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We absolutely love Starz programming. Unfortunately, our two favorite series - Outlander and Black Sails - were impossible to follow. My husband and I both need closed captioning because of our hearing. The words are on the screen and gone in a flash. Now, White Princess is the same. We were looking forward to its premiere and can't follow it. We are watching the reruns of Outlander hoping to understand it a little better but to no avail. I don't understand why Starz closed captioning is the only one you can't follow. Please, please do something to help the hard of hearing watch and enjoy your programs.


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    CM Lance Aug 30, 2019

    We signed up for STARZ for Ourlander. Season 3 had closed captioning, now season 4 doesn't. I am a bit hard of hearing but can follow most American English, but the Scottish accents that are done so well are almost impossible to follow without CC. We're going to cancel our STARZ subscription. I've tried and tried and researched how to turn on the closed captioning to no avail.

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  • Sh
    Sharenne Feb 25, 2020

    Have you ever figured out the CC on Stars for Outlander? Crazy thing is I can get it on my newer smartv but not an older smartv.

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  • Al
    Alicat762 Mar 16, 2020

    Do you all think you could fix the CC on The Spanish Princess, I love the series but find it difficult to watch without the words. My provider is Suddenlink.

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