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I am sending a formal complaint to all available avenues that I, a customer, has witnessed regarding false advertisement on your website.

My name is Rea, I received a Kodak EasyShare C743 along with the additional service plan as a Christmas gift on 12/25/2006. I decided to return the above mentioned camera to exchange for a different model I had researched and believed to be more suitable for my needs and likes. On Saturday 12/30/2006, my father (purchaser of gift) mailed me the receipt so that I may make an appropriate return/exchange of the item. Due to the New Year's Holiday and the National Day of Mourning for President Ford, I did not receive the receipt through the mail until Wednesday 1/3/2007. Upon receipt of the paperwork, I realized that my father had paid with a credit card and made a phone call to the selling Staples; located at 1301 W. Wade Hampton Blvd, Greer, SC 29651. The clerk informed me that my father would have to be present for any transaction excluding an instore exchange, but if I found any product on it could be ordered for me in store, with no problem.

I began researching on and had no luck at first looking for the Casio Exilim Z70 (Bk), the camera I had decided to buy. After many options I came upon the section of your website that allows the website to assist you in finding the camera that suits your needs best. I selected the criteria that I was looking for (see attached page) and submitted for my results. The website responded with exactly what I was looking for, a Casio EX-Z70 (Black), listed for $229.98. I called the closest Staples to me to verify that they could order a product from which Letif did confirm. So I promptly printed the page and headed to my local Staples #0656.

Upon arrival I was assisted by Letif in searching for this model camera on your website. When he had problems locating a SKU, I offered my help as to how I had come upon this item. I showed him the survey and had him fill in the answers I had selected, he received the same results I had gotten. He then asked another associate to do the same thing, to which he found the same results. Then the Asst Mgr Danyal searched and came to the conclusion, after getting the same results, that you must not carry the model because upon trying to select the details button, he received a system error. Letif then stepped back in not willing to just send me on my way and offered me the store phone to call the 1-800 number and see if I could speak with someone directly who could assist me. I spoke with Mike in TeleSales for approx 45 minutes to no avail. Mike did everything he could, between contacting his help desk and looking through every page of available digital cameras to locate the one that was clearly advertised and priced on His help desk clerk, Matt, advised him that those surveys were outsourced therefore they could not give a reason as to why it would suggest a model of camera, therefore a BRAND of camera that Staples does not carry.

As you can imagine, none of this was satisfactory. The end result of my 2 hour trip to Store#0656 was Letif working hard to get me a Staples cash card for the full amount of the Kodak camera as well as the protection plan. Now having already taken up multiple hours of my research and travel time, I have to mail the Cash Card along with the TWO receipts to my father who is 2 hours away. So that he can make another trip to his neighborhood Staples to do a FULL refund to his Visa card to clear up this mess. I am very DISAPPOINTED in the lack of responsibility taken in the advise YOUR website run survey mislead me to believe.

The only shining light in this whole mess, was the empathetic and caring attitudes of the associates I have dealt with through this ordeal. Letif at Store#0656 and Mike at TeleSales tried every avenue they could to come up with a suitable option for my dilemma. You can rest assured that I will no longer visit and I will make sure that my friends and family will know of the false advertisement issues that your website suffers from. At this point, my father will be purchasing the Casio EX-Z70 Bk through a competitor along with their protection plan.



  • Sa
    sapiacream Mar 03, 2010

    I bought Dell desktop at 144-09 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY STAPLES on february 25.
    I needed it so badly cause of my stocks. It was staked about $ 70, 000!!!
    So I told a STAPLES clerk it should be delivered in tomorrow.
    And he said to me, it would be fine. He told me it will be delivered on saturday.
    (february 26)

    But it didn't delivered to us!!
    So I called to [protected], and a counselor said to me it was delayed due to bad weather.
    I was so angry, but it was somewhat tolerable to accept. Because I knew it was heavy snow in NY. So I waited for a another day. I was in home all day long.
    I canceled every schedule of mine for recieving that computer.

    And it didn't come up to us saturday also. So I called to them again.
    At this time, another counselor said to me it was delayed cause of weather
    and it would be delivered on monday. So I told her, "How can you sure that?" and she
    said I AM SURE IT WOULD BE DELIVERED ON MONDAY. So I had decided trust STAPLES again.

    But! It didn't deliver to us again. I was almost exausted, but also angry.
    So I called again. And another counselor said to me it was delayed again,
    so you can take that on tomorrow.
    I was sooooooo angry. So I wanted to just cancel my order. Maybe I can get a computer at
    another place! Not STAPLES!!! It will be more easy and fast I thought.

    So I had visited STAPLES store again. And said to a clerk "I bought a computer here,
    but it didn't come up over a week. I need it more earlier and it doesn't seem to deliver to
    us early. So I want to refund this."

    And then, General manager Tom Kwon said to me they already sent my computer so they can't
    refund it. But even I have never seen my computer yet. So I had asked him if you can refund this and take that computer at your store. But he told me he can't do. So I asked him who can do this. Then he replied, "Anyone can do."
    I was so upset with him. He was a general manager but he couldn't check my stuff's status and refund neither. EVERY STAPLES CLERKS told me "There's nothing I can do."


    As I mentioned it earlier, I needed a computer so badly. So I asked him to check my computer's status. And I waited almost a hour in the store. It tooks almost one hour to check my delivery status!!!
    Anyway he told me a delivery man took my computer so it would be delivered till today at least.
    He told me when delivery man took some stuffs they should deliver all of stuffs they have.
    So it would be surely delivered till today, he said.
    I don't feel like believe him. But there's nothing I can choice. So I came back to home.

    And I waited again. Actually I had waited for my computer almost a week!!
    Have you ever been wait for something all day long? It's really crazy. But there's nothing I can do. So I waited and waited.

    And it didn't come up again. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...
    How can it possible? I can't believe this.
    I know it has heavy snow in NY. But yesterday weather was so nice and today weather either.
    How can every clerks say lie to me? I thought STAPLES is big and trustworthy company.
    But they made me really really mad.

    I want to get a compensation about my time, effort, and emotional trauma.
    I can't stand this.

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  • Se
    selenityhyperion Aug 13, 2009

    You people are absolutely ludicrous! You blame Staples when somebody at UPS steals a laptop, you complain when you can't return an item after you used it for 6 months, you complain about completely senseless matters! Good God if I worked at Staples then I would be GLAD you never returned because you are such complete idiots! Good riddance, I say, because not only does Staples not need somebody as ignorant as you but the world does not, as well.

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  • Op
    OpionWatcher Jan 02, 2009

    I am sorry you had an unfortunate experience at Staples. Did you register the plan? After you purchase a product replacement plan you must register it online. After you register your product replacement plan you should have no problem exchanging you product broken or new at any Staples store. You must have register the plan though, and bring proof that you purchased the plan to any Staples store along with your reciet. I purchased a LAPTOP... the next day walked down stairs with it... IT BROKE!!! I brug everything I got when i purchased it to the Staples by my house and they let me get the same LAPTOP. NOTHING OUT OF MY POCKET BUT THE PLAN THAT I PURCHASED THE SAME ON MY FIRST TRANSACTION!!! I think that what Staples offers is a lot better than any of their competitor's. They really do make it E.A.S.Y for me. A lot of the time people want to blam everyone and anyone but themself! Sometimes it's a very E.A.S.Y mistake on eather or's behave. Sometimes it takes people to get really upset and blam rather than help make the problem better for themselves.

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  • Le
    leftfield101010 Jul 17, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Abby,

    You said, "I called STAPLES corporate office and was transferred to Customer Executive Team member TRACY CAMPBELL who took my detail and promise to return my call. She did ONLY to tell me that I had a declared value of $100.00. Bare in mind I did not have a copy of this shipping slip. I must admit, I may have signed off this slip without reading that this rep had inputted this value without asking me."

    Unfortunately, because of this statement, you really don't have much to stand on. By this statement, you have taken responsibility for not double checking and just "signing off." It is unfortunate about this, but more unfortunate that blame is misplaced.

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  • Ju
    julie podgur Jan 31, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I brought my computer to the Salem Ma. Staples store LAST August. When they returned it ($250+) later it was still broken and the tech had erased my hard drive... family pics, itunes, microsoft office and everything I had for work!! I had bought a new lap top the day I brought the other computer in to be fixed and had planned to use the old one for the kids. I brought it back to be fixed on OCT 7th. It is now January 31!!!! I call the store once a week and get a new story about a back ordered part or a faulty part. I called the corporate office in the beginning of Dec and they all but told me they would get it done immediately or send me a new computer. They have my computer, they have my $, and they have some really serious customer service problems. I go overboard not to shop there for work and family needs. I am unable to express my dissapointment with the entire company.

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  • Da
    Dan Dietz Oct 09, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a chair mat 8 months ago and still have the receipt - the chair mat literally shattered - I went to the store with a piece 8" x 12" to show how it shattered. Those "two" so called Managers brushed me off and didn't want to know anything. BUT, they did give me the 1-800 # of Rubber maid for ME to call and I didn't get anywhere with them - they told me to go back to Staples - - another brushoff.

    I also brought to the attention to that MANAGER - that I have a different printer and want to return about $90 worth of NEW ink cartridges because the new printer I have now does not use that ink - he said 'you cannot return ink after '14' days - - Customer service told me that they can be returned anytime up to one year.

    I also brought it to the attention of THAT MANAGER, how deceitful Staples is by telling their customers to mail in their cash register receipts for 'REWARDS' - - which means that if a customer needs his receipt at a later date for any warranty, he is out of luck because he doesn't have proof of purchase - he smirked and said, "you're right - don't mail them in then".

    And last but not least, I bought a service contract when I bought my printer because I was told that if anything happens to it, just bring it back and you can get an even exchange OR upgrade and pay the difference - - WELL - I went back to the store and was told by that manager, "call Customer Service they will try to help you over the phone to correct the problem" - - I told him that I was totally misinformed when I bought the contract and he just stood their with that same stupid managers look!

    So, now I shall never deal with Staples again - especially in theft Manahawkin, N.J store on Rt. 72!

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  • Ab
    Abby Apr 05, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is ABBY; I bought a NEW SONY VAIO NOTEBOOK for $2,499.00 along with the additional service plan as a Christmas gift on 12/25/2006. I decided to return the above-mentioned NOTEBOOK for a replacement arranged with SONY. On Tuesday, FEB 02, 2007 I shipped the NOTEBOOK 12/30/2006, at a local staples store with a 2nd day special for UPS.

    After 3 weeks of back and forth checking with SONY on the location of my NOTEBOOK. A SONY rep told me Staples should have provided me a tracking number. I then called Staples with the SONY rep on the phone, obtained the tracking number, Googled the tracking number (1Z R43 [protected] 3) to discover that according to UPS WEBSITE (MERCHANDISE IS MISSING. UPS WILL NOTIFY THE SENDER WITH ADDITIONAL DETAILS.;ALL MERCHANDISE MISSING, EMPTY CARTON IS BEING RETURNED. UPS WILL NOTIFY THE SENDER WITH DETAILS OF THE DAMAGE.)

    Called UPS and was TOLD they will pay for the merchandise. I later called 2 day and was told they will not be able to pay me for my NOTEBOOK as when you ship from STAPLES, STAPLES BECOME the SHIPPER and ALL PAYMENTS would be made to staples. STAPLES Manager (Kathleen) told me that she spoke with UPS they are asking for the details to replace my NOTEBOOK.

    I later called Staples and was told that STAPLES has its OWN claims department that I need to file a claim with. Contact that department and the representative was means and nasty. I told them that I am saddened that Staples is not customer driven and the REP asked me if I need help or NOT. I request his supervisor and they Supervisor was much more NASTY.

    I called STAPLES corporate office and was transferred to Customer Executive Team member TRACY CAMPBELL who took my detail and promise to return my call. She did ONLY to tell me that I had a declared value of $100.00. Bare in mind I did not have a copy of this shipping slip. I must admit, I may have signed off this slip without reading that this rep had inputted this value without asking me.




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  • Mi
    Mike B Apr 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I wanted to let you all know, Staples new Rewards Program, effective 1 April 2007 (today) is dishonest and makes Staples look STUPID!!!


    Rewards Earn 10% back in rewards on all ink and toner, case and ream paper, and Copy & Print Center purchases


    Purchases of ink products manufactured by Hewlett Packard are excluded.




    Here is the link to their website for you to read and make sure you read the fine print.



    Nial J. Hartnett
    STAPLES, Inc.
    Executive Customer Relations

    [protected] DIRECT LINE
    NIAL HARTNETT ([email protected])

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  • Valerie Feb 06, 2007

    I ordered and paid for a GPS unit advertised in flyer on 12/12. It was to be shipped to my home. The Store Manager called 12/22 and tried to get me to take a different unit.

    I told him I would wait for the one ordered.

    Copies of emails attached explain my complaints.

    To: ""
    Subject: Re: E-mail Receipt
    Date: Jan 21, 2007 7:43 PM
    I went to your store 12/12 paid for and ordered a GPS unit to be mailed to me. It was never received. I went to store 1/20 spoke to Mgr. XXXXX who said was going in back to look into it. Never came back I got tired of waiting. Went back to store today with all receipts spk to Mgr. XXXXX told him to forget order and just credit my purchase back to card. He said that he would have to look into in and call me tomorrow because all of these "had been sent out". I told him that I never received it and he again told me that all of them had been mailed out and he would have to look into it and get back to me. I told him that was unacceptable. I have been to store twice to get this straightened out. He said that "He didn't have time today" but would look into it and call me tomorrow!

    Do you expect CUSTOMERS that have problems with purchases or undelivered items to come to your store THREE TIMES to get their Purchases REFUNDED?

    WHAT about the CUSTOMERS TIME? I DON'T HAVE TIME TO GO TO YOUR STORE 3 times to have problems taken care of and be told by a manager that "HE DOESN'T HAVE TIME TODAY" but I 'll get to it first thing in the morning!



    -----Original Message-----
    From: ""
    Sent: Jan 31, 2007 4:36 PM
    To: xxxxxxx
    Subject: Staples order - store purchase


    Thank you for your e-mail regarding the purchase of the Finedrive 400 GPS from December 12th, 2006.

    I spoke with the Store Manager who did research your purchase.

    This item is no longer available
    through Staples. We will be issuing you a full credit to your credit card for this purchase.
    I do apologize that to date you have not been contacted and advised to expect this credit.

    Thank you for your patience concerning this matter.

    Customer Service Representative

    e-mail: [email protected]
    phone : 1-800-3STAPLE [protected])
    fax : [protected]
    To: ""
    Subject: Re: Staples order - store purchase
    Date: Feb 3, 2007 10:43 AM
    Staples Customer Service really doesn't get it?

    I wrote the email to complain that after waiting over 1 month for the GPS to be shipped I went to the store only to be told by a manger that he would have to look into it only to never be seen again after going to the office.

    I then retured the following day at 1;30 to be told by that store manager that "all those GPSs have been shipped". He told me this twice and I told him you may have shipped it but I never received it.

    I told him I wanted a credit and was told "I am going to have to look into this and I DON'T have time today but will do it tomorrow. I told him that was unacceptable I wanted my credit and he could take up the shipping issue with his shipper. He told me No that he would have to work on it tomorror AS HE DIDN'T HAVE TIME TODAY!

    OK so let's try again


    Does STAPLES expect customers that have problems with already paid for merchandise that is suppose to be shipped wait for over 1 month?

    Do they really expect customer that come to the store to receive a credit to have to return 3 days in a row to get their credit?

    Do you expect customers to enjoy having a store manager infer that they are lying 2 times?

    Do you really expect customers to use " the third visit is a charm!" method of getting a credit?

    Please forward this message to the Vice President of Sale and Marketing and the Vice President of Customer Service. Let's see if they get it. I am going to continue sending emails to your company, offices, Headquarters, etc. until I get someone to understand and respond to the REAL ISSUES.

    Now . . . THAT WAS EASY!
    Subject: Staples order inquiry
    Date: Feb 3, 2007 2:07 PM
    Dear xxxxxx,

    We appreciate your inquiry concerning this issue.

    As was stated in the last email sent by xxxxxxx, we would be more than happy to issue the credit for the purchase that was not sent. I apologize for the troubles at the store but am sure we can handle your request from this end. From my understanding, of xxxxxxx email, she was able to locate the order and had issued the credit. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate your order with the information provided, so I am unable to confirm at this time or not if the credit is already posted to your account. If you wish to call or email us back (I tried to find a phone number mentioned in past emails, but was unable to do so, I apologize if I overlooked it) and include your full name, customer number or order number, then we can further research this issue and confirm the current status of the credit.

    We look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thank you for your patience concerning this matter.

    Customer Service Representative

    e-mail: [email protected]
    phone : 1-800-3STAPLE [protected])
    fax : [protected]


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