Star TV Indiayrkkh

R Jan 18, 2019

Recently In yrkkh they've been showing that naira is having nightmares about someone dying which is really disturbing her and she's been fearing death, getting bad thoughts about accidents, getting scared even looking at pictures of accidents.
So what I find really silly is that after all this when she actually had an accident she's fine with it, so why is she not even thinking what happened or what could've happened it could've been worse, how come she's not worried even a bit now, isn't it silly what happened to her fear now, and the funny thing is that she's not even shocked but she's planning a party lol, the whole reason why Kartik took her on vacation was to divert her mind from her stress and fear, well that really worked didn't it lol
Does star plus really think that people don't notice these things

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