so unprofessionally and rude. The young lady told me that she would not help me and that the money is owed and that she would have normally hung up the phone but she at least talked with me.
    She then asked me if I was in the local area and that I could come to see her if I wanted to. She said that she would be there until 6 p.m. At this point, I got very nervous and felt very uncomfortable because I was only trying to take care of a business matter. I am well aware of the location of the school and that I could go there but I work full time and it was more convenient for me to make a call. I didn’t think that I would get treated to badly.
    She was very abrasive and wouldn’t let me talk. I didn’t want the confrontation or the nasty attitude. I only wanted the problem resolved. She went on to say that you people are always trying to get something for nothing and would not let me speak. I informed her that not everyone is the same and it’s not fair to group individuals and stereotype. The young lady kept saying…” I just don’t see how you don’t remember and that she would remember getting that kind of money”. My grandmother died during this timeframe and the young lady never gave me a chance to say a word. All she did was accuse me; it was like she was angry with me and wanted to continue to belittle me. I was so humiliated and then shocked that she asked me to come to her job if I wanted to see her personally. The conversation was confrontational from the start and I could not understand why. I simply wanted to speak to a representative about my account but what I got was harassed and taunted.
    In conclusion, this is being reported on my credit report and I would like it removed.

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  • He
    Helpful Veteran Aug 23, 2017

    @Ceretha Here is someone you can tell!
    Contacts for Corporate Alliances
    2303 Dulles Station Blvd
    Mail stop 6E Herndon, VA 20171/
    Phone: 703-561-1710
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Contacts for Alumni
    Alumni Affairs Office
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Contacts for opting out of marketing solicitations
    Request removal from Strayer University’s marketing lists.
    Contacts for this Website
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Contact them or go to
    If you prefer, you may contact the Inspector General's Hotline by:

    Calling the OIG Hotline's toll free number 1-800-MIS-USED. Hotline Operators take calls during the hours of Monday and Wednesday 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM, Eastern Time; Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM, Eastern Time except for holidays.

    This is for Student loan fraud hotline...
    Downloading a hardcopy of the Hotline Complaint Form, and completing, mailing or faxing to:

    Inspector General's Hotline
    Office of Inspector General
    U.S. Department of Education
    400 Maryland Avenue, S.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20202-1500
    Fax: (202) 245-7047

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